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Chapter 4: Endure

Jaden’s night takes a sharp turn for the worse after denying several men entry into the club. Luckily her trusty team is there to back her up when push comes to shove.

*** I could think of no title better fitted. For the characters and both me personally. Lesbians Endure. Thank you all, so, SO much for your patience. I am an absolute broken record, but your support means the WORLD to me. Happy Pride, everyone <3

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Endure

  1. Just seeing this chapter after such a long long wait has brought me so much joy!! Very proud of you for enduring and already looking forward to the next beautiful chapter!!

    1. You are incredibly sweet, thank you!! I am honoured, truly.
      I’m going to take about a week to re-coop before I begin work on chapter 5, but I fully intend to make it worth the wait <3


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