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  1. Gosh that final panel really wows me in terms of composition. REALLY HITS ME, THAT COOL PANEL… It is really incredible to me how strong you are at using the visual medium of comics to portray this story and to give us so much insight into so many aspects of well, everything. I love how you use surreal imagery so much. You could just stick to showing us these two girls sitting in the bathroom but gosh, all the power of the images you give us… Those visual effects you used when Riley first moved in to put the band-aid on Jaden… Aaaa…

    I just… ha, love how you dive into the hurt-comfort so quickly into this comic, HA HA. I hope this kind of thing continues. Seeing a woman get punched in the face to be healed by the touch of another women… It’s so niiiice. I’m sure some people think I’m over-reacting but. Idunno. This scenario touches my heart personally. just 2 women helping each other. The subtle intimacy of helping someone bandage up… aaaaAAAa Once again here you got me thinking about how I’ll never get this in mainsteam media. And even women-led “fandom” spaces where claim to be more progressive… you only get this kind of scene with men. you really do work on something incredible here with Lease Bound

    really cute facial expressions from them both ah…

    Also this might be a weird thing to bring up but I saw awhile back about people talking about your comic’s pacing, and I hope you don’t worry about that too much, honestly. Fans of webcomics need to be aware that there are two separate ways to read a webcomic. Waiting two weeks for a few pages, vs getting to read it all at once in a binge. These two different reading styles completely change the story. It’s impossible for things to not feel SLOW for us who need to wait for updates, we have REAL LIFE TIME to deal with… But often times when a person goes back and re-reads a webcomic, everything moves way too fast in my opinion. Web comic artists often feel required to move their story at rapid pace to avoid giving the readers “boring” updates

    But there are times the comic should go slow. It’s ok for us to have multiple pages during quiet moments, as Jaden and Riley get to know each other, and have this special moment where they get a little closer to one another. Things like “I like Riley” are thoughts that should be presented in a slower way I think, let them sit with the reader.

    I DO NOT MEAN TO PRESSURE YOU LOL. You are phenomenal at what you do, Lease Bound is the most impressive comic I have read in AGES. I know you have the wits to know what’s best for this amazing work of art you are creating for women for free. I just wanted to offer this differing opinion, since I didn’t see anyone else saying anything like me. Too often webcomic fans do push for fast quick stories for updates that really move us forward but. Sometimes it’s waaaaay more juicey when we gotta wait longer, and it makes something that feels good when it’s read without that two week wait. and yeah i just. me being a dork worried that you might feel pressured to give in to people. MAKE US WAIT SOMETIMES, RUSTY. I WANNA WAIT. I LOVE WAITING. I LOVE YOUR WORK, I LOVE LEASE BOUND

    also idk if you talk to the tumblr user lb-gang but i sent a message dm there awhile ago cos i want to join the discord. i.. i just figured i’d tentatively ask if you had any ability to let whoever is in charge know a (kinda shy) fan is wanting to be let in.

    AS ALWAYS… thank you for all the artwork you create. completely phemoninal. i love all these women. thanks for making this and thanks for your courage to share it. Always be aware you are an inspiration to waaay more women then you even know (lots of people are too shy to outright tell their heroes they are cool ha)

  2. Why does Ginger have Terve bangs now? I miss his bald spot

    1. The real Ginger does still have a bald spot, I assure you.

      The image here is simply how Riley imagines them, based on how Jaden has described them and her own warped perception of TIMs. She’s still decently in the gender sauce, at least to the point of ‘I don’t understand so I should be polite and nice, I don’t want to hurt people who sound so oppressed. Trans women are women, it’s cruel to say otherwise’.
      I wanted to make them recognizeable enough to readers, while still making those distinctions to set them apart to show Riley’s stance.

      Their outfits are different for the same reason.

      1. Riley’s visuals have been softened by anime-beam powered by years of formative marination, lol.

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