Baby grew up right before her eyes U_U. 22 soon to be 23 😭

EDIT: a Bachelor’s degree in Australia is a 3 year (fulltime) course of study thats like a prerequisite to like 40 different major studies. Engineer, geologist, veterinarian, doctor,ect. So Jaden has still has a ways to go before she’s a doctor.

Getting real close to that date on Jaden’s wrist too aren’t we 👀👀 ?

currently 10/12/15, her wrist says 19/04/16 >:3c

RIP the brave anon I got pre-termination, who guessed that it was the date of first time Jaden ate a woman out LMAO

Feel free to leave your guesses below!


Also, after the term i got motivated to update the cast page and to create an FAQ section. Would love to hear your thoughts <3
The Meet The Cast section has some new, upcoming faces you might not have seen before 👀👀