A special thank you to one of my discord ladies, Mare, greatest hetero ally, who helped me sort out Blaire's hair. I've hated how inconsistent it's been - mostly due to me not being able to draw it at certain angles.

Mare was really helpful in pinning down a shape. I've been jokingly referring to her as Blaire's hair stylist lmao.  

18 thoughts on “CH9P8

  1. That meme of the woman holding a guy and angry pointing but it’s me holding riley and pointing at blaire

  2. Blaire stop being butchphobic challenge

  3. Wow! I’m so amazed by your art. Last panel Riley is harrowing, I feel for her!

  4. That flashback makes it look like Blaire presents on a surface-level as trying to be supportive, but in actuality she’s ignoring what Riley is saying and pushing Riley to be a certain way.

    If I told a boyfriend, “I don’t think I like sports” and he responded, “There’s no rush, babe! Maybe you don’t like football, but you could also like basketball or baseball! Exploring sports in a non-traumatic way might make your sports interests clearer.”
    I’d raise an eyebrow, wonder what he was talking about, and feel pressured to like some kind of sports to please him because sports must mean a lot to him if he wants me to explore more sports and be into them so badly.

    Also, Riley is so introspective! That last panel is loaded with a lot of meaning and questions. I get the sense Riley feels pressured to be a certain way for Blaire. Riley is deep diving into what it could mean if she did go along with what Blaire wants.

    Riley questioning whether her own mother would still talk to her if she was a trans man makes me wonder what Riley’s mother is like. Is Riley’s relationship with her mother that shaky that something like that could cause it to collapse? The way Riley has acted throughout this entire comic does make me question a lot about what her upbringing was like.

    1. I read it the opposite way … As in, her mother didn’t talk to her now because she’s a lesbian, but if she were a trans man would she accept her? And I’ve been wondering asking the same lines about her upbringing.

      1. Oh, that’s an interesting take on it! I could see that, too, how her mother could have already rejected Riley because she’s a lesbian and refuses to talk to her because of it. So Riley wonders, “If I was a man or a trans man, maybe she’d talk to me?” Wow, that puts a lot of pressure on Riley to become trans if an incentive to becoming trans is the acceptance of her mother. Maybe she thinks she can tell her mom, “I’m no longer a lesbian because I’m a man now! So I’m straight now just like you’ve always wanted for me! Does this mean you’ll talk to me again?” Wow!
        We’ll have to see what she means later in the comic!

        1. With the way that Riley grew up, I think this is a really good guess. She was forced into femininity and didn’t break out of that until she was living on her own (at least it seems like it) and we already know she was homeless at some point. I think it’s very likely that she was disowned for being a lesbian and the idea of being a straight trans man is bringing up those feelings. It would go a long way to explain why she’s so paralyzed by the fear of disappointing anyone

  5. I want to give Riley a hug.

    1. She’s long overdue ?

  6. Blaire washes Riley’s brains out with the smile on a face?

    1. ?? scrub scrub!

  7. poor riley 🙁 i rly want to hug her rn!!

  8. its crazy how accurate this portrayal of blaire is. ive seen this stuff happen with my own two eyes. love the comic!

  9. Blaire is a devastatingly accurate portrayal of how unwittingly misogynistic trans theorists can be. Been there, called myself a “non-woman”, projected that gobbledegook onto other lesbians, and can’t believe that I thought I was helping anyone.

    1. Glad you’re over that hill – and thank you! I keep worrying that she’s too on the nose but genders really be like that lmao

  10. Noooo Riley! I’m finally getting caught up after not reading for several months and I love the way you colored Riley’s flashbacks! I know Blaire is probably trying to be nice but she looks so menacing in this one.

  11. Blair, sweetie, bestie, my most problematic of faves… please use one of your braincells i KNOW you have them and you can use them to stop making your poor girlfriend feel so bad

    Also if we ever see riley’s parents its on SIGHT I’m pulling a gwenpool and reaching into the comic to fucking bite them

  12. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Relate to this page a lot as a woman who hasn’t hit her full peak yet.

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