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Bonus Mini 10 – Identity Defence

This page is brought to you by the split-attraction model not being real + humans cannot change their sex.
Sexual orientation = the sex(es) your attraction orients around. Everything outside of that is a preference.

And unfortunately Miss Clancy McBabyLesbian here has low preference standards U_U.


Also, another CH12 page speedpaint has been uploaded to LB's Boosty!
Thank you very much to the generous ladies who have shown support so far <333

58 thoughts on “Bonus Mini 10 – Identity Defence

  1. This Week’s Poll

    Judging you all so hard for picking gendies over Parniya, smh, smh, smh!

    (pick with the highest even number wins)

  2. *sets eyes on fire to forget this sight* 🙂

    1. Recommended advice for Clancy (and all female QT members, tbh).

  3. mj has no business being this cute

    1. Clancy wrote this.

      1. shes just like me fr

      2. She’s got taste

        1. She absolutely does not 😠 ⬅️(mullet hater)

        2. (@ rusty cuz i cant reply to your ass directly for some reason)
          its not about the mullet its about her radiant darling personality >:(


    Another cute mini comic, I worry for Clancy i really hope she makes it out of the gendie club soon, I don’t blame her for falling for MJ tho.. she is unfortunately rather cute

  5. Nooooo when I last checked Parniya was still winning! I was so happy and my dreams were crushed, crushed I tell you! I am going to get nightmares. How much do I have to pay you to never draw “Babygirl” again? 100? 500?

    That said, Clancy is a sweetheart and I wish her the best. I feel her. I have definitely done dumber things than that to impress girls/women.

  6. Avoiding Babygirl is the one valid reason for a gender identity.

    I don’t know what scares me more here, “bathroom buddy” or “another” WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAST ONE?? Don’t worry though Clancy, if Blaire is any indication, Timothy prefers the “shaved and covered in makeup and impractical sexualized clothing at all times” rather than women who just look like their actual selves.

    Nothing more unattractive than women who look like women, right?

    1. I felt like it was fitting, seeing as I see so many lesbians (and women in general) go down this route as a means to assert boundaries against men trying to pursue them. So sad they feel that this is the only way 🙁

      Umm maybe his last bathroom buddy didn’t ask him for tampon advice (or something else transphobic), so she had to be replaced with someone more affirming and supportive uwu. Timothy probably read somewhere women always go to the bathroom together, and wants to live out his twisted girlhood fantasies Jonathan Yaniv-style.

      You hit the nail on the head with his preferences tho! Much harder (and less “””euphoric”””) to skin walk an ordinary woman.

    2. death by a thousand quotation marks

      Guessing he needs every single woman to “volunteer” at least once, to make sure none are covert “transmisogynists” making him “unsafe” or who need the rest to “educate” her about how wrong she is to feel hesitant about it while he pouts. Like all of the TIMs who have decided lesbians in committed relationships don’t get to use that as an “excuse” to not have sex with them because they need to make sure they aren’t “closet TERFs”/”male-exclusionary”/real lesbians with real boundaries.

  7. “Yaoi Island” is that a reference to the Yaoi “Dick Fight Island” (if not please ignore this comment and DO NOT GOOGLE IT)

    1. That is what I was referencing, lmao. But in-name only, as I saw its cover displayed at a manga stand at a convention. My wife and I had a laugh at the title, being like ‘wtf could that possibly be about.. oh jesus it’s plastic sealed. we’ve been saved from the burden of knowing”. XD

      (rest assured, I have no desire to google it <3)

  8. First …this funny LOL.
    Second, at first I was thinking it was unrealistic for a woman to go through all this circus to get some coochie but then I remembered my friend; who met a Catholic girl and went from doubting if god even existed to doing catechism for almost a year and claiming that God didn’t mind homosexuality as long as we had faith….only to be dumped when the girl told her she was trying to get rid of her ‘sin’.

    Or another friend that hated the smell of smoke but begin smoking weed because her 420 tinder gf convinced her it’d help her be less uptight and nervous; and she did so even though weed gave her nothing but panic episodes. Kept it up for seven months.

    Or another friend who kept defending her on and off when she said some out of pocket shit until the girl made a post on FB that literally dragged on her ancestry before she finally dumped her.

    All I’m saying is, some lesbians can get desperate when we realize how small our dating pool is and how little care the world has for our relationships. And maybe that’s why some of us end up clinging to toxic women or changing our world view as quick as we change partners.
    Compared to my previous examples, writing some silly shit on your bio to impress a woman is easy peasy people’s pleasing.

    So young lesbians: No matter what type of woman, what type of worldview or what type of relationship you’re striving for; you shouldn’t shape yourself just to fit the ideal of the other.

    However difficult getting a partner might seem, it isn’t worth your integrity, your autonomy, or your independence as a woman.

    1. Thank you for the words of wisdom! Definitely second them to all young lesbians (and women in general).
      Also jfc the amount of desperate lesbians you know, damn!!! They have GOT to get higher standards x-x

      1. Sis it’s bad out here kjskjs to be fair, most of them were friends of friends, but I did know them enough for them to talk about their relationships with me. Some of them eventually did snap out of that behavior in general I’m told. But you know, we lesbians really got it hard… I mean sometimes isolation builts character but other times it does the opposite. And now with this mess coming from the west I know our lives ain’t gonna be any easier. It’s worth it tho, the though a young girl might look at me and see a viable future keeps me going.

    2. Considering the red flags straight and bi women overlook on men they partner with, I’m afraid women’s socialization to do desperate shit just to attract a mate doesn’t bypass lesbians v_v

  9. DasFeministMermaid

    A love line?! (Like a triangle, but flat)
    Now I’m dreaming of all the scenarios where MJ could realize Clancy is RIGHT THERE.

    1. Gotta stimulate the fanfiction economy :3c

  10. I actually was on here the moment you posted this, hehehe. I just needed a moment to process this. Man, without dumping too much into the trauma that brought me there on top of it, Clancy… I feel for you girl. But that also gives me hope for her.

    1. The most vigilant breastie, sheesh!
      While you hope for Clancy, I’ll be shaking her by the shoulders.

  11. In an alternate universe I’m bursting through the doors of the QT Club, grabbing Clancy bridal style (in this au I’m actually strong enough to do it) and rescuing her from the gender havers like a knight in shining (green) armor.

  12. Aw man, I think my comments are getting eaten by the website, I wanted to know if “Yaoi Island” is a reference to any specific Yaoi? I find the Yaoi references in this comic so funny, Yaoi being such a big thing among female gendies is so telling cus it’s all just straight female fantasies, tifs discovering they’re a gay man through reading Yaoi is like tims discovering they’re lesbians from lesbian p*rn lol, peak hetero behaviour!

    1. Lol nvm my internet is messing with my ability to view comments I see you answered it, the rest of this comment still stands tho, I know you’re probably sick of writing gendie bullshit but it’s so funny how accurate you are… almost, there aint no way “pocket bios” are only one page long 😅

      1. It’s very likely a my-end issue – sorry for the inconvenience!
        I’m working to upload translations of LB in separate languages onto the site. Part of that involves making sure each language stays separate/doesn’t overlap with eachother – which is unfortunately proving more difficult than I would like.

        The current work around has had the side effect of me constantly needing to flush the cache of the latest page, to keep up. That’s likely why you didn’t see your comment until some time passed.

        The “discovery of being trans” through media, particularly media designed for the demographic said trans people already fit into (straight girls with yaoi, straight men and lesbian porn) is very telling and amusing tho. I’ve seen it proclaimed too many times not to poke a little fun. 😂

    2. It’s clearly not Kai’s case, but there seems to be a chunk (not sure how big or small to be fair) of L and B women into it, including as authors.

      I find it a bit puzzling sometimes but trying to process it as an outsider of fandom culture and the like as well as BL culture, I guess that if you (as in, a reader) dont feel drawn to stereotypically feminine-to-hyperfeminine girls and/or aren’t that way yourself, GL even if written by a female author can feel alienating and offputting while nonexplicit BL can serve as a makeshift thing? like its centered on homoerotic love, the characters prone to have more depth and they often look like androgynous or boyish women, so the reader sort of pretends they’re girls or women (that they’d actually feel attracted to) while reading??

      Or… Maybe for the closeted lesbian and strongly ssa bisexual readers the reputation of it being “by and for straight females” can work like a safe barrier to explore in a way actual GL wouldnt, as GL could attract the straight male voyeur yuri fans + feel too close to outing her if not outright doing so?? It’s an interesting topic to think about!

      @Leasebound Author, what do you think of lesbian BL-Yaoi fans? have you ever met or talked with any regarding the appeal? Or do you think no such lesbian exists, those being women of other sexualities wrongly identifying as lesbians?? 🤔

      1. Copy and pasting my thoughts on BL/Yaoi from CH11P22:

        The characters in BL are basically dolls. Male dolls, for readers and creators to play with. That’s why they feel so separate from IRL men.

        BL allows its female readers to:

        1) Avoid confronting their own misogyistic biases when consuming media.

        2) Mentally escape from the inherent inequalities of heterosexual partnerships/ dating as a woman while not turning their crticism to men themselves.

        3) Make excuses about not to asking for more when it comes to female narratives and stories.

        BL is made by women, it’s made for women, but it’s not about women.
        It’s all about what women WANT men to be while disassociating from themselves, from what IRL men are like, and using gay men as a stepping stone to get there.

        Re: lesbians reading BL/ gravitating towards stories about m/m romances. I don’t think it’s impossible, even if the reason for appeal is a little bit different. Obviously lesbians aren’t looking to imagine themselves with men, but instead perhaps: seeing romance without extrememe performances of femininity, not having to see women subjected to misogyny, not having to see women with men, or maybe a combination of all of those things.

        Plus it’s still written by women for women. Not specifically with lesbians in mind, but in a way that deeply humanises male characters that female characters aren’t afforded (even by female authors).

        That being said, while it’s interesting to discuss the WHY, I hate seeing it used as a silence to all criticism of the genre. An excuse. A crutch.

        Like okay, you read it because female characters are often written with way less care, you don’t relate to the lesbian romances you can find, what are you going to do about it?

        Is it possible that your own misogynistic bias makes you see less humanity in female characters – on top of the fact many are poorly written?

        Just look at how poorly many react to my Male Character Policy. How often people want extra information about/ or sympathise with intentionally underdeveloped male characters.

        It requires conscious effort to break that male-fawning behaviour. Engaging with BL is just a way to enforce it imo.

        1. ShyBottomDweller

          Wow that’s a very thoughtful critique. I understand your perspective better now. Thank you!

          I can see why its as if you’re at the other side of the looking glass and how BL can seen extra unappealing from that spot where you cannot unsee certain things vs when you’re a fan deep in the genre or an outsider not very familiar with it overall.

          “That being said, while it’s interesting to discuss the WHY, I hate seeing it used as a silence to all criticism of the genre”

          I’m not quite sure if this part was a generalized opinion or regarding my interjection where i said it’s interesting topic but to clarify potential misunderstanding I think thats very fair, I did not meant my comment to shut down or diverge critique of the genre (I like seeing the different viewpoints! and i hold no particular attachment to said genre) but because i don’t think it’s “all just straight fantasy” like it was claimed, or L&B women wouldnt be part of the fan grouping (unless they were fake fans? 😆).

          The comment above even made me ponder and think perhaps within the fanbase there are homosexual ftm who seek and pair with other homosexual ftm both with a BL fanbase influence history? Like they’d see themselves as gay men like the commenter above described and may even like passing as such together irl, but would fundamentally differ from both Kai and the group the commenter referred to by condition. Is that a thing??

          About the 1) part you mentioned, do you feel like you had to confront unexpected bouts of internal misogyny bias while working on this comic you’re doing??

          or like moments that made you think you were not as ‘healed’ as you thought or wanted to be? (like “wooww what is this? i thought i was over this, dang, i guess not”) Or do you feel like the comic took life /after/ you worked through that, basically flourishing after the internal storm passed??

        2. Oh yeah sorry! That was absolutely a general statement – not directed at you. I’ve noticed it a lot whenever women in lament the lack of love female characters and female/female romanced get in fandom spaces compared to their male counterparts, BL excuses come out.

          It’s frustrating to see women recognise the problem, but keep returning to the bandaid solution (BL) rather than thinking about how to fix it.

          I have definitely seen SSA women who buy into trans stuff bonding over BL. Or coping with internalized homophobia/ escaping accusations of transphobia by being T4T (only dating other trans identified females).
          And I think there is also something to be said about the fact they are largely female-only fandom spaces. Great way to not have to encounter men in your hobby.

          Re:my own bouts of misogyny. I did come in with a very clear idea of what pitfalls I DIDNT want to fall into -everything I find myself rolling my eyes at in other media – but I still do have to make a conscious effort. It’s a process.

          Example: in chapter 10 when Jaden met Alexis’ family, in the first draft, both her father and brother-in-law were present, while Alexis’ mother was much more passive.

          As I was struggling with a full draft of the scene a friend asked me “do the men actually need to be present? What about your male character policy?” And I went “fuck, oh yeah! Holy shit this scene is so much better now!”

        3. I’ve read this kind of conclusions more or less 20 years ago in an interview to a Japanese director of a famous Japanese magazine about BL. June, that was the name of that magazine, started its run in the 70s and it hosted a lot of BL mangas that are considered seminal in the genre, like “The Song Of Wind and Trees”, but also novels published in installments. Basically the director said that they had a lot of female authors who wrote beautiful stories, but then they just stopped because they didn’t feel the need to write anymore. Why? Well, because they just entered real relationships with real men, finding real fullfillment, so they didn’t need to imagine themselves being railed by a handsome gay male. The above-mentioned gentleman noted that the writers used yaoi to explore their desires and sexuality safely, because imagining themselves in a gay relationship removed all the sense of unbalance and inequality they felt in a het relationship; and without “competitors” because there were no fear that other women could interfere; these crutches were of course abandoned when they felt ready for a real relationship. He basically associated all this love for yaoi with a (temporary) emotional immaturity.

          I don’t blame het girls if they are wary to enter a relationship with a boy, because we all know that porn is easily accessible and a lot of men are literally obsessed with it, bringing skewed and abusive relationships, but changing themselves and deciding to be a “gay man”, fetishizing or romanticizing gay relationships and harassing gay men isn’t the answer to the problem.

          And yaoi is just worsening the situation. Look at Heartstopper: the first time I saw a page from the comic, I knew it was written and drawn by a woman. Firstly, because gay comics by male gay authors are completely different. Secondly, because it repeated the stereotypical situations of an ideal het couple, something that yaoi always does: there is the delicate, diminutive boy, the one the female readers are meant to identify with, and the big, sweet, and protective one, the ideal boyfriend. These stories are given a lot of publicity, probably because there’s a certain type of audience that loves to see two males being all sweet and tender, while for every one of this kind of series, there are two series with lesbian main characters that are cancelled (probably because it’s inconceavable that women can live without men).

          Uh, I apologize for the rant.

      2. Oh definitely, in my comment above I was specifically talking about the types of yaoi straight tifs cite as making them to realise they were actually gay men on the inside, I don’t doubt there are bi and lesbian Yaoi readers, I’ve seen quite a few in radblr spaces actually.

        I personally don’t trust Yaoi/Yuri and don’t want to support it as a genre because it’s roots in fetishing gay relationships are so deep, but I can totally see why a masc les/bi woman who likes manga romances would prefer reading gay relationships over the dire selection of lesbian representation manga has to offer, I should of been more clear 🙂

        Hey, if your looking for SSA female manga check out Tamen De Gushi (Their Story) I haven’t checked in in years so I don’t know how well it holds up or if it gets weird but I adored it when I was into manga.

        1. ShyBottomDweller

          £’m sorrry what is a radblr space? first time i see that terminology

          Thank you very much for the comic recomendation! I don’t read much manga-manhwa in general as there’s so so many i struggle to pick any by my own will, but i’ll give Tamen a check 😚 last one i read was a manhwa recommended by a friend called “Villain With a Crush”, very chaotic humour but nice colorful art and action shots, i didn’t read it for the main characters but for the rugged Muscle grandma x Gentle blushy old man duo, a rare combination, refreshing compared with what one sees on TV. Then i landed here through another rec! 😄

        2. Radblr is slang to refer to the radical feminist demographic who uses tumblr. Many different groups use similar naming conventions to designate topic/interest + uses tumblr. Artblr. Bookblr.

          I think Tiktok and Twitter users have similar naming conventions. Like Booktok or Artwitter.

  13. Clancy is so real for this

  14. lol – Funny, but not funny…

  15. Parniyas biggest fan

    I love this ship so much!! Thank you for drawing them <3 But I just have one question… Why does a GROWN MAN think he needs a bathroom buddy?

    Also, *votes Parniya, votes Parniya, votes Parniya, votes Parniya*

    1. He’s not a grown man, he is a woman soul inside of a man’s body who needs bathroom friend to explain himself to women and defend him as to why he needs to enter a place where they need privacy from the opposite sex.

      1. Parniyas biggest fan

        I think you mean “she”, Miss Clicker, oh no.. I can hear the authorities and gendies coming this way to yell at us for our crimes (misgendering), RUN!!! WE MUST MAKE IT TO THE TERF BASE

  16. A while ago before voting, seeing Clancy: 😍😃🙃👏👏

    Me after seeing the page: Aww Clancy 😢💔😣

    Should’ve been more patient and voted for Parniya against all odds. Fell too easily for that bait thinking it’d be something happy and comforting, something outside any QT club setting. Too soon, too soon

    btw, “the split-attraction model not being real”, would you elaborate on what is meant by this??

    Thank you for the new page regardless! hope the boosty initiative is going well 😊

    1. Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions >:3 (voting for Clancy).

      Though honestly the same could apply to me LMAO.

      Me getting a silly gendie idea: ohoho I gotta make a mini out of this!

      Me when the girles vote for comic I made as an option: >:O WTF?!?!

      Re: the spit attraction model not being real. It operates on the idea that romantic feelings, and sexual feelings constitute different sexualities. Even though attraction encompasses both of those things.

      Sexuality/Sexual Orientation, as I said above, is the sex(es) your attraction orients around. Not about how much or how little you want to participate in the act of sex.

      Think about it. Jaden is a lesbian because she’s exclusively attracted to the female sex. But she’s single and not looking for a relationship because of how much her last one hurt her. Her lack of desire for sex and romance rn doesn’t change her sexuality.

      Riley is a lesbian because she is exclusively attracted to the female sex. She’s pretty damn sexually active! Some might argue that that’s the only thing keeping her and Blaire’s relationship afloat. Her proclivity towards sexual activity doesn’t change her sexuality.

      Faith is a lesbian because she is exclusively attracted to the female sex. Faith is 10 years old and thus not thinking about/desiring sex yet. But that doesn’t make her Homoromantic Asexual.
      She’s just a child lesbian!!! Her sexuality hasn’t changed, it’s just manifesting in a way that’s appropriate for her age. See: talking about her favourite books with Jaden, trying to emulate her, drawing a picture of her as a gift.

      The split attraction model seeks to divorce sexual and romantic feelings. Following this thought is how I’ve ended up with the idiots who call me a paedophile for having a 10 year old lesbian character. Or women falling over themselves to defend men who want sex with no strings attached as a minority, because they’re “aromatic heterosexual”. Or, lesbians like Clancy, who think the only way their “no” will be respected is by saying she’s asexual.

      1. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions >:3 (voting for Clancy)”

        It was! 😭 No doubt

        In my defense i genuinely thought it was gonna be either some flashback before Clancy joined the college club, or some fluffy AU thing or an Ask the Cast page. So I voted and patted myself on the back! Then i got sucker punched with the reveal…

        Thank you for explaining. Hmmm I suppose the splitting kinda makes sense if one is the kind of person that pretty much never feels sexual desire or arousal towards anyone (I believe people like this do exist though rare), because kids is one thing but in the end most post pubescent people do expect sex to be recurrent part of a relationship deal and are able to feel horny even if they abstain in behaviour, regardless if S or LGB, so an obvious degree of base incompatibility and alienation must occur right?

        and this kind of person might want something more commited than an average friendship, so as a model it helps them to make sense of things with awareness of their difference irt other people.

        But I can see how it can clash with other orientations too and encourage some odd arguments with what you said.

        I dunno, perhaps it could work but only when used for that kind of people instead of as a default attraction model for all 🤔 and divorcing the A from LGB and relocating it in the middle as a separate category, with one foot in Straight territory and the other in LGB territory, instead of the current style grouping that is S vs LGBQA++ if not mistaken.

        1. I can understand how you got to that perspective, but I still disagree.

          Consider the hypothetical person you’re imagining. Okay, she/he doesn’t want to engage in sex, but does want a relationship that’s more than a friendship. So romantic stuff, kissing, holding hands, sharing expenses, chores, being committed and monogamous.

          That’s attraction.

          Humans are not sexless.

          So this hypothetical person is still experiencing attraction (in the form of romantic desires) to a certain sex or both sexes.

          If they only want to do all the above with the same sex (homosexual), the opposite sex (heterosexual), or either sex (bisexual) , THAT is sexual orientation.

          I agree people should come to a relationship with transparency and be respected on a lack of desire for sex. Not wanting sex isn’t a sexuality tho.

          The person could easily say “I want XYZ in a relationship, but not sex.”

          I do not believe asexuality exists in humans. As in lack of attraction to either sex. Even if it did, it would be so incredibly minuscule it isn’t worth muddying language to describe the overwhelming majority of everyone else’s experience of being attracted to one or both sexes.

          And even if it did exist in larger numbers it absolutely belongs no where near LGB. The thing we share is same-sex attraction. Someone who experienced no attraction to either sex would have nothing to relate to us with.

          Re: the ask the casts- just for clarity. I decided I’ll be posting them after all the non-question Minis. Just to make things easier to find for future readers. 😎

  17. God, poor Clancy… Now I’m wondering, though – is MJ herself victim to this sort of crap making her adopt a new ‘identity’ for acceptance?

    Her utterly toxic friendship with Tiffany sadly reminds me of some of my old friendships with gendies – they made it very clear that the worst possible thing anyone could ever be was a “cis female”, so I admit I took the path of least resistance and said I “didn’t really feel strongly identified as a woman” and “all pronouns were fine”.

    While the other comic showed that MJ and Tiffany were friends before, I wouldn’t be surprised if her best friend/crush openly despising “cis bitches” helped push MJ into her own nonsense, especially since (so far, at least) it seems MJ is one of the few gendies in the group who actually seems like she’s an overall decent and functional person instead of a spoiled brat – Marcie is a bully who was horrible to Riley, Elissa is incredibly creepy about gay men, Tiffany would be the worst character in the comic if it weren’t for the TIMs, etc.

    MJ hasn’t really done anything bad I can think of except enable Tiffany, which was done with good intentions… Maybe I’m being too charitable, but it feels like MJ’s more a victim of social contagion . But regardless, great comic and very on the nose lmao.

    1. I also get the vibe that MJ’s upbringing is a factor. Her bio mentioned her as coming from a traditional household, and a Filipino one at that (true to life, she’s the exception among the norm of white gendies)

      Not that white people can’t be uber traditional, but gender non-conformity and SSA (which MJ actually is) is often even less tolerated in ethnic minority communities. And when she said that Star Shifters made her realize she could be more than “just a girl” it made me see red. . .

      but it also reminds me of how a friend of mine from an Indian family was super smart and awesome and would often complain about the preferential treatment boys received in her home and culture. Like they didn’t have to do chores like she did. Surprise, she’s now “non binary”.

      If you grow up in a home where you’ve been treated inferior your whole life for being “just a girl” and doing “girl” wrong at that (gnc, ssa) then you get out of that home for the first time and plop right into an environment like the QT group that is saying “omg if you don’t like how girls are treated, you’re not a girl!! which is great btw!!” ofc you’ll end up going with “omg I’m NOT a girl after all, THAT’S why I feel like a human being and don’t like bad treatment!” as asinine as that is.

      Happens a lot, I’d say. It’s why she and Clancy are the only ones I have sympathy for.

  18. Oh no this page made my heart hurt.

    Need some Clancy/MJ post-peaking fluff to heal my wounds…

  19. I started reading LB yesterday and I can’t believe I’ve already gotten to the last update!! It’s so good ty so much for your hard work!

    1. Omg welcome aboard and thank you for commenting! I am always so happy to hear from new readers 🥰🥰

      There’s like 400+ pages here too so!! Damn speed reader🤣
      Hope you continue to enjoy LB, I’ve got a lot more story to tell! Currently 27 pages into chapter 12 😎😎

  20. Omg MJ’s GLOVES 💀 man, I hate to admit this, but I totally relate to MJ. I never fell into the gendie nonsense myself, but was raised very “traditionally” and when I got to college, I joined all the campus LGBT+ groups. I never felt gay enough for my college friends as just a lesbian and wondered if I was internally homophobic since I couldn’t wrap my head around the non-binary stuff. But most of my friends, by the time I graduated, were trans-identified females in one way or another. Had a BIG crush on a TIF who hated on “cis people” and thought about just saying I was non-binary to fit in. Very glad I didn’t now, but the gloves? Those were a good choice and I stand by that.

  21. Is “Baby Girl” the only male/TIM in the entire club?

    My college campus is as liberal as they get and TIMs seem to be just as common there as TIFs if not more so.

    I get there’s a point to be made about why everyone fawns over that bastard who declares himself president though.

    1. Yeah, he’s the only one.
      In-comic reason: he’s so repulsive he warded off other TIMs.
      Meta reason: I figured I’d already shown off the group dynamic of TIMs with the AGPgang. So it’d be interesting to show the fawning treatment one would recieve amongst a bunch of women. Basically a micro representation of the ferocity and unwavering loyalty women defend TIMs with in real life.

      Plus, I didn’t want to have to create TOO many gendie characters (with enough plot significance to be named or have a bio) – especially male ones 😅

      1. thank you rusty for sparing me a recurring tim cast. i owe you my life.

  22. Eye bleach! Take here your eye bleach!

  23. This one is too real omg 😂😭

  24. I’m curious about your stance on intersex people. If they have an intersex condition where they really just aren’t assignable male or female, do you think doctors should assign them one anyway, so that they can conform, or do you think they should just be cisgendered their own way, since they aren’t male or female on a biological level? (This is a genuine question btw)

    1. People born with disorders of sexual development (intersex conditions) are still male or female. There is no third sex, nor does it have anything to do with transgenderism or this page.

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