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  1. I absolutely adore getting fanart and fanfics. It’s so incredibly motivating to think about all the women and girls who’ve been inspired to draw or write something about Lease Bound.

    Unfortunately, my tumblr blog to store fanart was terminated with my main. I saved everything I could in a folder on my computer (and printed them out to hang around my office space), but because I don’t have a way to keep track of credit, I’ve been hesitant to repost them.

    So if you’ve ever made LB fanart/fanfics and would like it posted here (anonymously or with credit), please send them to this email:

  2. All of these are so good!! Some talented fans. The β€œNice Gender, Babe!” Ft. Badass Peaked!Riley had me cackling.

  3. why do I find tiffany so cute :s

    1. Because the fanartists drew her so darling-ly πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  4. leasebounddefender

    yang’s art is great i just wish anime shez wasn’t so cursed

  5. society if i could cosplay the characters in Lease Bound

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