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CH11: ASK THE CAST Most Voted!

67 thoughts on “CH11: ASK THE CAST Most Voted!

  1. Oh no the last one 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. JADEN OUCHHH that really breaks my heart aaaa, I really hope we can see Alexis happy and well at some point in the comic..

    even if she can’t be with Jaden I want her to be happy …

    Lil Faith is so cute, love how she has a gamer mum and a chill grandma
    Also smhhh I was really hoping Tiffany would actually have to rethink her position… MJ is still so cute tho, love her lil mullet… She and Blaire would be so good together I can feel it

    1. 🥰💔🥰💔🥰🩷🩷❤️❤️😌😌🔪❤️❤️ glad you enjoyed

      I don’t think anyone confronted with a few questions would change their position on the spot- especially not such deeply held beliefs.
      Would also make lease bound a bit more interactive than intended if readers could influence/change characters motives/beliefs 😅
      Might be fun as a project deliberately set up to be influenced by readers tho!

  3. making me see the answer with Tiffany and then sucker punching me in the head with Alexis….. you don’t HAVE to do it to ‘em, Rusty……

    1. I felt like it was kinder than the other way around :3

      You ladies gotta stop asking Jaden seemingly mundane questions. Remember the vegetarian one? Knew I had to do it again with this one.

      Also still thinking about how you had plans to ask about Alexis, good lord i was waiting to set up on you breastie U_U It coulda been so much worse.

      1. LMFAO THAT’S LITERALLY WHY I DIDNT ASK BC I WAS LIKE ‘no bc if rusty hurts me in-comic it’s not only word of god anymore and i can’t be delulu that she’s ok and her and Jaden are going to run away together’

        1. I will say, I would not have shown Alexis.
          If you directly asked Alexis if she was okay, I was going to have Jaden answer, teary eyed, looking down at her phone. “I wish I knew… I haven’t heard from her since..” :3

  4. The happiness and smile the first two brought to m before being absolutely DEMOLISHED by the TRAIN that that last panels was girl you are EVIL!!!!!!!

    1. 😋😋🤭🤭🤭

    Violet still being the coolest mom ❤️ it reminds me of my own mom playing tetris for us and super mario 🥺

    and ruth ! Wanting the haters to know they are Blocked ! Don’t worry Ruth, people deduce they are blocked if the site doesn’t tell them directly.

    And Jaden ;_; right in the heart ToT

    1. Your mum sounds so cool 🥺 cannot imagine asking my other to help me with video games, as a kid or an adult. As far as she’s concerned “it’s all looney toons. You’re still playing looney toons??”

      Smh when will there be a site where poor Ruth can block someone, fill out a form as to why she blocked them, and have it mailed to their front door 😤😤


  6. also now that i’ve had a moment to breathe lol, Tif’s self contradiction at saying to identify out of misogyny since it’s so bad but also rejecting the questioner trying to do EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID and id out of experiencing tiffany’s misogyny, lol. i feel like it just reveals the truth underneath: that she’s a narc and just feels like she SPECIFICALLY is entitled to special treatment. Cannot stand her 👊😔

    1. I think the only one that can stand her is MJ 🤣

  7. Ugh Jaden love I’m so sorry 😥 It’ll get better I promise, just hold on, your butch in shining button ups is on her way!

    Also Violet helping Faith beat the game and Faith helping Ruth with technology is so fricken cute and relatable, I honestly love all her interactions with the LB ladies, this is how childrearing should be imo, the nuclear family dyanamic where the woman does all the actual work and the man is the “breadwinner” who doesn’t have to do shit because he fucks off half the day and does the “real work” is honestly one of the worst things to come out of the patriarchy, love seeing communal childrearing 🤗

    Please tell me Tiffany get’s what’s coming to her? I don’t usually like seeing men tear down women but I want to see Tif try it on with a GC tehm and get roasted so bad… she’ll prolly still find a way to blame a woman for it tho 😒

    If men hate “toxic masculinity” (patrairchy/misogyny backfiring) so much why do they not get flack like “CB’s” for still identifying as men Tiffany? Hmm? Also I thought you couldn’t choose how you identify? Did you just misgender agender anon?! Good thing Tiffany’s hypocrisy goes ignored by the other QT’s because with the amount of transphobia this girl be spittin, Mr. Milkers would have D cups by now 😨

    1. She did get one thing right tho, you can absolutely, always, without fail, tell the difference between a TIM and “Cis B****” 😅 (tho saying so is also transphobic so another donation to the jar U-U You’re on fire today! TERF QUEEN)

    2. That’s definitely what I’ve been going for with Faith’s parental situation. Why I also introduced her after Jaden’s backstory chapter. To show a direct contrast between Josie who had little education and was financially dependant on her husband in a nuclear family structure, and then struggled immensely when he died VS Violet who is surrounded by multiple women playing the roles of aunts/grandma’s to Faith.

      Faith going over to friends houses: okay so that’s her mum, but where are all of her aunts?? And who tf is this man that lives in her house??

      I could see a single Tiffany being a part of one of those Reddit posts – idk if you’ve seen them – where a TIF gets herself invited to a gay male gathering of a sexual nature, and then wonders why she wasn’t invited to join any of them.

      I remember reading two incredibly similar stories written by different TIFs who had this experience. It was wild (and unfortunately neither woman learned anything from it).

      You’re definitely right about her finding a way to blame women 🤣 I don’t wanna introduce anymore men into the story than strictly necessary, though it definitely is cathartic to imagine her getting a dressing down from the demographic she desperately wishes she was.

      1. Ugh yeah I know exactly one of the posts you’re talking about (the sex party one were she took of her shirt off and shambled around the room awkwardly? The second hand cringe!!! 😱).

        I tend to avoid those reddit posts cus it makes me upset to see gay men being able to complain about TIF’s so openly on subs like askgaybros etc., while women’s reddits (even those that aren’t about womens rights but fricken health conditions!) get banned.

        I just want Tif to wake up and realise that she isn’t included in male class solidarity, I kinda want her to have her own awkward gay scene moment now you’ve mentioned it, anything to crack through that shell of male superiority and realise she’s down in the trenches with the rest of us, stop blaming women for the ricochets when men refuse to stop shooting 🙄

        Also I see you turned Ms. to Mr. haha I hope you know I was being sarcastic but BASED!!! 🤣

        1. Yeah, the disparity is disheartening :/. Not that I want things to get worse for gay men, I’ve seen the “how to have “stealth sex” (aka deliberately obscure your sex) with gay men” articles, and the state of apps like grindr (from screenshots).
          Hell world, hell world 💀

          And oops lol, I assumed it was a typo 🤣🤣

          Love your icon btw!! Looks very cute 🥰

  8. Also, this doesn’t have anything to do with Leasebound (pls forgive me for my sin 😔) but if possible could you implement a comment edit feature on the website? I also can’t wrap my head around how to make an official account so I can have a pfp?

    1. Not a sin at all! I’m sorry about the lack of edit function – unfortunately I don’t have a lot of options to change that. I have a “theme” installed, that someone else made and it dictates how the site looks, which includes the comment section.

      If you ever need something edited, it’s very easy for me to do manually tho!

      I can help you re: the avatar situation tho! People with avatars do not have accounts on the lease bound website – they’re using a site called gravatar.

      Basically the way it functions is, you connect an image of your choosing to an email address, through gravatar. And then whenever you comment using that email address, your avatar will show up.

      Maybe I should do a page of LB icons for people to use 🥰

      1. Thank you for such a fast response wow 😃 and yeah icons would be cool. I’m actually very tempted to try and draw myself in your style haha as my pfp. Gendies would never allow it but a picrew where you can make your own LB lady would be awesome.

        On a sappy note, your art has improved so much over the years (it makes me believe I might be able to make my own webcomic too one day, I have it all planned out but always felt I lacked the artistic talent to attempt it) I really adore the look of your webcomic, the colours, the expressions, the female designs are unmatched, this comic and seeing the community that flourishes around it are the highight of my week 🤗

        1. I have considered a LB picrew! I think seeing as it’s a Japanese website, picrew might actually allow something like that! I know it has been overrun by gendies but still.

          I remember seeing a post putting gendie picrews beside regular ones. The gap in quality was… stark, lmao.

          Would love to see your icon too! 🥰🥰

          And thank you!! I’ve had a lot of fun doing these minis/ask the casts on the side of main chapter work. It’s been interesting forcing myself to let go of perfectionist tendencies with them – most done in a single attempt with pen and paper.

          Really excited for you gyns to see chapter 12 though, I feel it’s my best work yet.

  9. the person who (foolishly) asked kai that question

    “if you have to ask the difference between cis bitches and trans women you’re probably not agender.”
    this seems like a pretty crude bioessentialist answer kai, are you saying there are obvious differences between trans women and cis women?

    i don’t see gender because i’m a gender abolitionist (which is a thing plenty of nonbinary people are btw, check your binary privilege to assume im not). you’re using your male privilege rn to oppress me just bc i don’t conform to your idea of what an agender person should look or sound like. unlike you, i CAN’T distinguish between cis and trans women bc i’m not a transphobic bio essentialist fascist. babygirl and blaire are exactly the same at the core beyond superficial differences and deserve to be treated as such because they’re obviously both women who deserve respect.

    in summary, fuck you, your ugly boyfriend doesn’t even wipe his ass, and your eyeshadow looks like shit, bye.

    did i win? anyways my desire to hit this asshole with a car goes stronger every day. i never want to see babygirl in a panel again but i would looooove to see kai get corrected for being such a mean girl.

    someone should point out that HEY KAI it would really girl babygirl euphoria if you stopped treating him differently than all the other women so maybe you should just start treating all women better (bc babygirl obviously doesn’t deserve to be ostracized, right?).

    this is my cope for a canonical way that would force kai to treat blaire better

    anyways i’m thinking too hard about this. damn you rusty, why did you do this to my brain on a beautiful sunday afternoon

    1. Did you win? Oh breastie 😔
      This is a pigeon on a chessboard situation. 💔
      Love your plan to try and get Tiffany to treat Blaire more nicely tho 🤣

  10. Ruth’s popsocket with the labrys flag made me so happy 😭

    1. A gift from one of the yonique ladies so she can hold her phone easier while she one finger types 😅😅

  11. Why doesn’t Blaire become a she/they to roast Kai and get her to realize that she’s being that one girl in every yaoi? You know what I mean.

    1. Blaire genuinely believes in gender ideology. Aka “if you want to be/feel like a man/woman you are one”.
      And thus, has concluded she is a woman because she “doesn’t feel like a man” and “likes wearing makeup/dresses/heeels”.

      She also cares deeply about being the best trans ally and wouldn’t think of identifying as trans to be malicious because “that would just harm trans people”.

      And, she does not think she is being treated poorly, but how “cis” people deserve for their “systemic” transphobia.

  12. MJ, run away with me… I would treat you so much better…

    And ok wowwww, just gonna have to walk off that gut punch at the end. OOF. At least we have the next 2 weeks of fun stuff to look forward to and then CHAPTER 12 🤩

    1. She doesn’t want what’s better for her, breastie 😭💔
      Glad to have you excited tho! I am so hyped 😎😎

  13. ya Allah i’d say touch grass but at this point i dont think even that can save kai i think she needs to work as a farmhand for a good 3-4 years

      1. I still think Kai should go touch not only grass but dirt as well. Get off the online disc horse and go wash some dishes

        huh youfve changed “he” to “she’ i just noticed…. did you do that when i reffered to the green haired one too??? I remember thinking i accidentaly spelled ‘girl’ instead of guy on a prefious comment, but was that your doing?like i know theyre all assholes in that club but like. Ma’am. That was out of pocket

    1. I Knock on wood and bet my full peanut butter jar, Kai being far away at a farm would instead reactivate buried “aching fruity farmboy x rugged cowboy” forbidden love fantasies to RP with the bf and/or release as a story in the next QT club zine. Your only relief would be that signal doesnt reach there so the DingDong posting would cease for a while. Ohh but it would come back, with a vengeance…

      Careful what you wish for. Waiting for Kai to have a change of heart is like praying to a flamethrower.

      Better to just get popcorn and wait for Shez’ magnificence with peace of mind

  14. JADEN MY HEART and omg I love Ruth! I also love/hate how well you understand the gendie mind.

    The whole “cis women totally enforce/cause transphobia committed by men!” is a belief that always enrages me so much, and it’s exactly the sort of thing a misogynist like Tiffany would glom on to immediately to exonerate her precious MEN.

    Remember, anything bad that men ever did was SOMEHOW women’s fault, folks!

    1. I’m sure it’s one of the rules of misogyny! Gotta find the list again..
      Glad you enjoyed tho!

      I remember losing my mind when someone brought up the difference in treatment of JK Rowling VS Men who’d expressed the same gently gender critical positions. And a gender supporter in the comments said “well yeah she gets worse treatment, as a woman she should know better”.
      Was a real 🤯😵‍💫😵🤪 moment!

  15. Awww Ruth and little Faith bonding over their own generational gap lmao. And it’s so cool how her mom is literally a gamer; Violet, the next jazzyguns, hello???

    And I kneeeewwwww Jaden’s answer was going to be emotional, like….asking on emo music, like it wasn’t one of the main reasons she connected with Alexis– you all knew what you were doing. Though the image of Jaden next to her teenage self was pretty nice!

    Also…comon gyns, you all knew how that tiff question was gonna go. Might as well just have picked your favorite– NB/trasmisogyny exempt/23/ACAB/TERFS AND FREAKS DON’T INTERACT and just drop that in her mailbox. I know y’all got tumblr, so you can do it, lol

    1. Omg now I’m picturing Violet and Faith having a mother daughter let’s play channel 🥺🥺

      And on the ball as always Ms.Clicker, you know me too well 🤣🤣

  16. also “CB fetishize gay men and trans men get blamed” the irony, the accuracy ;-; Het TiFs are truly the Spider-Man pointing meme

  17. Parniya’s biggest fan

    I BET the man that Ruth wanted to block was a TIM 😂

    1. Ruth does not distinguish between categories of men 😅

      1. Parniyas biggest fan

        Ruth really said “men is men”

        1. Exactly, you get it <3

  18. Awwwwww

    The second ATC was hands down the best. That level of sweetness that makes you shake and twitch and feel all giddy and warm. It was a treat, it was medicine, it was everything.

    absolutely LOVE the proficient gamer side of Vi 😭😭😭 go big momma! (tbqh i’m stuck between wishing she finds a wonderful muscly wife somewhere soon or leaving her be as an epic single mom and showing that different dynamic)

    and and oh my gosh gynocentric shonen AU with Ruth and Faith as protags when??? I mean just look at them! Imagine, they ride on a giant (female ofc) loyal creature, solving mysteries and exploring the world an-**gets ran over by Jaden’s memories materialized as a truck**

    1. Feeling so very justified in the way I ordered these pages 🥰🥰

  19. Oh god damnit MJ! I overall think she’s one of the better people out of the gendies, but I’m so disappointed here… Before she actually seemed/looked slightly uncomfortable with some of Tiffany’s shit, but I guess at the end of the day if she enables it then she’s supporting it.

    The other comics are adorable too – absolutely love seeing Faith’s dynamic with the adults in her life. Seeing Alexis again was a sad surprise… I really hope that eventually we’ll get to see her in the present again, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. I think y’all are blinded by MJ’s happy and smiley cuteness, she never looked uncomfortable with any of Tiffany’s BS and she clearly 100% subscribe to it

      1. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I interpreted some of her expressions in that comic where she offered to talk to women for Tiffany as being sad and slightly embarrassed, especially when she was doing shit like asking the drive-thru woman to hand her food so Tiffany wouldn’t have to take it from her. But yeah, I’ve probably been too charitable to her – plenty of gendies are capable of being friendly, bubbly people while holding and enabling the most harmful beliefs, Blaire herself is a great example of this.

  20. Your local tortoiseshell cat

    This is absolutely just me projecting my own favorites onto the characters, and I know it will never be canon due to copyrighted material, but this comic did give me the motivation to share my own headcanons for Faith and Jaden’s tastes.

    I picture Faith also playing Armello – my own personal favorite video game, which was made by an Australian development team, and one that I come back to along with Heartbeat for female character design inspiration among games. (I firmly believe we need more designs like Patch from Heartbeat and Elyssia from Armello – I’m fully aware that I’m definitely biased towards female characters wearing vests/waistcoats specifically.)

    As for Jaden, I imagine her rocking out to the song Seneca Falls by The Distillers. Their frontwoman, Brody Dalle, is someone I absolutely consider a massive inspiration in terms of musical talent (and she is also originally from Australia).

    Between Leasebound, Armello, and Brody Dalle, I have to say that Australia is really getting things right for appealing to my tastes, haha!

    1. Oooh thank you so much for sharing – I wholeheartedly encourage it!!
      All these cool Australian things you’ve listened that I’ve never heard of x-x
      Happy to be part of the group catering to your tastes though <33

  21. Hey Rusty,
    I binged the whole story a few months ago and wanted to come back to say, I love your work and I’m really looking forward to chapter 12.

    As both a reader and a comic artist I’ve been looking for more radfem/GC comic artists to follow but I’ve had little joy. I’d love to get some recommendations if you know of any.


    1. SAME! The only other ones I’ve found were All these Knots on insta (who disappeared), not made by a radical but the lesbian manga Tamen de Gushi has some fairly feminist moments and the main female character is 😍

      Also not a comic but the game “Heart Beat” is made by radicals, I think Rusty is actually collaborating with them on something!

      1. Oh, I enjoyed All These Knots as well!

        Heart Beats creators aren’t radical feminists but they are lesbians against trans-homophobia, and Heart Beat is indeed very female-centric!

        On the collaboration – we’re mostly just putting little cameos of eachother in our work. Like how Faith plays Heart Beat, some little LB cameos may be showing up in the dev’s next project 😎

        The tricky thing about radfem or gender critical artists is, many agree with the sentiments but do not speak about them publicly or keep their art separate from it.

        So while I do know of many, I can’t publicly reccomend many. However if any ladies who fit the description would like to sound off in the comments, the floor is yours.

        I’d love to compile a directory of like-minded creators on the site eventually – it’s what the Site Breasties tab on the homepage is about.

        1. Yeah, that’s completely understandable. When I decided that I wanted to start making gender critical work, I created brand new social media profiles because some TRAs seem to have a scary amount of time on their hands.

          The directory sounds like a great idea. I’m sure there are lots of people who are looking for more Radfem/GC comics, as well as artists who would really benefit from the exposure. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it.

          P.s I’m not sure if you or anyone else here is active on twitter, but I’m @MrinDraws over at Elon Musk’s gaff.

      2. Thanks for the recs, Jay! It’s tough trying to find Rad comics in these internet streets. 😔

        1. Oops 😅 I was wrong, All These Knots didn’t disappear, here you go:

      3. Awesome, Thanks for the link! ❤

    2. Hello!!
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I think binging is absolutely the best way to read LB 🥰 hope you continue to enjoy it.

      I’ve left a reply to your request for reccomendations further down in this chain ❤

  22. JaneClareJonesIsGod

    ugh that image of jaden looking lovingly at her younger self is giving me feelings. how is normie Jaden both the least and most relatable character? lmao

    also, you’re so skilled at drawing the tree shadows; I’d love to see more shadows like that throughout the comic. it reminds me of sseongryul’s use of shadows in her work.

    I’m sorry if you get this comparison all the time, but the relationship Faith and Violet have with the Yonique women reminds me so much of a similar situation in Alison Bechdel’s dykes to watch out for. 𓆩♡𓆪

    1. Thank you!! I looove doing tree shadows like that – I was trying to replicate the scene where Jaden and Alexis shared their first kiss under the shade of a tree 🙂

      And don’t apologize, 1) not an insult 2) I’ve not seen the comparison yet!

      1. JaneClareJonesIsGod

        You’re welcome! I remember Jaden and Alexis under the tree and how the tree shadows made it even more beautiful. 🙂

        I didn’t want it to seem like a surface level comparison of “oh look it’s a comic about lesbians so that’s like bechdel’s work!” but genuinely I thought you might be influenced by DTWOF with the way [spoiler ahead??] the lesbians in that comic seem to embody an “it takes a village” approach of support to the bi woman in their group who gets pregnant and raises a child. The doctor who delivers her baby says that the delivery was especially smooth because of all the support of the lesbians who were by her side and looking out for her. <3

  23. Genuine question. Why do you choose to refer to Blaire’s friends by their birth names rather than the names they want to be called (with the notable exception of Babygirl, whose birth name I don’t remember because I don’t think you’ve used it in a while)? Regardless of how you feel about their gender, names are just names. Many names in LB are commonly considered gender neutral: Kai, Brick (I guess?), Alexis, Riley, Jaden, Blaire, Clancy…you get the idea. So I know you don’t have a problem referring to women with names that aren’t considered exclusively feminine.

    1. Fundamentally, I find the concept of deadnaming ridiculous. I think the perceived malicious intent of calling someone their birthname has been blown way out of proportion. It also all comes down to control, just like with pronouns. Comply with that, and they shift the goalpost.

      Just the other day I saw a tiktok of a ‘nonbinary’ girl complaining that someone complimented her on her enby-inanimate-object name as a ‘nice choice’. She was uncomfortable with having it labelled as a choice. It all ties into this idea that people can’t even acknowledge the you of the past. The context is completely different to referring to someone with a nickname or something. These people need to learn to sit with discomfort for a little bit, and learn they cannot control other people’s perceptions of them.

      When it comes to my own characters though, it mostly comes down to 1) being clear in comments to know who I’m talking about, 2) mockery/humour.

      Brick – I don’t think I’ve ever called her Marcie. The name Marcie was chosen by patrons, way way WAY after the name Brick. So along with just having a longer-term association, Brick basically embodies the ‘nonbinary girl chooses object as name’ trend. Using the name Brick for her is part of the mockery.

      MJ – Not even her name, her name is Martha Jane, but it’s quicker to type. She also has 3 rotating gender names. Easiest to go with the one consistent name to communicate who I’m talking about.

      Elissa – Again, another multi-namer. One which is a shortened version of her first name ‘Eli’, the other, just her last name ‘Samson’. Easiest to go with the one consistent name.

      Tiffany – Sure, Kai is also an incredibly common, tropey TIF name (which is why I chose it), but the main humour/mockery is in her birthname. Tiffany = the elongated version of TIF (trans identified female), which is what she is. Even the initials of her full birth name spell TIF (Tiffany Isabella Franklin).

      Clancy – Her whole thing is that her heart isn’t in the gender stuff, she’s just adapting to her environment. She didn’t choose a dumb fake name that needs to be propped up by validation and other people using specific pronouns. It’s contrast.

      Timothy – I think I’ve called him ‘Mr. Mummy Milkers’ more than Babygirl or Timothy, lol. Equal parts mockery, I’m proud of both names. Timothy Hecox obviously falls into the ‘Man DickName’ category + TIM = Trans Identified Male. Mr. BabyGirl, because of the obsession many TIM’s have with their warped perception of ‘girlhood’.

      Same goes for the AGPgang, again I think I refer to them collectively more than anything, because their trans names Asuka, Ginger, Paige make the acronym AGP.

  24. PERSONALLY I will be absolutely thrilled every single time Alex makes an (sort-of) appearance in this comic. i love her. she was so cool and lovable and i lovE HER. I love her lingering ghost.

    Also I’ve been thinking about the Contrast between Jaden and Riley. Jaden keeps dropping Sadness out Accidentally, you ask her a normal question and she’s like AND HERE’S MY TRAGIC ANSWER, and she’ll say “oh my dad’s dead” in the middle of a tense conversation (queen moment i’m still not over it) Jaden was taught to be authentic. She KNEW how her mom felt, Her mom was so honest. Jaden is also honest and so real. We don’t have to wonder or be surprised with her because she TELLS US. man jaden i appreciate you

    Meanwhile asking Riley questions people expect to be sad, or where the answer is sad, Riley is just like UHM. WELL. VAGUE RESPONSE. She usually does not willingly take us into flashbacks. Whenever we got a flashback from Riley, I have the impression that’s author imposition, not Riley saying “HERE YOU GO AUDIENCE HERE’S A PIECE OF MY SOUL”. Riley doesn’t do that for us. Jaden does. Tho I could be wrong, that’s how I keep reading these answers lately lol.

    one of these women is so Authentic and the other one feels like she has to hide EVERYTHING, Unless it’s something that’s like useful or beneficial to other people. no sadness no being trouble no being difficult. Compared to Jaden who usually isn’t like “no i can’t be myself I’d be too much of a downer”… obviously Jaden tries to be strong and put up fronts, she does, but she’s not NEARLY as bad off as poor Riley is, from what I can tell

    I think its so cool that their characterization seems to seep into these answers to questions. at least thats how I see it

  25. The Faith questions were a good palette cleanser after Kai, and poor Jaiden.

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