Moving out of home, and into her first apartment, doesn’t quite go as Jaden had expected it to.


After getting to the bottom of the ‘Mix-Up’ (see: a flaky Landlady), Jaden and Riley must decide whether or not they’re willing to share apartment 18.


Having decided they’re going to make this unlikely-roommate situation work, Jaden and Riley take some time to unpack, and get to know each other.


Out of the goodness of her heart, Jaden agrees to fill in a shift for a sick co-worker. The nightclub Yonique is hosting a novelty night that seems to attract the wrong kind of attention.


Jaden’s night takes a sharp turn for the worse after denying several men entry into the club. Luckily her trusty team is there to back her up when push comes to shove.


Jaden is visibly shaken by the night’s events, which makes for a tense ride home. Parniya and Shez try to make the best of the situation.


Jaden does her best to put the events of the night before behind her, and focus on settling in with her new roommate, Riley.

7: Ready To Run

After a morning of many emotions, Riley and Jaden are eager to embrace the more mundane parts of their new living situation, and head for the grocery store.

8: В шаге от беды

Jaden and Riley get to work setting up their new bunk bed with Blaire to keep them company. Riley does her best to keep her impending sense of dread to herself, but isn’t holding her breath for light at the end of the tunnel.

9: Неожиданности

While Jaden and Riley return to routine, apartment 18 gets several unexpected visitors.

CHAPTER 10: Her Burden

Jaden’s story.

CHAPTER 11: Brewing

Blaire seeks out a second opinion on Jaden’s “gender identity”, leaving Riley with questions she is unable to answer, yet too afraid to ask anyone else.

Meanwhile, Jaden heads out for lunch and some window-shopping with her coworker Violet, and Violet’s daughter, Faith.