1 2054


I am back, and so happy to announce I once again have a working tablet!


As much as I liked the fuzzy colouring I really don't think it compares to the smooth lines. I chose the fuzzy brush originally to try and mask how unsteady/imprecise I was with the mouse, and I think it worked for what it was intended, but yeah! Much much happier being able to do nice smooth lines again.

Hope you enjoy the update, "Shit" is right, Jaden!


Also: Thanks everyone on insta who has sent their condolences over the last week or so. I really appreciate it <3 For those of you who don't know, one of mine and my wife's pet rats passed away this week, and I wasn't sure if I'd get the update done on time. Thankfully I have, while also having some time to mourn little Blue. Hoping for a brighter update cycle this time round.

Until Feb 5th - enjoy this cliffhanger, gyns <3

One thought on “CH6P33

  1. OMG Riley is literally perfect, I love her already and I barely know her

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