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CH12.5: An Epilogue of Sorts – PART 1

23 thoughts on “CH12.5: An Epilogue of Sorts – PART 1

  1. I like that Ari’s fashion sense apparently hasn’t changed since she was like 4 lol

    1. Can’t fix what ain’t broke 😎

  2. ARI! Oh my god, I love that they grew up together, I hadn’t considered that as an option at all. She really looks like her mom, that’s so adorable. I love for Meriam that she was able to find a support network amongst other women in (somehwat) similar situations as her.

    And oof. Two beds and one bath with four children is really not ideal. I hope the grumpy old man neighbour at least left them alone.

    The description (finally, age appropriate big-sister responsibilities for Shez) nearly made me cry. She’s been through so much already that no child should ever have to face, and I hope she gets to have a little childhood back.

    1. Yesssss I’ve been so excited to share the childhood connection between Shez and Ari 🥰🥰 there’s more where that came from too 😎

      I imagine Meriam took one room with the newborn Christina, and worked with Shez to make the second bedroom “fun” for the little ones. Can’t afford bedframes? No, but three mattresses lined up on the floor means lots of soft area to do summersaults and cartwheels.

      It definitely wouldn’t have been easy to adjust after moving from a much nicer house, but certainly beats the alternative 😔

      Feels great to share some more light-hearted moments of Shez’s childhood too. She deserves them. You can look forward to seeing more happy moments with her 🥰

  3. Awww baby Ari is so cute!! Love her trademark sunglasses she looks like such a fun tomboy haha, I never considered the yonic crew were childhood friends thats actually so adorable, I can’t wait to see baby Parniya and baby Violet hehe
    Also Parniya/Shez childhood romance? 🥺

    1. Loving the warm reception to baby Ari 🥰🥰
      I’m afraid Parniya and Shez did not meet until adulthood. They’ve known eachother maybe a week here.

  4. ARI MY BELOVED also having the same taste in clothes forever? omg… she’s just like me for real…..

    1. This is beautiful 🥹🥹

  5. Ari seems like a mix of my sister and me: same fashion sense for her entire life like me, following people around with an instrument just to annoy them like my sister (but change it to a kazoo or a guitar… and make the primary target of harassment my mom.)

    1. You and your sister sound like you were little menaces XD I love it!

  6. Parniya’s biggest fan


    But Shez… my girl… WHY did you have to date my wife instead of Ari… 😒

    1. You might wanna re-check their ages, breastie 😅😅
      They are 10 years apart in age (21 and 31 in the present day of the comic). Ari is the same age as Rissa. Shez was 14 when they escaped Chris, making Ari 4 years old atm.

      She is absolutely like a 4th little sister to Shez.

  7. Oooughhh I don’t know what sort of sad backstory to have planned for Ari but I like to think her presence helped the girls adjust to a better healthier life and maybe made them feel more normal/make friends/get used to other people and their surroundings.

    1. Rest assured breastie: no sad backstory for Ari, unless you count the four years before she met Shez, being an only child with no big sister to arm wrestle or torment with her trumpet plating. 😢😢

      Think you’re gonna like her inclusions here.

  8. Shez Appreciator (Ari-kin)

    Yes…YESSS 😍

    1. 🥰🥰🥰

  9. childhood friends shez & ari? amazing! also love that meriam ended up in a little community w other single moms 💞 she definitely deserves the support <3

    1. The epilogue meriam deserves ❤️

  10. ARI N SHEZ FRIENDSHIP?!!?! OH MY TRUCK RUSTYYY this is just delightful. It never occured to me this could be a possibility at all so its a glorious surprise. Lil Ari already with such boldness lmao an iconic babybutch. It’s kinda reminiscent of the fight deal between Shamz and Parni on the flashback minicomics 😝 maybe after so much ‘torture’ it rubbed off on her.

    1. So happy to see baby ari doing numbers in the comment section 🤣🤣

  11. Shez’s put-upon older sister vibes are impeccable. I love their cute little house! I so want Shez to have a relaxing childhood now after everything she’s been through. It’s nice to see her with generic ‘problems’. (Also, omg little Ari 😍)

  12. Maybe a weird comment to leave but I just LOVE how gorgeous the little duplex home looks. It’s a simple looking drawing but your skill really shines through it. THE ROOF LOOKS SO GOOD. And you have a great eye for cute little details like the fence. I just like. Dang, what a cute little looking building. Such a good drawing. I’m a little like Donkey from Shrek going “WOW NICE BOLDER”.

    1. I am here for your donkey moment 🥰🥰
      I really like how the little house turned out too!

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