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A new pattern folded into the cycle :(

And with that, I'll be gearing up for a timeskip come the next page, so! Buckle up ladies.
Thanks so much for all the support thus far <3

I know this has been a much heavier chapter than previous, so I know there isn't always fun things to comment, but I sincerely hope you're still enjoying the ride and am endlessly grateful for everyone here <3

I'd say we are at about the 1/3 mark now! A little longer than I've been trying to keep chapters but I feel like an origin story kind of warrants it πŸ˜”Β 

For some levity, baby Jacob's face went through some interesting developments, first it looked like this face


and then well i had to do it to 'em.

And he's balding lmao

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  1. ansndmskdk i’m obsessed w those baby jacob sketches…too good

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