Cast Replies

I love when readers are interested in interacting with the LB cast!

If YOU have a burning question for an LB cast member, leave it below!
***I can’t guarantee a drawn reply, but if it really speaks to me, you just might see it up in the gallery (or as reply to your comment).***

4 thoughts on “Cast Replies

  1. do you still have the ones about Riley and Jaiden’s favorite foods? (I think they were spaghetti and vegetable soup).

    I would love it if you did more of those with some other characters (if that sounds fun to you, I’m just really into food and cooking).

    1. I certainly do, you can find them here

  2. Parniya looks like any Iranian woman who isn’t wearing a hijab. Aka a normal Iranian woman free of misogynist strangulation and religious misogyny. Sorry you have to deal with that idiot handmaiden trying to insult you for, well, not having eurocentric characters lol!

    Sincerely, a normie brown lesbian who got peaked because of anons like those

    1. Shes not the first and she won’t be the last – comes with the territory I’m afraid.

      Thank you for sharing your own perspective though!


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