πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ What an EXCELLENT question, Alexis!


also big thank you to regular friend of the site, and number 1# hettiebeloved @arbustorum, for assisting with the first and 5th panel poses.

She was very generous and provided several sketches for me to work with when I was struggling making them not look stiff <3


4 thoughts on “CH10P30

  1. That’s a great question that can segue into conversation where Jaden says “No, I’ve never had time to date” and Alexis can open up about her past. I want to hear Alexis’s backstory!
    Also, I like to draw. Do you accept fanart?

    1. On the ball as always! We’ll be learning more about Alexis before the chapter is through, I promise <333
      Also i absolutely ADORE fanart!!! Unfortunately the tumblr blogs where I used to host them are all but gone U_U

      I am still on discord (if the email you use to comment is legit i could send you my code there) and instagram ( though if you'd ever like to send it? <3

      1. Good, I crave all the Alexis lore!

        And yes, the email I use to comment is legit! I really like your character designs since they look like real women chilling in their natural vibe. Alexis has bushy eyebrows that aren’t tweezed/sculpted/drawn in and you said the slight dark circles under her eyes is natural. I wanted to draw her because she looks cool, but I also want to draw Jaden, Riley, and Blaire. I recently upgraded my tablet to a Wacom One. Though the color display on a Wacom One isn’t as accurate as a computer screen or a Cintiq, I thought drawing your characters would be a fun exercise!

  2. Alexis’s stereotypically bi cuffed-jeans xD

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