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A special thank you to one of my lovely discord ladies for her input on the flashback sequences.

18 thoughts on “CH9P6

  1. dread-and-despair-dyke

    riley peak moment

    1. The girls are peaking~

  2. Riley’s in a really uncomfortable position, isn’t she? If she has a falling out with Blaire over this, she stands to lose a lot more than her relationship. Blaire could fuck her over by getting her fired when she moves into the management position, and by outing her cat which could cause her to lose the apartment and possibly the cat. I’m sure in the very back of her mind Riley knows this even if she doesn’t want to think the woman she loves is capable of being that terrible.

    1. i just came from the cast page and thought for a second you were saying blaire would out muddles as a lesbian

  3. Never misgender Chucky, the killer doll. Worst mistake of my life!

    1. This made me laugh so hard lmao. And it’s such an accurate depiction too.

  4. “Maybe if I’d gone to uni I’d understand”
    That line is so funny to me. Like, she’s right, if she went to uni she’d either be A) sucked into the whole political ID clusterfuck or B) peak quicker than a mountain goat

  5. No Riley, stay FAR away from universities. It’s full of brainrot and only gets you debt for a degree that will give you only a bit of extra pay above minimum wage. It’s not worth it!

    …I say this as an American living in a state with one of the highest minimum wages. The highest pay I ever got was a dollar above minimum wage and I still cannot even afford the smallest living space available. Mind you, I have a Bachelor’s degree.

  6. I really want to see more of Blaire and Riley’s relationship, the memoires, how they met, and how they interact. I hope Blaire isn’t using her as a prop to show how ‘woke’ she is.

  7. I!! love!! riley!!! I’m so excited to keep reading this :))

  8. So, thinking someone is trans based on appearance is bad, except when Blaire, the “correct” person, does it. Even when she’s wrong. I’m getting bad vibes from Blaire.
    When someone chastises another for behavior they themselves do, all while believing their own rules don’t apply to them, that’s a huge narcissistic red flag.
    I’m starting to worry about Riley, especially since she seems like such a pushover. Her demeanor and passivity is a surefire draw for bad people who want an easy target to control.

  9. Oooo Riley is waking up! And I’d love to hope Blaire will too… but man it takes a long time for people to even get to Riley’s stage when drenched so deep in libfem q*eer theory.

  10. “If I’d gone to uni I would understand”. Yep, that’s where the indoctrination happens.

  11. “You know what they say about assuming, babe” The double standards! Didn’t she just assume Jaden was trans? I’m rereading all of this again and I absolutely love this πŸ’“

  12. I just realized that it’s Brick in the first panel!

    1. It sure is , well spotted!
      Now you can see why Riley looks so frightened 😣


    1. She’s been here longer than you thought B)

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