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Bonus Mini 13 – Impressions

33 thoughts on “Bonus Mini 13 – Impressions

  1. This is also the last CH11Mini! Next week: the answers to your Cast Questions >:3

    also also, please check out and give some love to this amazing Parniyez fanart!!!

  2. jaden is so tiny small

  3. Parns…… 🫂

  4. So I’m getting the impression that parns is now proud of her height and maybe a little threatened by Jaden at first? Hahaha. Also 196??!!! Jesus! I forgot how fucking tall this chick was.

    Great work with the hands in the last panel btw, really love to see it!

    1. Always interesting to see people’s take away 😅 I was actually going for the total opposite.

      Parniya wasn’t feeling threatened, she was hopeful someone else would finally be her height (or maybe even taller)- but her way of expressing it came off as intimidating to her co-workers who don’t know her well. She’s kind of socially awkward due to being an outcast in childhood.

      She’s less proud, and more just feels like she’s not totally alone. Jaden breaking the tall-topic is what made her smile and welcome her – rather than wallow in disappointment that she is still the tallest 🙁

      Thans re: the hands too! Reference image did the heavy lifting. Sketched over an image and did my own lineart to integrate it into my style 💪

      1. OOoooh alright! I get it now.
        And yeah, using references rocks.

  5. Omg I understand how those two feel kinda… I’m only 5’10 tho, all my friends are much shorter than me so I feel so much bigger tho haha
    Growing up I felt a lot like Parniya, as soon as I hit puberty I was this height and I kinda stayed as it and had to deal with feeling left out in the same way
    Also love these two new characters… I’m very weak for goth ladies!

    1. “Only” cries in 5’8 😓 I got bullied a lot too for being big and stocky and wished I was small and dianty but now I wish I was taller because it makes the manlets self conscious, no greater feeling than having a man talk down to you then standing up and seeing his face drop 😎

    2. Yoooo 5’10 club 🤝 Achieving Peak Height During Puberty.

  6. (twirls hair) always happy to see more jaden 🥰
    i think i remember those other ladies from the patreon! won’t say much else (to get people to look at your boosty lol) but they were girlfriends, right? if i remember correctly? i can’t join atm so if stuff has changed about them, i’d be completely out of the loop, haha 😅

    1. I think the patreon got gendie-bombed didn’t it? I remember only learning about the patreon on a livestream Rusty did with Radical and was so bummed when she said it got cancelled (by a woman called Blaire no less! 😅), she has a boosty account tho I’m not sure how much of her older stuff is on there, I just know need more LB sanity in my life

      1. It did indeed! Last year, a TIF girls’ callout post flooded my inbox with death and rape wishes, another wave of “reclaimed” fanart of the AGPgang, paedophilia accusations (because 10 year old lesbian character) and mass reporting of my patreon (which was contributing signicantly to my living expenses) until I was suspended. Full patreon post here.

        Re: content! Yes basically everything that hasn’t since been released (see: gendie girls + chapter 10 pages) is back over on Boosty. So all unseen characters/bios, all the chapter 10 speedpaints that used to be on the patreon, and now new stuff!

    2. Thank you so much for previously supporting the patreon. And yes those two are dating 🥰

  7. Parniya’s biggest fan

    I stayed up all night for this and ended up falling asleep haha

    Parns is so hot thank you for bringing her into existence she’s just so 😳

    1. Omg nooo sleep is important, breastie!! Glad you are living your best life tho, feels good to finally give you some Parniya pages!!!

  8. It’s not just about height, it’s about being treated like an equal despite your differences. Even Shez didn’t do this. Jaden is so genuinely kind.

    1. Very much looking forward to expanding how Shez came to say what she did to Parniya about her height 🫢🫢

      But yes, Jaden made herself an instant-ally in Parniya with her first impression 🥰

  9. Is the beginning a reference to this meme

    1. It is not, I’ve never seen this image before. I did laugh tho!

    2. What on earth did you just subject my eyes too Cornélia… what’s even the punchline? Do I wanna know? 😅

      1. I think the joke is implicitly about the phrase “I’m sooo hungry i could eat a horse” some people use

        Like either the horse suddenly looks extremely detailed and beautiful like a sparkly enticing meal of salvation to the starving person, or its looking like that trying to keep it together fearing for its life 🤔

        1. OH I get it now, wow I completely forgot about that phrase 😅 I was so confused, I think it’s because I find horses scary that I thought the horse was threatening them, thanks!

  10. Aw Jaden is so cute, I don’t know if this was intentional but as someone who used to do security I recognise those first day clothes, you turn up wearing a shirt and tie and everyone else is wearing a T and jeans 😅 (I’m not complaining tho, I’m looking very respectfully 😉)

    1. So cool you’ve worked in security!! :O !!
      Jaden’s wearing her job interview clothes from CH10P60 for reference!

  11. 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹

  12. Aw, sorry Parns, Jaden is tall but not quite that tall! But hey, closer to eye-level than most, no? Small blessings, and all that?

    …I’m going to get myself a footstool to stand on. A really high one. Going to hurt my neck otherwise, with how much time I spend looking at Parniya.

    1. Praying for your neck, breastie

  13. DasFeministMermaid

    Parniya always seemed as cool as a cucumber in the earlier chapters! Calm, cool, confident. I’m really enjoying seeing more below the surface about her. She’s so cool 🥰

    1. So glad! It’s been very fun to introduce little glimpses of her character/backstory 🥰🥰


    1. 🥰🥰 it’s meant to be the same interview clothes she wore at the end of chapter 10

  15. I love Leasebound, been reading since 2020. I really love how your art style developed and how you build the characters. Can’t wait to read what happens next !

    1. Wow since 2020!! Thank you for being such a dedicated reader <33

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