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7 thoughts on “CH2P13

  1. I jumped into this comment JUST to answer the lesbian stereotypes.
    Without hesitance, buzzcut cat lesbian. I think it goes well with my femme look :o)!

    1. How’d I miss this one??
      Femme Buzzcut Cat lesbian? Unknowable Power.

  2. I dress and cut my hair like your standard Butch, but I’m much to dainty to ever be handsome ?

    1. Soft Buzzcut Lesbian. Strong contender <3

  3. lesbian with same haircut as Jaden

    We have stereotypes?

  4. lesbian with same haircut as Jaden

    ^^^((Dumb jock lesbian??))

    1. Dumb jock lesbian who’s too busy to consider stereotypes – love it!
      But yeah, i’m thinking ‘Vegetarian’ stereotype, ‘U-haul’ Stereotype, ‘Owns cats’, ‘Actually loves her wife’, anything you can think of lmao!

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