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Lease Bound Cover

After a mix-up with their leases, two Lesbians, Jaden and Riley, must learn to share a small, one-bedroom apartment. Friendship, and eventually romance ensues.

*** This is my story, Lease Bound. A webcomic for lesbians, about lesbians, by a lesbian. ***



34 thoughts on “Lease Bound Cover

  1. I love the design of your two main characters! You’re so careful to make each character an individual, no same-face syndrome in sight (or same body-type), and this comes across with your main characters from the very start. Seeing representation of what average butch lesbians look like must be so encouraging for young lesbians today! When was the last time we got to see TWO butch lesbians in one piece of media? Keep up the great work!

  2. None of your arguments make sense you need therapy. All the shit you say sounds like the calls coming from inside the house. Your not helping women or lesbians so cut the shit your not a feminist. My sexuality isn’t a political identity and neither is being trans. Stay tf away from any pride since you can even stand with the WOMEN who started pride and fought for the right for us to even be alive. Your disgusting. The fact you’ve been around so long and your account and comic is still shit isn’t a flex it’s proof. Calling being trans a mental illness makes u the same as everyone who calls being gay one. Sounds like a bunch of self hatred. You can’t even come up worry valid arguments your no better then any homophobe full of idiotic hate. Maybe this shit would slide in 2018 but it’s not now grow tf up and realize we’d be nowhere without trans people.

    1. Fred Sargeant, one of the founders of pride and a person who was at Stone wall is literally still alive. He has said there were no trans people invovled in founding. Marsha P Johnson did not found pride, nor was he present at Stonewall – which was also not the start of campaigning for homosexual rights. He also said himself that he is a man, and a dragqueen, days before he died.

      Being homosexual is not a mental illness. Experiencing extreme distress at your birth sex/your body, aka dysphoria is a mental illness. There are dysphoric people who aren’t trans, and trans people who aren’t dysphoric. Being trans is literally just people saying so. It’s entirely faithbased like religion, and requires people to play pretend with you to be sustained.

      I don’t owe trans shit heads anything. Even if your lies about stonewall and pride were true, those were AMERICAN events, you absolute dumbass. The rest of the world has it’s own LGB history, pioneers and protests. shut the ever loving fuck up.

      1. BASED QUEEN

      2. Stormé DeLarverie was the butch lesbian who first sounded the call to action at the Stonewall Riots. There was no T – & those misrepresenting the situation & TransWashing History are liars.

        Stonewall itself was an LGB organization which had no mention of the T in any of their older literature; subsequently coopted by the TQ agenda.

        The LGB owes nothing to the TQ, which has acted as a parasitic, infiltrating hate-group undermining LGB rights through forced teaming while actively engaging in “woke homophobia’ & ‘woke misogyny’.

        Mentally ill (antisocial personality disordered; paraphilic), misogynistic, &/or sexually predatory males do NOT represent women nor should they be allowed to dictate or control the discourse around female centered advocacy or liberation movements. Neither should they be given carte blanche to violate our collective female boundaries or infiltrate our spaces. Female Representation Matters. Female Boundaries Matter.

        The misogynistic attack on Female Sexual Boundaries, & Women And Girls as a SexClass says everything about those ultimately pushing the genderkoolaid & driving this astroturfed gender craze mass psychosis MKULTRA style irregular warfare- grooming vulnerable women & children into the meatgrinder of SexistMcFrankenScience; RainbowGenocide via WokeConversionTherapy irreparably harming, mutilating, sexually disfiguring, & sterilizing GNC women and girls en masse; while erasing the status of women as a protected sexclass, along with gatekeeping safeguards intended to protect women, children, & same-sex attracted people from patriarchal exploitation, violence, & oppression. 10 Stages of Genocide (Women as a SexClass)

  3. Just discovered your content and keep it up!! I hope the hate isn’t getting to you, I know I’d crack with everyone writing the comments they are to you :(. It’s sad to see the (western/American) world in this state. As another lesbian, I’ve actually tried dating a few transwomen and I couldn’t! I was too uncomfortable!! They just can’t listen to us.

  4. Rusty, sending much love. I should’ve been prepared for the tsunami of lesbophobia this month, but it just didn’t occur to me. Of course, they tell on themselves every time they post.

    1. Truly! But lesbians will persist <3

  5. Just so, we always do.

  6. don’t listen to the haters. they don’t like to think with their brains lol. keep it up

  7. Aaah the cover is so cute I’m excited to read it, ignore all those rude comments they arent worth the trouble

  8. I’m a straight woman, but I love a good story. You have created not only a good story but adorable artwork. Ignore the ass clowns. Even if they do come up with super clever insults like Doodoo Brain.
    A couple of hashtags I used before being banned from Twatter for saying men can’t become women and shouldn’t be allowed in women’s changing rooms:
    #StraightWithTheL #DropTheTQ (and the rest of the mess that comes after it.)

  9. This story has been shocking (in a good way). I’m the only lesbian I know irl in my age range (18-25) who calls themself a lesbian. I havent met anyone else. Everyone is non binary, and likes women and other non binaries (the female ones, shh) . Just because they dont want to be women doesnt mean theyre not women. Because of this, I don’t know much on actual lesbian culture and its cool to hear about! I just finished chapter 4 or so. Going great so far, and thank you for putting in so much effort ♡

  10. rustyhearts you are the coolest

    thank you so much for your work! the world needs more stories about women, stories that openly express gender criticism, and you described Riley’s thought process on the topic so accurately! i’m so sorry that you had to face hatred in the comments because of this, i hope it doesn’t affect you too much and you feel well. all the characters turned out so alive, watching how they interact with each other is such a pleasure. i’m really looking forward for new chapters, and i hope to see even more different media from you someday. your art matters 🙂

  11. Feel like that guy holding on to a pizza in the room of fire meme image reading some of these comments holy shit..

  12. Left-Handed Lesbian

    Hi! I have a question for you, if you don’t mind answering: What is your opinion on females, that are born a female and identify as a female (cis), but use they/them pronouns? I saw your opinion on trans people, but because this hypothetical female is technically cis, do you think that counts? I’m not talking about me, I’m a she/her, cis-Lesbian, but I just wondered

    1. Short answer:
      Same circus, different clown, basically.

      Longer answer:
      It’s all misogynistic garbage to me, including the notion of being “cis”. False dichotomy.
      Similar to how religious folks might categorize you as either a believer or a sinner. The notion that you simply do not follow the rules of their beliefs doesn’t occur to them.

      And in the same way good people can fall under “sinner”, the idea of cis or trans suggests that women hold power/privilege over men if said men call themselves transwomen.

      Men oppress women on the basis of our sex. They exploit women’s reproductive capabilities through rape, getting women pregnant to trap them into financial dependence, limit abortion access ect ect.

      It’s not about every man doing this, it’s about NO woman having the capacity to do this to men. No amount of gender identities will change it.

      Women cannot identify out of experiencing misogyny, and men cannot identify out of perpetuating it.

      Women and girls who call themselves nonbinary are just “not like other girls” to the extreme. It makes sense that some wind up down that path because we all grow up surrounded by woman-hating on all sides. We are taught women are vapid, stupid, shallow, exist to serve men, are nothing without children and a husband.

      Many women go through a phase of believing that because they have deep thoughts and feelings and passions, that they are the exception to the rule, instead of recognizing the rule itself is absolute SEXIST GARBAGE.

      So often women who call themselves nonbinary will say “I’m not a women. I’m just a human.”

      What the fuck does that say about other women ? We are ALL humans with complex thoughts and emotions. Its downright insulting.

      And that’s not even getting into the homophobia aspect. The idea that you can identify into someone’s consent (see: trans people having the audacity to call gay men and lesbians genitial fetishists for not being attracted to the opposite sex) is so disgusting it drives me to wretch.

      You’d do well to stop insulting other women by ditching the need to mention pronouns and the word “cis”.

      1. Left-Handed Lesbian

        ohh, okay, yeah, I wasn’t really trying to use the word cis, I just wanted to make it extra clear with all the information and stuff, so I get where you are coming from, and that was just a way to make sure that you knew exactly what I meant, but thanks for answering!!

        1. No worries. I understand. I’ve definitely felt the temptation to use it before it hopes of being understood by my detractors.
          No hard feelings ❤

  13. I recently sat down and read this whole comic and decided I’m gonna go through and leave some comments I’ve been holding in for forever.

    Anyways! Seeing your recent cover followed by the first page and just how much your style had developed is very inspiring!

    1. Omg yes I loooooove getting play by play comments! Thank you so much for reading and welcome aboard🥰 more improvement to come 💪💪

  14. I am so sorry about the abuse you’re getting just for being a lesbian, and not catering to selfish, delusional men. I wish I could own a hard copy of your first issue. I am big fan of radical ramblings💜. As another banned everywhere lesbian, I can relate a lot. It doesn’t make me feel so alone. Anyway I hope you continue.

    1. Thank you for your kind words – rest assured I am not going anywhere! All the attempts gender ideogues have made to silence me, only motivate me to be louder. 💪

      Re: the first issue hard copy – I hope to be releasing another run of it this year, along with the second volume 🥰

      I’m also a big fan of radical ramblings! So glad she’s reached so many women!

  15. Thetruemasterofgames

    Okay, seen snippets of this around gonna give it a read start to finish as if I’ve seen nothing and see how this stuff progressed. gotta say cover alone I would of if I had no context of guessed this to be either a coming of age story, an isekai, or a modern fantasy romance.

    Nice art, has a very homely vibe. Like I could see this being a comic you’d pick up so you could read it on a rainy night inside. The contrast of their outfits to each other really makes them, pop out too.

    1. Thank you. I sincerely hope you enjoy the read! Very amusing you get fantasy/isekai vibes 🤣🤣

      I haven’t heard that interpretation before – makes me want to hear more first impressions!

  16. Hey, nice, I’m glad to found this spectacular comic. I’m used to search for months just to find the old stories I already knew, but this one seems more original. I always look forward to new lesbian stories that aren’t pornographic and hope that there will be more comics like Leasebound. I like colorful, soft artstyles like this, but also very dark, maybe even more so. With a more mysterious tone and art style reminiscent of the game Dishonored Death of the Outsider and the anime Ergo Proxy. I’m a big fan of Billie Lurk’s design (minus the colored eyes) in DotO and Re-L Mayer’s design (but not the corset and pants).
    I think it would be adorable to have clothes that are more techwear goth/Victorian style, in a anti-pornified/feminized way. Just as a little inspiration for possibly further pojects.
    Regards from Iceland!

  17. wow i remember reading this 😀 so happy that you’re still making Lease Bound ❤️ I’m re-reading from the very first page again. I miss my girlies

  18. Hi Rustyhearts!

    Personally, I love your artstyle, albeit it changes frequently, you give a cozy comfort in your work! I’d love to see more lesbian comics like these.

    Love your art, can’t wait to see improvement and more character development, Dove.

    1. Thanks, hope you continue to enjoy reading my work!

      Not sure if the artstyle changing is a point of critique or not, but it’s a pretty common phenomenon in on-going bodies of work. I’ve been drawing LB for almost 6 years now 🥰

  19. I understand you get a lot of hate, please take care.

    This comic is a top 9/10 out of most comics I’ve read.

    Rock on, make more lesbian shit because we need more LB comics not made by fetishists, Dove.

    1. Thank you! I’ve got plenty more story to tell, promise 🤟😎

  20. Radical Ramblings

    Leaving my support bc I adore you and Lease Bound and all that you are!!!

    1. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Right back at you, breastie 🥰🥰

  21. recently reread leasebound bc I hadn’t been keeping up with it (I think it was around chapter 5-6 when I read it haha) and I really like it! sorry I dont have anything interesting to say really, love what you’re doing here though.

    but I do have to information you, unfortunately, that even though all of your characters are Australian— I cannot hear Riley as anything other than Kate Miccuci. even from the first time I read it, I just couldn’t picture anything else. It’s impossible.

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