Tiny body, big brain, even bigger heart. We always need more self-confident, genius little girl characters.


Quite happy with this page - it took a LOT of fiddling. If the bookshelves look a little strange in the first two panels - I didn't do the lines, they were a downloadable pattern I had access to through Clip Studio Paint. Great time saver, but I do feel more satisfied when I do them myself.

Trying to remind myself I'm allowed to use helpful resources to save time, tho X_X.

I did do the final bookcase in panel 3 myself!

8 thoughts on “CH10P4

  1. jaden my beloved oooooooh i just want to scoop her up for a big hug!!! i love how she and her mum look so alike!! i love her mum’s leg hair too! love love love love!!

  2. This pg looks fantastic but a small suggestion, pop Jaden and Josie outside the panels into the white space. They look pasted onto the page instead of inside the scene atm, but I love the effect you’re going for!

    Seeing how early Jaden’s interest in medicine started and how ambitious she was hurts knowing she couldn’t fulfill her goals academically :'( doesn’t matter how smart or driven we are if we can’t work in the system. I hope she’s still proud of her job as a bouncer

    1. The “pasted on” look is very much intentional. Jaden and her Mum are not supposed to look intergrated into either for the first two panels. I was taking a page from manga’s style book by putting their fullbodies over the two establishing shots so I had more flexibility with all three angles πŸ’ͺ😎

      And thank you! Jaden really just traded one job about protecting for another. She’s still got some self esteem issues to work through but she definitely respects the profession of being a bouncer. That’s largely why she was so torn up about not being able the handle AGPgang by herself πŸ™

      Hope you continue to enjoy her journey thru this chapter

  3. Love how you drew Josie as a little plump! Even when pregnant, chubby female characters are rare, especially in comcis!

    1. Thank you!

  4. “You will never be in trouble for reading” gave me the warm fuzzies, it’s always been my parents’ philosophy too <3

    1. THat’s so lovely – and I completely agree! Nothing like having parents who have their child’s back

  5. Man reading this again and it’s like. You KNOW it has to be upsetting for Josephine seeing how worried her daughter is, not knowing how thing will turn out, having to worry about her own pregnancy. But she STILL encourages her to read and learn, even if the material is heavy (and probably a bit upsetting to Josie)


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