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I'm so proud of how the food looks, lmao! Jaden has met her match it would seem.
Not caring about her own well-being on Blaire's watch!

5 thoughts on “CH8P5

  1. The drawing of food on this page looks so good and yum!

    1. Thank you! It was saddening to have to cover it with speech bubbles 😔😔

  2. I will say the only not true to life thing with how meeting Blaire type women has gone for me in the past so far is they do this thing of making a “affable introduction” of themselves and pronouns and then expect yours and if you decline to say ASK point blank… like, oh and, pronouns? 🙂 🙂 pronouns?!

    …my saving grace is I’m so awkward in general at new meetings I can get a way with a lot being attributed to me being unaware/not smooth. But they will bully you into saying. One time I even said oh uhhhh yeah I’m a woman… and got asked pronouns again because “some women use more than she/her you know! Just want to check :)” and it’s like… just wanna check what huh? My compliance most likely, plus making sure I get “educated”. It’s all exhausting. And I say that as a person who does see a place for that rare set of people with severe body sex dysphoria/dysmorphia aiming to deal with that in a variety of ways including transition… i believe the same about the people who want to remove a healthy limb in terms of medical ethics. I agree with that “they aren’t women but they are trans women, that is, men in a unique social and cultural situation” … which I guess makes it all feel worse? because no matter what someone is hurt.

    And the more irrational and violent the militant defenders of the lies become, the less room there is to find a decent way forward including for children whose formative years and basic identity is tied up in it all. It is a little like opposing religion in that way. It feels like something that can’t be my business, can’t be political, but somehow it can’t not be because of the nature of the beliefs. I hope there can be a good way forward though. One that doesn’t at all involve relying on conservatives and reactionaries. Maybe just society will grow past gender in general through this? Gross metaphor but, wounds sure to look worse and worse as they heal at first right? What looks like a tumor could be a scab. What looks like a successful backlash that combines with other threats to set off a complete collapse of women’s lib and gay rights could be last throes. It is up in the air.

  3. Lmao not me venting in the lease bound comment section

    Anyway i am enjoying it a lot so far!!! And I am not a webcomic person whatever that means which is why put off checking it out… converted i suppose!!

    Someone already mentioned Ghibli tears in a comment and I am getting that feeling from your food as well though it is also a style your own… just has that enticing translucence you know? And loving natural balance of detail and abstraction … not photo realism and also not a basic symbol cartoon of a thing … but more how it feels to look at a thing (or person)

  4. why are blaire and riley both short here?

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