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Phew, this can only end well now! :)

11 thoughts on “CH10P42

  1. Will there be a betrayal? Will there be a death? I can’t tell and that makes me scared 0_0

    1. Rest assured I hate cheating stories and I hate female characters getting killed off to bolster a different characters tragic backstory. (What is coming will still hurt a lot tho sorry πŸ™ )

      1. I hate cheating stories, too, so I’m glad there won’t be any here! So many stories use them cheaply as a plot device where its only purpose is to break up a couple so the main couple can be a thing.

        I have to say, though, when Pumpkin mentioned betrayal, the first thing I thought was, “Is Alexis an international super spy who has been stalking Josie for the past 10 years because Josie is an ex-government secret agent on the run because she was framed for murdering the president of the Intergalactic Space Administration, but whenever Alexis tries to get close to Josie, Josie’s spidey senses tingle and she escapes, so Alexis had to worm her way into Josie’s life by getting close to Jaden but then she unexpectedly and accidentally falls in love and now Alexis must choose between finishing her International Super Spy duties by turning Josie in, or does she run off with Jaden and help Josie escape BUT NOW JADEN HAS FOUND OUT WHO SHE IS AND FEELS BETRAYED LIKE HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO HER AND HER MOM, DID ALEXIS EVER LOVE HER AT ALL but Alexis DOES love Jaden but how can she explain hiding such huge information from Jaden all this time????”

        1. So what you’re saying with this gif reacting to my brilliance and powers of foresight is… I’M RIGHT! LOL

  2. Prayer circle for Jaden’s happiness.

  3. my really basic theory about what happened to alexis is that she had to move away really far for some reason (and she had to pick between staying with Jaden and this dream opportunity that required Alexis to move), and afterwards it just wasn’t working out as well long distance somehow.

    nice reflection in the water by the way

    1. I won’t say which parts but there’s some painfully accurate details amongst your theory. Sometimes basic is best!

  4. I think this was the most recent page posted when I started reading? That or one of the last two??? Anyways AMAZING page to start with tbh

    1. What a cliffhanger to come in on! How time flies aye?

  5. This is absolutely my favorite page of the whole comic. All it takes is one panel to express so much emotion. It’s so clear how much they care about eachother.

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