Nana's many wisdoms:
  • swearing is fine, just don't say 'c*nt'
  • when harassed by men go straight for the testicles
  • mothers should be financially compensated and until then lie to future employers. they need to mind their business.
So happy with how this page came out, had a lot of fun with Nana's outfits especially XD Was thinking about releasing a blank version of the 2nd Panel with Josie and Nana at the computer. Had some fun of my own lmao:
Also welcome back everyone, thank you so much for your patience!
Really glad everyone had fun with the Valentines Day post last week <3

5 thoughts on “CH10P17

  1. BlackSwallowtailButterfly

    I love Nana. lol

  2. If you want a nuclear hot take, I don’t see it as lying. Like yeah technically they’re misrepresenting her employment history, but I firmly believe that employers don’t want personal references because 1, it does a spectacular job of keeping mothers out of workplaces without breaking anti discrimination laws (which idk if family status is considered protected in Australia but still), but also they don’t see skills that would be an instant hire in other contexts (organization, time management, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution) as being useful when an applicant gained them by caring for her family.

    1. Nana would be nodding vigorously reading this. I completely agree!! The unpaid work of mothers is supremely and arbitrarily undervalued

  3. I love how much alike JAden and nana look!
    Also idk why I thought Nana was talking about an anime quiz in the sketch but like…….weeb nana and emo Jaden does sound fun.

    1. Nana is absolutely taking an anime quiz in the sketch 🀣

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