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How To Get Your Copy

Unfortunately I have to be careful about who gets a shop link due to my detractors persistent attempts to censor and de-platform my work, so there is a vetting process. Send an email to
that includes the following:


Email Address

If you have used the same email address to leave 5 or more comments on the LB website (prior to June 2023) send an email to me using it. I will cross check it and send you the shop link.

If you have used a fake email to make comments, just include the fake one in the body of your email for verification.


Security Questions

Answer the security questions below and send them in an email. I will verify them and send you the shop link.

CH4P18 – Jaden asks “What was the deal with them, anyway?”, referring to the men who assaulted her. How would you explain the AGPgang to Jaden, and what information do you think would be relevant for her to know?

CH9P8 – Riley asks herself “If I was a trans man, would Mum still talk to me..?” Why do you think she is wondering about that?

CH6P59 – Riley is terrified about the possibility of Blaire and Jaden meeting. Why do you think Riley is fearful and what do you think is the worst-case scenario in her mind?

Taking into account everything that has happened in the LB story-line so far, how would you help Riley, or a woman in a similar situation to her?

Which LB characters do you think are radical feminists, and why?

Last Thing! Leave a comment on your favourite page of Lease Bound, about why it’s your favourite. Make sure to use the same email you sent your answers wirh. Doesn’t have to be long!


Already Own A Copy?

If you bought a copy of the first print run (2022), send a picture of it to me and I’ll send you the shop link for all future releases.

If you have any questions about the process, please leave a comment below!

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