😊Cast Page

The Cast Page is just for fun extra info about your faves. It’s not a requirement, nor a replacement for reading the comic! Readers who do not wish to be spoiled about future characters are recommended to read through Lease Bound before checking out the Cast Page.

Female | 24 | Lesbian |
Ghanaian Australian | 185cm |
DOB: Jun 18

Jaden has just moved out of home for the first time, and is doing her best to settle into her position as a bouncer at the lesbian bar, Yonique. She is kind, and friendly, but doesn’t always know how to react when she’s on the receiving end of those qualities. She also has a habit of dwelling on her failures, and being selfless to her own detriment. Jaden isn’t sure she’ll ever get back in the dating game again.

Female | 26 | Lesbian |
Biracial Chinese/White | 155cm |
DOB: Oct 25

Riley is a very cautious woman, who is always quick to accommodate others so she can avoid conflict. She works at JO-BLO’s Home Variety with her girlfriend Blaire. Blaire is the person Riley is most cautious around, as she isn’t sure how to feel about some of Blaire’s stronger beliefs. Riley only truly lets her guard down around her rescue cat, Muddles.

Female | 24 | Bisexual |
Anglo Australian | 168cm |
DOB: Jan 2

Blaire is a passionate, bubbly woman, who always strives to do what she believes is right… Even if not everyone else agrees. Blaire is an assistant manager at JO-BLO’s Home Variety, and is currently training under her aunt to become a fully-fledged manager. Blaire is studying cosmetology and is an active member of her university’s LGBTQIA+ club. She would be incredibly upset to know Riley isn’t 100% supportive of her stronger beliefs.

Female | 6 | Lesbian |
Domestic Long-hair | 25cm |
DOB: Mar 14

Muddles was a stray before meeting Riley, and tends to shy away from people at first – especially men. She enjoys sitting in boxes, purring loudly late at night, and occupying the laps of those she trusts.


Female | 75 | Lesbian |
Anglo Australian | 163cm |
DOB: May 12

Ruth is stern, stubborn and blunt, but also very loyal to the women she cares about. She built her club, Yonique, to be able to dance safely with her late-wife. To this day, she continues to host ballroom dancing lessons for women, and also holds an annual Masquerade Ball.
In the club’s formative years, Ruth acted as Yonique’s bouncer. Despite this often leading to her injury, it took a long time before she was ready to pass the torch to another woman.

Nickname: Nelly
Female | 61 | Lesbian |
Anglo Australian | 157cm |
DOB: Dec 30

Nelly is Yonique’s medical officer, and a qualified Registered Nurse. She also teaches first aid to staff. Nelly met Ruth in the E.R. when Ruth had sustained injuries keeping men out of Yonique. After Ruth’s third visit to the E.R in the span of a month, Nelly knew she was sorely needed on the team.
Outside of work, Nelly enjoys a quiet, single life with her dog Luca.

Female | 27 | Bisexual |
Papua New Guinean Australian |
165cm | DOB: Jan 8

Violet has been Yonique‘s bartender for the past 9 years, working there for 10. She’s very easy going, and well-liked by both staff and patrons. Despite receiving a lot of romantic attention from patrons, Violet has chosen to remain single until her daughter, Faith, is in high school. Violet often feels insecure about her parenting decisions because she had Faith at a young age. She and Faith live with Ruth, who Violet often goes to for guidance.

Female | 10 | Lesbian |
Papua New Guinean Australian |
134cm | DOB: Feb 5

Faith is a lively young tomboy who loves talking about her favourite books and video games to anyone who will listen (sometimes even those who won’t!). Faith was born in the Yonique building, and has a very strong connection with Ruth. She sees her and most of the other staff like aunts, except Jaden, who she has developed a baby-lesbian crush on.

Nickname: Shez
Female | 31 | Lesbian |
Malayasian Australian |
160cm | DOB: Sept 5

Shez is Yonique’s head bouncer, and also runs Women’s Self Defence classes during the day. She’s highly affectionate and outgoing, but still very aware of those around her. Shez knows when quiet maturity is needed, but has also learned when it is violence that is necessary.
Shez lives with her mother, 3 younger sisters, and her girlfriend, Parniya.

Female | 27 | Lesbian |
Iranian Australian | 196cm |
DOB: April 5

Parniya takes her job as a bouncer very seriously to the point she comes off as stoic, and intimidating. This isn’t helped by her towering height, which is something she is deeply self-conscious about. Because of this she doesn’t interact with a lot of Yonique’s staff, unless Shez is also present. When she is off the clock, those who know her get to see a softer, goofier side of Parniya.

Female | 21 | Lesbian |
Australian Ashkenazi Jewish |
160cm | DOB: Dec 23

Ari is Yonique’s DJ and manages the club’s social medial presence. She is a loud, boisterous woman with a juvenile sense of humour and an affinity for giving bear hugs to her beloved co-workers. Ari is also a huge show-off with the musical talent to back up her ego. She can play twelve instruments (and counting), some simultaneously, most while singing. More recently, Ari has begun filling the role of an Opening Act for bands that play at Yonique. She also plays piano for Yonique’s Ballroom Nights.


Nickname: Josie
Female | 48 | Straight |
Ghanaian | 166cm |
DOB: Sept 9

Josie is Jaden’s mother. She is well acquainted with self-sacrifice, and has worked hard to make sure her children have more opportunities than she got herself. While originally intending to live as a housewife, Josie was forced to work after the death of her husband, Jacobus. She now works in the aged-care industry in an admin position. In addition to her teenage son, Jacob, Josie is also responsible for her mother, Julia, who now lives with dementia. Because of this her social circle is quite small.

Legal Name: Julia Duah
Female | 72 | Straight |
Ghanaian | 153cm |
DOB: Sept 20

Nana is Josie’s mother, and Jaden and Jacob’s maternal grandmother. She is fiercely loyal to her family, and is never afraid to jump to defend them – even when they’d rather she didn’t. In her working years, Nana sold handmade clothing and jewelry, while her late-husband worked as a pastor. Nana is retired now and lives with dementia. However, her fiery spirit, passion for sewing and textiles, and the bitter feelings she holds for Josie’s mother-in-law often resurface in glimpses.

Male | Died at 35 |
Straight | Ghanaian | 190cm |
DOB: May 29

Jacobus was married to Josie, and is the father of Jaden and Jacob. He passed away from an illness that doctors were unable to identify or treat. In life, he was a decent father and husband. Jacobus worked in an office job to financially support his family, but enjoyed his weekend position as an auxiliary firefighter much more.

Male | 16 | Straight |
Ghanaian Australian | 192cm |
DOB: May 15

Jacob is Jaden’s younger brother. He’s an 11th grader in high school, but has little interest in any of his subjects besides Drama. Jacob has a very hands-off approach to conflict, and finds it difficult to get invested in the struggles of others. At school this serves him well and he is well-liked by most of his peers, but at home he holes himself up in his room most of the time to stay out of the way of arguments. After high school he plans to pursue a career in acting.

Female | 51 | Bisexual
| Malaysian | 150cm |
DOB: July 28

Meriam is Shez’s mother. She is deeply protective of all four of her daughters, and strives to keep them as safe as possible by banning all men from their shared home. Meriam works in a small bakery, and also volunteers as Shez’s Self-Defence Class assistant from time to time. When she’s not working, Meriam enjoys water aerobics and taking bushwalks with her friends. After escaping her ex, Meriam gave their shared daughters three different surnames to make it harder for him to search for them.

Nickname: Rocky
Female | 22 | Straight |
Biracial Malaysian/White | 168cm |
DOB: Oct 16

Rocky deeply admires her older sister, Shez, and longs to be as confident and outgoing as her. She keeps her hair short and regularly strength trains, but has been left both mute, and fearful of anyone she doesn’t know – especially men – by the events in her past.
Her distrust of men and her lack of interest in dating in general, has caused a rift between Rocky and her younger sisters. Rocky has found some peace working with horses as a stable-hand at a small riding club.

Nickname: Rissa
Female | 21 | Straight
Biracial Malaysian/White | 170cm |
DOB: Oct 26

Rissa is Shez’s second youngest sister.
She is generally bubbly, outgoing and slow to anger, but has recently found herself butting heads with Meriam and Shez over the permanent ban of men in their shared home.
Rissa doesn’t want to let the events from her past define her, and is desperate to prove her current boyfriend is worthy of exemption from the house rule.
She is deeply hurt by her family’s unwillingness to budge, taking their disinterest and distrust of him as a reflection of how they see her.
Rissa is a receptionist at the medical practise where her boyfriend works as a doctor.

Nickname: Tina
Female | 17 | Straight
Biracial Malaysian/White | 165cm |
DOB: Feb 28

Tina is Shez’s youngest sister. While much less confrontational than Rissa, she also dislikes the no-man house rule. Outside of school, Tina loves losing herself in romance novels and hopes to one day meet her prince charming. She idolises her older sister Rissa, and goes to her for advice on boys, as well as offering her own shoulder for Rissa to cry on after fights with their mother. Tina wants to pursue a career as a romance author after she graduates, and is already drafting her first novel.


Trans Alias: Brick
Female | 22 | Straight |
Anglo Australian | 149cm |
DOB: Aug 7

Marcie is the the Vice President of the QT Collective. She takes great pride in her leadership role and educating others about all things trans and gender, but becomes easily flustered if her knowledge is ever contested. Marcie’s beliefs have caused a great deal of tension for her while studying to become a Veterinarian Nurse, as sexual dimorphism is often discussed in her coursework. She volunteers at an animal shelter, and hopes to work there once finishing her study. Marcie asserts that attraction is not necessary for dating. She uses her online relationship with another straight woman who calls herself nonbinary as proof of this.

Pronoun Demands: They/ Them
Self-Declared Identity:
Asexual, Queerplatonic,

Trans Aliases:
Eli/Elliot (pants) | Samson (dresses/skirts)
Female | 22 | Straight |
Anglo Australian| 162cm |
DOB: Nov 25

Elissa is a dedicated member of the QT Collective. She is very comfortable with public speaking, and enjoys preparing and delivering presentations for club meetings.
Elissa self-describes as an “ex-radical feminist”. Despite being unable to name any core tenets of radical feminism, she is deeply repentant for her apparent participation, and goes to great lengths to warn others about its dangers.
Elissa is studying Film & Photography which inspired her to start a DingDong account, where she posts videos regularly. Her content focuses on her burning desire for a gay boyfriend, as well as scripted skits that seek to mock straight men who catcall her, by calling them “gay” for doing so.

Pronoun Expectations: He/ They (interchanged periodically) Very upset if people only use ‘they’.
Self-Declared Identity:
Pansexual Queer Demi-boy

Trans Alias: Kai
Female | 21 | Straight |
Anglo Australian | 158cm |
DOB: Mar 8

Tiffany produces an on-going romance comic for the QT Collective Zine, called “Secrecy Office” and sits in on admin meetings. She is studying to get a bachelor’s degree of digital media, and is very passionate about creating digital art.
Tiffany refers to women without gender identities as “cis bitches” and refuses to speak to them directly. Her friend and roommate, Martha-Jane, acts as her primary go-between if communication with women is absolutely necessary. She is open to talking others, but is shy and soft-spoken around new people until she gets to know them.
Tiffany sees her relationship with her 29 year old boyfriend as a homosexual one. Together they run a DingDong account, where Tiffany parades her relationship around in videos as proof that gay men can be attracted to the female sex, if said women call themselves transmen.

Pronoun Demands: He/Him
Self-Declared Identity:
Gayest Trans Twink

Trans Aliases:
Jasper (when assertive) | Saturn (when passive)
Star (when neither)
Female | 24 | Bisexual |
Filipino Australian| 169cm |
DOB: Sept 29

Martha-Jane is considered an admin of the QT Collective, but doesn’t enforce the title. As long as she’s able to contribute to the club’s activities, she’s happy. The QT Collective was the first place she made friends after moving away from home; where she had a very strict upbringing. Martha-Jane is doing a degree in Gender Studies, and works as a grocery cashier to pay for it. She rents a small apartment off-campus with her close friend, Tiffany Franklin.

Pronoun Expectations: He/She/They (wears bracelet to signify which pronouns she expects – alternates daily).
Self-Declared Identity:
“too complex to describe within the limitations of human language”, but says at closest approximation she is cosmic-agender transmasc, and demi-homoflexible.

Female | 19 | Lesbian |
Anglo Australian | 162cm |
DOB: Aug 26

Clancy only recently gained the courage to come out as a lesbian. Soon after, she began attending QT Collective meetings in the hopes of finding other lesbian friends (and maybe a girlfriend). She was horrified to learn from her peers just how many ways there are to be discriminatory while dating as a lesbian, and, how many she fit the criteria for. She was quick to adopt a gender identity to avoid criticism for her exclusive attraction to women.
Clancy is studying to become a primary school PE teacher. She is very passionate about staying active, and hopes to share that with the children she teaches.
On weekends, she plays soccer at a local women’s soccer club called The Ball Kickers.

Pronoun Request: They/Them (does not enforce)
Self-Declared Identity: Asexual, Panromantic, Nonbinary.

Trans Alias:
Babygirl / Madame President
Male | 37 | Straight |
Anglo Australian | 190cm |
DOB: Mar 15

Timothy Hecox recently appointed himself president and financial advisor of the QT Collective and implemented some drastic changes to club operations.
He was originally studying to pursue a career in IT but after meeting and taking a shine to Blaire, has decided instead to pursue cosmetology with her. Timothy has considered changing his name to Blaire in the past but ultimately settled on BabyGirl as a way to experience the “girlhood” he feels he lost by growing up male.

He has been known to throw chairs, punch holes in walls and threaten suicide if he is recognized as male. He has been successful in having two university lecturers fired through his tantrums.

Pronoun Demands: She/Her
Self-Declared Identity:
Lesbian Trans-Dyke


Female | 25 | Bisexual |
Greek Australian | 167cm |
DOB: May 24

Alexis was Jaden’s first girlfriend. They met at university in a shared class, and dated for several months. Though they’re no longer together, Alexis still remembers Jaden very fondly and thinks about her often. Alexis is an incredibly driven woman, and is studying to become a dentist, despite the lack of support from her religious family. She’s determined to one day run her own practice that only employs women.

Female | 46 | Straight |
Greek | 157cm | DOB: Sep 4

Maria is Alexis’ mother, and also has another daughter, Kassandra. She is a strict, religious woman and very proud of her status as a dutiful housewife and mother. Maria did not finish high school, and has been married for 28 years to her husband. She was delighted to welcome her first 2 grandchildren into the world, and is eagerly awaiting more.

Female | 26 | Bisexual |
Greek Australian | 162cm |
DOB: Aug 3

Kassandra is Alexis’ older sister. She is very sweet and personable, with dreams of having at least 6 children with her husband of 8 years. She currently has 2, with a set of twins on the way. Kassandra finished high school, but forwent further study. While she enjoys being a housewife and mother, she does think Maria is a little too rigid and traditional about it.

Female | 62 | Lesbian|
Aboriginal Australian | 152cm |
DOB: Oct 8

Kylie owns the Hardy Street Apartments, with her wife Naaz. While a little forgetful, Kylie does her best to be a fair landlady, and has had some of the same tenants for decades. Outside of work Kylie loves spending time with Naaz, tending to their garden, and watching television with their four cats. She is in discussion with Naaz about adopting a 5th.

Female | 58 | Lesbian |
Indian Australian | 161cm |
DOB: Apr 26

Naaz owns the Hardy Street Apartments, with her wife Kylie. She also serves as the building’s handywoman. She takes great pride in maintaining the apartments, and enjoys maintenance requests that challenge her. In her off time, she loves to settle in with a good jigsaw puzzle, and taking endless photos of Kylie in their garden.

“AGP Gang”

Trans Alias: Asuka
Male | 33 | Straight |
Anglo Australian | 172cm (manlet) |
DOB: Dec 2

Todd is involuntarily single, and feels trapped in his IT job. His true passion lies in digital art, which he dabbles in on the side. Lately Todd has been going to LGBTQIA+ meet ups in hopes of finding a lesbian girlfriend, but is growing frustrated with his lack of success.

Pronoun Demands: She/Her
Self-Declared Identity:
“labels are limiting”

Trans Alias: Ginger
Male | 39 | Straight |
Anglo Australian | 193cm |
DOB: Nov 19

Richard is a recently divorced father of 2 and works as a high school P.E teacher. In his youth he had dreams of breaking into professional football, but they were cut short due to a sustained knee injury. Richard is currently trying to convince his school board to allow him to play on the school’s under 16 girl’s football team.

Pronoun Demands: She/Her (aggressive in the face of non-compliance)
Self-Declared Identity:

Trans Alias: Paige
Male | 26 | Straight |
Anglo Australian | 195cm |
DOB: Sept 14

Peter is a moderately successful YeweChewber who makes story-time vlogs, and make-up reviews. Peter maintains relationships with multiple women, but is hoping to find a lesbian girlfriend soon, to truly “validate” his identity.

Pronoun Expectations: She/Her (YeweChube audience) He/Him (if more socially advantageous)
Self-Declared Identity: