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Lease Bound Week 2024

I don't have a tumblr anymore, but I really wanted to show my appreciation for all the incredibly talented ladies who are participating in LBWeek2024. I'll be updating this as the week continues with all entries. Please consider sending them some support/love!

  • Fanfic: Confession - #LBWeek2024 by Anonymous 
    A lovely little fanfiction about Faith discussing her crush on Jaden with Violet. The feeling is so cozy and loving, absolutely adore this little look into Violet and Faith's relationship.

  • Fanart: AU (Celebrity/Bodyguard) by werewol on tumblr
    This is SUCH a cute idea for an AU, I love all the little details werewol added in her notes. Violently chomping at the bit to read this in full romance novel format, I swear!! And the way the piece mirrors Jaden and Riley's front cover pose. ACK!! ToT amazing!! LOOK AT IT!!

  • Fanart: AU (Knight Jaden) by mrindraws on twitter
    The textures on this piece are soo satisfying to look at! Couldn't agree more that Jaden fits the role of Knight In Shining Armour. The shoulder armour just looks really fucken cool too, love to see a practically dressed female knight! :D

  • Fanart: Unrequited by werewol on tumblr
    Always a pleasure to see more minor characters depicted in fanart! I love the way werewol drew Violet, the way her smile is longing but also content. The bricks and drink in the background are a lovely touch too. If you're a Violet/Jaden enjoyers, an absolute must!

  • Meme: Break Up by Anonymous
    It makes me feel incredibly vindicated as a writer to know how many of you ladies were so affected by the Jalexis break up XD. Sorrynotsorryuwu

  • Alignment Chart Memes: Handwriting | Harry Potter Houses | Crime | Causing Problems | Going To Therapy by Anonymous
    I've always enjoyed alignment chart memes, very chuckle-worthy! Also such a fun way to see how fans see the characters.

  • Fanart: Alexis -Bittersweet by werewol on tumblr
    Well well well, if it isnt the consequences of my own actions orz.... but I'm accepting my fate because it's becoming from absolute HeavyWeight Champ of this years LBWeek, werewol. Alexis's big sad eyes are so heart breaking, and the use of the break up text in the background is so!! damn you got me, girl!! fuck!! Thank you <3

  • Fanart: Alexis Returns + Fix-it by tdotndot21 on tumblr
    Dentist!Alexis is adorable! I love seeing her succeed and this is a lovely fix-it idea. Very cute artstyle too. Thank you for sending me to the dentist also, lmao. If I trust anyone to get my wisdom teeth out, its Alexis 🥰


  • Fanart: Soul-Mate Markings by werewol on tumblr
    She's done it again!!! Always such a treat to see fanart of characters like Shez and Parniya and I LOVE the design for Parnyia's soulmate mark 🥰 Seriously creative and making me regret saying she thinks tattoos are a waste of money because it looks sooo good on her. 😭😭



9 thoughts on “Lease Bound Week 2024

  1. Thanks, Rusty! Though I can’t take full credit for the armour. The design was borrowed from the 1996 adaptation of Romeo and Juliette. (I’ve always loved that costume 🙂 )

    Really enjoying Lease Bound week, I’d love to see it become a reoccurring thing.

    Thanks for another brilliant chapter. 🔥

    1. Well you used it very well! Thank you so much for your participation, I hope the event runners carry it on into next year too 🥰🥰

      Hope you continue to enjoy reading!

  2. jaden's emo phase

    Um. Can suited up Jaden be my bodyguard please. I don’t have any type of high profile job and I’m not famous but those are unnecessary details 🩷🩷🩷

    1. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. AAAAAAAAA i just saw these super sweet comments!!! this made me so happy, thank you for your kind words ;-; i love drawing your awesome characters <333333333

    1. Thank YOU for all the wonderful incredible art you contributed! You’re incredibly talented and I was so blown away by all of your entries. You’re work ethic and commitment is insane 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Wusty can you pwetty pwease bwing back Alexis *touches fingertips*

    I remember you making the joke saying “Ms. Parniya’s biggest fan will always find characters and say “IS NO ONE ELSE GOING TO BE OBSESSED WITH HER?!” Like a year ago… NO I WILL NEVER STOP >:) My favorite characters are always the ones you take away.. 😔 RIP Clancy & Alexis by the way…

  5. Oh Wow, so many peeps here are really talented. I remember back when I speculated about Faith being suspended on beating up a boy, I wanted to make something showing Faith hearing some bully attack Nicholas for being GNC (something like “oh are you a weak girl”) and becoming the lesbian bodygaurd Nicholas and his ferret needed.

    (also, from a personal standpoint, it was women who defended me from my trans-man girl/boy friend ((look still difficult for me to say girlfriend)) when they claimed transphobia that I couldn’t do things with them, so really think selfless women like that deserve art!!)

    Unfortunately my skills are utterly useless, so short of tracing characters and hoping for the best, that story line will never happen. Unless Rusty appreciates bad art from men in her emails 😛

    1. I’m glad there was a woman in your corner ❤️
      No pressure on forcing yourself to draw art you don’t feel up to though. And re: emailing, all fans are welcome! I’ve mentioned it on the site previously, but I’ve got another gay man who reads LB and enjoys sending me his long long literary readings of scenes. It’s always awesome seeing readers inspired to create because of my work 🥰

      Here is a little doodle about how I think an interaction between Nicholas and Faith would go, lmao 🤣

      I’m sure Tyler the ferret would bite people who treat Nicholas poorly tho.

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