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Jaden's words are more applicable than she realises.

4 thoughts on “CH6P42

  1. Don’t tell me Riley has a rapist who ID’S as a trans woman or something ?

    1. Noooo. I wouldn’t be comfortable writing something like that in my story. It will become clear why Riley is scared if you read a little further.

  2. I still tremble every time gender stuff gets brought up and I’ve been out of that cult-thinking for about 6 years now. It still creeps in and terrifies the shit out of me, it makes me think I’m the scum of the earth for what essentially boils down to, I don’t believe in obscuring reality with spiritual beliefs. I still shake when people challenge my atheism too and it’s been almost twice as long since I left that cult

    1. It’s terrifying how deep their hooks can take root. No shame there.

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