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Some hope after a horrible night, perhaps? :o


I've been getting some comments about Josie's parenting (not so much here, just in general), and I want to address the that the take away is not that Josie is a bad parent.

The take away is that she is under an incredible amount of pressure, physically, financially and emotionally. She doesn't have any other support (in fact, she's got complete hostility from her in-laws), and has had no chance to heal from her husband's passing, or her difficult childbirth.

It doesn't excuse the pain Jaden is experiencing as a result, but it is an explanation. Her Burden, becomes Her Daughter's burden. It's a cycle.

A lot of this is taken from my own experiences with my mother, and trying to reconcile both empathy for the troubles she faced as a single mum trying to raise me and my siblings, while still acknowledging the pain she caused me. Unintentionally, but no less hurtfully.

Through my time on radblr, I feel like that's a very relatable female experience that I haven't seen explored in a lot of media.

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  1. BlackSwallowtailButterfly

    Definitely relate, yeah.

    1. πŸ˜”πŸ’”

  2. These latest 2 pages are so beautiful, even if the content is heartbreaking.

    1. Thank you!

  3. Ooh, yeah. Especially if a mother is single raising her kids, the oldest daughter tends to inherit the burdens. I think there’s a saying about how the oldest daughter becomes more of a father than the father, or something like that.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say you’ve done a really good job illustrating the unbelievable amount of stress that both of the ladies are going through! Each chapter gets me looking forward to the day I can hold Lease Bound in my hand, because I know it’ll happen someday!

    1. Thank you so much! I am definitely excited to make LB into a physical copy one day, absolutely!!

  4. New fan here. You’re doing incredible work with this comic. Thank you for the emotional trauma πŸ’”

    1. Handing you a box of tissues for the rest of your journey through chapter 10. Thank you for reading ❀️❀️

  5. She’s still a bad parent as no matter what’s going on, she’s still neglecting her daughter. The explanation is that she’s under stress and since she didn’t consider and plan for what it means to be a parent in a high stress situation before having kids, she just left her daughter to raise herself.

    While bad circumstances are to blame, I’d still consider it her fault for failing to plan for them. Not everyone is cut out to be a parent.

    People should make sure they’d always be able to support their kids before choosing to have them. (Assumbing it was a choice)

    1. I’d reccomend reading the rest before coming to a conclusion.

      You can’t plan for unexpected death. Josie made a family with the idea she would have a partner there to raise them with her, and also financially support them.

      I an antinatalist and I believe the nuclear family structure and being a stay at home more is ultimately bad for women. Case in point, everything falling apart for Josie here.

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