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So many choices, so few options. Β Where is Nana :( ?
Also you better believe I'll be using Mr. Wayne Kerr as an example of positive male representation. Plus sized AND smiling? What more could men want?

4 thoughts on “CH10P14

  1. “wayne kerr” hahaha

  2. All of your make names are genius

  3. God this is too real and painfully just like…human. Josie is Stressed and Struggling and trying to care for an infant and child by herself and trying so so hard to be a good mother like you can really feel her stress and pain in these pages ;o; the ups and downs and stumbling but NEVER not apologizing and always trying to do better. This is I think one of my fave depictions of a struggling single mom I’ve ever seen.

    1. This means a lot, thank you! It was disheartening to see so many readers call Josie abusive or see her as a villain.


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