Riley Could Kill You – The Saga

It all started with a silly little alignment-chart meme…

5 thoughts on “Riley Could Kill You – The Saga

  1. I’m sorry if I sound stupid while asking this, but what does “peaked” mean?

    1. Not stupid at all!
      “Peaked” has become popular slang among gender critical women, to describe the moment they woke up to the harms of trans ideology. Usually it’s a particular event.
      The peak refers to a mountain. You reached the top. The highest point you can, sort of thing.

      For myself, I “peaked” when I saw lesbian groups touting that lesbians can like penis if it’s attached to a man who calls himself a transwoman.

      1. Thanks. Hope to comment again in the future!

        1. I look forward to it!

  2. This makes me miss your tumblr so much. πŸ’”

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