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Another skip! Jaden's now 19. They grow up so fast ToT

Can't wait to get University Jaden >:3

Nana's memory may not be what it used to be, but she remembers the important things </3

13 thoughts on “CH10P23

  1. I see more symbolism with a picture of Jacob overlapping over Jaden’s scholarship letter.
    Nana tried to get her daughter to use her as a reference and now she wants her granddaughter to, as well! Someone, plz put Nana down as a reference. She wants that!! lol!

    1. Spot on spotting the symbolism again!
      Unfortunately though, Nana is not operating with the same mental capacity she was when she was helping Josie. But it’s not good go try and correct someone with dementia on something like this because it causes uneeded distress (kinda like how you don’t remind them that a loved one is dead if they think they aren’t, you just subtly redirect).

      That’s why Jaden just assures Nana she’ll give them her number. She knows Nana very likely won’t remember the exchange later that day. πŸ™

  2. To be fair, I read the comic first, and *then* I read the small print of the scholarship. πŸ˜›

    1. Alright you’re off the hook THIS time πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  3. Awww, the center panels with Josie telling Jaden not to worry hit my heart. ;-;

    (lmaoooooo @ the Ms. Anne Driss scholarship! And I love Jaden’s fingerless gloves.)

    1. Some wholesome mother daughter love as a treat πŸ₯°

      (Emo Jaden is really shining here for sure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and every young girl deserves education grants from Ms. Anne Driss >:3 )

  4. I have to read all the text in a comic don’t blame me lol

    Jacob got a guitar for his birthday, while Jaden is willing to work part time while going to school πŸ’” I know Jaden’s selflessness is seen as a positive trait, but I think it’s more like that’s all she knows. It’s really heartbreaking that when she truly starts doing things for herself, she loses her mother’s approval.

    1. Youre absolutely on the money! Will be delving more into why Josie so heavily disapproved of Jaden giving up uni – fear not!

  5. Sorry, I’m just losing it at the scholarship name.

  6. Jaden is so pretty ( *Β΄ β–½ `* )

  7. Would it be dangerous to admit I have no clue who Anne Driss is? An internet search was no help. Rusty, so as not to ruin the joke for others, is there a way you can fill poor, old, sheltered lesbians in?

    1. Not dangerous at all! If you say “Miss Anne Driss” outloud it sounds a lot like Misandrist. And in woman who hates men – supposedly the “equivilent” to misogyny, except without tangible oppression lol. Basically it’s saying “man hater scholarship as a silly little joke.

  8. lmfao, thanks Rusty, yeah, I’m familiar with the term, didn’t even think about what the name would sound like.

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