Does this count as a cliff-hanger, lmao?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading this far – especially for doing so on the site! I know it’s still a little ugly rn, but I’ve been so focused on getting Chapter 4 DONE, I haven’t had time to spruce it up. Expect sprucing in future, though!

FYI: I am opening the floor to questions for the Lease Bound cast! I’ll be drawing up their responses to the first 3 commenters, and posting them here and on the lesbihonest-art blog! Part of aforementioned sprucing will include an ‘EXTRAs’ section for all current and future, non-main-story content.

Stay tuned, and once again: Happy Pride <3

**EDIT: Thank you 3 commenters! I’ll be drawing out in-character responses sometime before the next chapter <3