As lesbians, I feel we have to spend so much time defending ourselves from being called predatory, that we have to be very hush-hush about a lot of the experiences we had growing up, and coming into our attraction. I know when I was young, I was incredibly fascinated with the female body. I wasn’t quite as bold as Riley is being here – but I certainly spent a lot of time gawking at underwear mannequins among other things lmao.

This question had to be split into two pages, just to give Jaden and Riley room to breath on their answers. I had such a blast drawing baby Riley and baby Jaden. It was a fun challenge de-aging them while still keeping them recognizable as the same character.

After posting chapter 4, I invited the first three commenters on the page to ask Lease Bound’s cast questions. Doing these answers has really helped motivate me moving forward, and I’m hoping to continue a similar trend with future uploads.