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Β Clancy's finally here :D
Was it worth it Clancy Fans? :3 Are you quenched?
Her bio is also now up!

Special thank you to breasties of the site Miss Kory and Sunny for your input in the lactose women's design. You helped me make her so much worse, thank you <3
Also, some updates:

  • Two Jaden Stickers are now up on RedBubble. Here and Here
  • There's a new tab in the LB Extras section called LB Make-Overs. I've compiled all the old hair-swap art, as well as some 'without makeup' looks from all the makeup wearing gendies (Blaire included). Enjoy!

75 thoughts on “CH11P20

  1. Wait, so does Clancy actually buy into it, or is it a cover to not be ostracized/keep her friends bc she’s a lesbian with no support system

    1. Little bit of column A, little bit of column B. The nonbinary stuff makes sense to her, the lesbophobia doesn’t, but she’s willing to be wrong.

    2. It’s definetly both as Rusty says, even in real life. You basically get the message that many lesbians have internalized, that being gay is immoral/a defect, but repackaged with a new reason and a “progressive” ideology as to why is it immoral or defective. Clancy is a 19 year old woman, barely entering adulthood and probably finally gathering the courage to approach other gay people. Of course she’s going to trust them as knowledgeable and insightful. They’re supposed to be a club that speaks deeply to her experience, why would she be suspicious of any homophobia coming from them? Sure, she may not understand many of the ideas that are shoved her way, but she’s supposed to be a novice; she’s out of the loop on what it means to be gay IN the community, and the least she wants to do is being discriminatory like others have been to her. So what if it sounds non-sensical? It’s more important to be tolerant than to know everything.

      And any pang of discomfort or warning her subconscious give her it’s just a sign that she still has a long way to go into leaving her old-school, bigoted mentality behind. And that’s okay! We’re all taught wrong and the important thing is to listen to trans people and learn. Except you don’t learn anything because you don’t understand anything. Any question is met with either hostility or wide statements like “Everyone knows this”, “It’s very obvious”, “Because they said so”.

      But these are the marginalized people in the community, so it’s okay, because there is no way their ideas could ever hurt anybody or have bad consequences. And if you think so, it’s clear you’re just prejudiced.

      The problem is, of course, that the majority of these people aren’t even gay to begin with. They aren’t even like the old school transsexuals you may had heard about, known or befriended; who were mostly gay men. But how exactly are you going to address this if female and male are the same thing and sexuality is based on essences instead of bodies? Only conservatives believe the opposite, by the way!

      You get an easy way out of the loneliness and suspicion. If wishing to be something is being something, and you have wished to be something different from a lesbian your whole life, then you clearly must be a [LABEL].

      You come out as a [LABEL]. Everyone claps, everyone likes you. You’re an authority now, you’re out of the magnifying glass and your sexuality is only scrutinized in rare occasions. You get the validation you want, they get the ideological confirmation they want. You win, they win, there is no more community anymore.

      1. i totally get that/been there done that, it’s sad. i was just wondering bc if the wording in her notes :’)

        1. Yeah I went on a rant there not gonna lie sis

  2. NOOOO poor Clancy, just read her bio poor girl πŸ™ hope she gets out of there fast and befriends the yonique staff instead! Also did they wrap Clancy in an asexual flag jacket 😭

    1. It’s meant to be just an asexual flag XD The draping does look a little ambiguous tho, so I get why you’d see a jacket. I’ve seen lots of gendies drape their ugly flags over their shoulders like capes – that’s what I was going for.

  3. Poor Clancy πŸ™

  4. fancyfeast-rangerover

    a kink for “lactose-induced self harm” smh somebody please say this isn’t a real thing….

    1. i was tryna represent that thing gendies (and the terminally online in general) do where they try to make mundane things an identity/proof of a disorder they have/ a kink.

      Think every normal human behaviour being cited as a symptom/sign of autism/ADHD/Anxiety. Or the concept of “praise kink” – aka wanting/enjoying your partner saying nice things about you during intimacy?? Kink! Definitely not a normal desire!! Strange !! So out there woah!

      So “lactose induced self harm kink” translates to – lactose intolerant, but enjoys dairy so much she’s willing to suffer for it. Totally out there. So rare~ definitely not a common meme of lactose intolerant people joking about how many upset stomachs they’re willing to endure for cheese.

  5. I would die for Clancy

  6. Nooo Rusty this one truly hurts my soul, poor Clancy πŸ™ also lol at the idea of “Pocket Bios”, but also PLEASE don’t tell me this is a real thing people have been doing…like a God damn business card for all your identities

    1. The pocket bios were intended as a real life equivalent of people’s tumblr bios/cardds/whatever else. I thought I was being funny by adding things like “preferred” adjectives. But in true art imitates life imitates art fashion, a friend of mine showed me its actually someone gendies already do πŸ’€πŸ’€
      Some examples:

  7. I’m on a top secret mission to infiltrate the gendie meetings and save all the normal ones that can be saved. πŸ₯· Hang on Clancy girl I’m gonna get you out of there

    1. If I squint hard enough I can see you crouched in the background. Best of luck on your mission, breastie πŸ’œ

  8. as a he/him woman i love this comic lollll. no matter how hard i end up failin in life i will NEVER be the author of this and that brings me great joy. you ever read alison bechdel? cant wait for the next update breastie i hope you draw some more anime eyes <3

    1. Oh Rusty living in your head rent free, huh? She ain’t paying utilities, she ain’t washing dishes, she’s not even saying hello to you at the grocery store but she’s your favorite tenant, god bless.

      1. I’m right up there in the obsession center with her he/him pronouns πŸ˜…

        1. OKAYY i know you’re joking but tbh i am interested in this comic. i don’t agree with you whatsoever and think the antisemitic caricatures[sic] and your new couple pages sucking JK Rowling’s balls[sic] were a little weird, but i’m kind of morbidly fascinated to see where you’re goin with this, cervix comrade.

        2. You’re more than welcome to read it -I’m not gonna stop anyone from reading my work❀
          Plus “cervix comrade” slaps, so I’ll overlook your poor reading comprehension for now Miss Girl.

        3. thx for calling me miss girl youre rlly validating my gender ^-^ i’ll add cervix comrade to your list of preferred adjectives <3

        4. Neither cervix or comrade are adjectives, Miss Girl, but I do appreciate the gesture. Happy to be your cervix comrade πŸ’œ

        5. pingabsolution (Miss Girl

          oh my fucking god i just realised i typed adjective instead of noun what the hell. kill me now fellow fallopian freeholder friend, please just kill me now.
          Also– yall dont like the words “vagina owners” or “people who menstruate” (tbh i dont like that either, too many syllables but any abbreviation sounds weird), right? So… why say breastie? Actually, why say breastie in the first place, when everyone has breast tissue (well, excluding people who’ve had complete mastectomies)?

        6. You’re all good breastie, happens to the best of us.

          I don’t like “vagina owner” or “people who menstruate” for several reasons.

          1) the words woman and girl already exist. They describe being a human female as a whole.

          2) we don’t “own” vaginas like a handbag or a car. They are a part of our bodies. It’d be like calling us leg owners, eyeball owners, pancreas poccessors.

          3) “people who menstruate” leaves out all women who do not menstruate – despite it often being used as a replacement for the word woman when not discussing menstruation.
          Not all women/girls menstruate but ONLY women and girls menstruate.

          4) men are not subject to this dehumanising language. We do not call them people who ejaculate or testicle owners. There is a growing trend where you’ll see “men and vagina owners” in the same sentence. The sexism could not be more clear.

          Breastie = a silly play on of the word bestie. You recognise it refers to women despite men having breast tissue, because you know it is went who develop larger breast tissue.
          It is not the same as it is not used in medical literature, in journalistic publications or documentation. It is an niche within a niche I started using with my female friends.

          No points for fellow fallopian freeholder either I’m afraid, breastie. Fallopian was just some dude who felt important enough to stick is name on the uterine tubes. Freeholder because we don’t own our uterine tunes like land. They are part of our bodies.

    2. “he/him woman” Just say “Lesbian”. You’re ok. You’re not saying it in front of that freak circus. Besides the “antisemite caricature” has been proved over and over is fake and TBH I wish I have the balls that JK Rowling have to tell to troons to stfu. Go find other comic.

      1. i’m not gonna call myself a lesbian cause i am not a lesbian! i am not solely attracted to women! and i am really interested to see where exactly the antisemitic caricature has been disproven, but point still stands- using Disney “iughjwhod ugly people are EEEVIL” character design is just a bit rancid imho!

        1. You disprove it by looking with your eyeballs, miss girl.

        2. You think Jews are ugly? Says more about you than JK or the author, honey….

  9. This must be how it feels when an angel loses their wings and falls inside a crackhouse.

    1. Absolute poetry, miss clicker.


    1. Text “SAVECLANCY” to 555 555 to evict Clancy from the gender house for her own good.

  11. Does Clancy have a lil crush on MJ? πŸ‘€ Pls let the actual SSA girls in the club get a happy ending πŸ₯²

    1. Shes certainly not opposed to all the female attention -and it happens to come from another SSA woman. Well πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  12. I hate soccer but would absolutely join a team called the Ball Kickers.

  13. Someone please save Clancy, she doesn’t deserve this

    1. Be the good you want to see, breastie 😀😀

  14. Is it bad that i actually really like the color scheme of feral lactose kink girl’s hair? πŸ˜… I actually had a color scheme recently with an ombre starting pink at my roots and fading to a deeper purple near my tips. I swear I had a better hair cut than hers though and no dog collar πŸ™ˆ

    1. Nah – enjoy your silly hair colours. Own it!!

  15. Aw, man, Clancys bio actually made me a bit sad. Even sadder thinking how many lesbians, who were just seeking companionship of other lesbians/SSA women instead get bullied and gaslit by crazy straights (and their lapdogs), who don’t even belong into the community.
    But I continue to hope that with clearity of mind and a resolute spirit we will survive this awful times. Your comic is always a little highlight of my day, Rusty, keep up the good work. πŸ₯°

    1. I see todays circus comes with a live gender-clown parade.

    2. Thank you so much πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  16. SSA reader here and this pains me. Clancy is in a toxic environment (so toxic that make Chernobyl looks normal) and you smell the homophobia from there. She needs to meet the girls in Yunique and see is ok to say she’s a lesbian and love women.

    Raise your hand if you want to save her.

    1. 🀚🀚🀚🀚

  17. IsUrBackNotAching

    Hopefully the next page will touch on the lived reality of the lesbian community!

    1. Oh breastie you better believe it!

  18. IsUrBackNotAching

    1. >You know, the lesbian community that’s 96% supportive of trans people!
      Citation needed.

    2. The article you linked doesn’t prove what you think it proves.

      Think about how it opens saying how many lesbians are afraid to be viewed as anti trans to the point they prolong coming out.
      This was a survey. There’s no magical lie detector test. Have you considered, being aware of the bad wrap that lesbians get…. said lesbians might lie about their beliefs for their own safety…?

      You know.. kinda like how Clancy here is adopting a new label.. out of fear of being isolated/ostracised.. πŸ™‚

      Also people can just lie about being lesbians. If this survey was conducted by those as brain-dead (see: trans-supportive) as the author, who cites you can be trans and a lesbian at the same time, then how can we be certain it wasn’t a bunch of blokes in frocks calling themselves transbians, or self-hating lesbians who submerged themselves in trans ideology?

      Did you even read more than the title of the article before sending it to me? I know you can’t have read LB, that’s for sure.

      1. Angry Girl With Bad Reading Comp

        You made up a scenario to be mad at, and then when evidence was provided proving you wrong, you made up three more scenarios to be mad at, with zero evidence.

        Your self-hatred is…pitiful. Is your back not aching from stooping to punch so low?

        1. Just accept that lesbians do not like dick, girl. Calling the AGP gang “antisemitic” when it was proven over and over that they’re not and saying “JK Rowling’s balls” makes me think you found this comic from any old callout. If you really think lesbian women have to bend their knee for her “trans sisters”, then the comic is not for you. Can I recommend you that homophobic comic called “Boyfriends”? It might suits your poor tastes.

        2. i like how u felt she wasn’t insulted enough by ur username that u had to explain it, homophobe. really adds to the flavor

    3. Hmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with female socialization telling women they have to be nice, accommodating, and accepting all the time no matter what (even with the males who hurt her). There’s a reason why calling women “terfs” works and doesn’t work on men. Lesbians “support” trans because women are the easiest to bully and isolate when they don’t comply. It’s why you won’t ever dare to confront the abusive males online and are instead parked on a lesbian’s webcomic.

  19. Love the gendies reading this, getting a look in the mirror, and being Big Mad at what they see.

    1. They’re in this picture and they do NOT like it!

      1. “We want representation on everything” *Rusty does this page *NOOOO NOT LIKE THAT!”

        1. Monkeys paw 😎


    1. I was waiting for someone to notice!

      1. I was thinking it was a “Tool” shirt lolol

  21. Oh no, the clown car brought the circus to your comments. Sorry breastie.

    Anyway, re: another comment, who wants to write the fic where Clancy and MJ peak at the same time and join the bushwalking club together?

  22. Girl, your mind. I was thinking about doing a similar thing actually but in terms of drawing fanart of them both having a normal one, since I’m not an avid writer.

    1. This was suppossed to be a reply to Becca, but somehow I fucked it up.

  23. TvT Was catching up and the last few pages were so cute… and then this one is so cursed. Last person reminds me of that “stinkers” woman on twitter a while back.

  24. You weren’t kidding, Rusty. Breaks my heart that I’ve seen this pattern happen in person probably a solid four or five times. Two of them have desisted since then. One of them didn’t dare tell all her other friends she was desisting for months because she knew how they’d react.

    Clancy, darling, I hope you’ll be okay. You need a couch to crash on or a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. I wish I could reach through the screen and hug her.

  25. What is Clancy’s rationale for describing herself as asexual?

    1. Can’t be asked to examine why you don’t wanna have sex with trans women

  26. oof… pronoun collar

  27. In a case of life imitating art, my first Boyfriend (who describes himself as “gender Maverique/Demi-boy” now who, I kid you not, transitioned A DAY after he got into a facebook fight where he said “I’m cis and…” and the FB page eviserated him for it) tried to pressure me to come out as “Agender” because, to quote, “you said you don’t feel a gender that isn’t your bio sex.” (This was 2014, so before the gendies turned on the term bio sex)
    Also, interesting fact, initally he came out as demi-boy, but when the “anti-capitalist society” at our uni decided to limit the amount of time that man can speak, he transitioned again overnight.

  28. The Jaden stickers 😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Blaire’s haircut on Riley is so fricken cute I am dying 😩😩 thank you for the glorious bonus content, it’s soothing the horrors of the gendie circus lol

  30. It’s 2 am here right now, I’ve read the “he/it” on her collar as “heat”, and for a feral girl it made sense to me.

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