Welcome back everyone, sorry to bring you back on a bit of a sad one lmao XD Β 
This is my last (belated) post of the year, but you can expect to see another page next Monday. Β 

Last year I set the goal to post more pages, that didn't really turn out.
Down 56 pages (including Extra Early Bird+ Patrons) from last years 102, BUT!
I only completed one chapter last year, and got part way through another, while in 2021 I've finished 3 chapters and started another. So I think I can make my peace with that. Β 

Definitely a step towards quality over quantity, and working smarter, not harder >:) Β  Wishing you all a wonderful New Year, and I'll see you next week (and year lol) <3 Get your tissues ready!! Β  Β 

6 thoughts on “CH10P10

  1. i love the fridge magnets so much lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ such a fun background detail among the sadness. i also love how you portray the murkiness of memories with the effect you used colouring as well as the emptiness of the kitchen, too big for a child. no clutter which can either be a literal thing or maybe just the emptiness of losing her father reflected? or i could be reading too much into it lol

    i’ve noticed throughout this chapter that baby jaden does a lot of self soothing gestures too, which is very smart of her. i didn’t learn self-soothing until adulthood. the juxtaposition of jaden all alone learning to nurture herself vs her own drawing of her perfect happy family on the fridge is so sad. she very quickly learns and adapt to her new, more solitary life of taking care of herself and trying not to burden anyone with her needs. it makes me wonder what her life was like prior to the shift in the family.

    this is an extremely relatable and beautifully done page and i’m obviously super excited to see you’re well enough to post again! as long as it’s the right choice health-wise of course.

    1. Always always Always adore your thoughtful commentary πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      Very much playing with Jaden’s memory in what details are important. As well as the fact Josie probably has been to debilitated by grief to cook a proper meal since coming home from the hospital πŸ˜”

      The front cover of this chapter is very much meant to be representative of Jaden’s life before her father’s illness. A happy family who reads together most nights and laughs together a lot. The dramatic shift really left them blindsided πŸ’”

  2. the quality of each page is amazing and definitely don’t be too hard on yourself- you got so much done this year through so many obstacles. it’s an incredibly admirable feat. number games don’t account for how much you’ve grown as a writer and an artist. to put it in perspective you’re the only person i’ve ever pledged to be a patron of, and that’s for a reason. you’re great and i hope next year is even better for you & yours 🀩

    1. Incredibly honoured to have your support.thank you!

  3. First, glad you’re healing well!

    Second, for what it’s worth this was definitely quality over quantity and it’s wonderful to see the storyline shaping up and how much your work has grown over the last year. Can’t wait for next week/year ❀️

  4. oh my god did poor jaden just eat cold beans out of the can… that’s honestly the most disgusting meal ever i feel bad for her.. josie needs to stop neglecting jaden πŸ˜₯😒

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