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Jaden having some kinda awakening feat. Nana's denial U_U


That's a computer Jaden's hooking up for her mum, btw. The tower had to be moved across a little to make room for some speech bubbles.

6 thoughts on “CH10P20

  1. YEWECHUBE. You’re a bloody genius

  2. Hell yeah Jaden -headbangs-

  3. Jaden looks sooo cute in that bottom middle panel! The comfy outfit, the cute matching headband, and the ponytail is a cute look.

    1. Thank you! It’s one of my favourites on her. The pulled back ponytail really does suit her XD

  4. ah, the joys of music

  5. God I forget that Jaden is like, the same age as me but this feels like a real Millennial experience lol. The healing power of emo screamo!!

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