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Chapter 11: Brewing

Blaire seeks out a second opinion on Jaden's "gender identity", leaving Riley with questions she is unable to answer, yet too afraid to ask anyone else.

Meanwhile, Jaden heads out for lunch and some window-shopping with her coworker Violet, and Violet's daughter, Faith.

Happy New Year, ladies! Hope you've had a restful holiday period and are ready for absolute silliness! It only feels right after such an emotionally turbulent chapter. Buckle up <3

--- Other News---
New(ish) Update Schedule: Still weekly Monday updates, with an additional update on the first Thursday of every month.
In exchange for a little something extra to look forward to each month, all I ask is that you talk about Lease Bound.

Tumblr, twitter, ovarit, insta, wherever! Praise, critique, discourse, thoughts, theories, I appreciate any and all of it <3

I just want other women to know where they can find and read Lease Bound, and to be reminded that it's still updating consistently!

However, I get banned/terminated from different sites often because of LB's stance against trans rhetoric, so it's an uphill journey to keep it in the public eye. Would be incredible if you could help out <3

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47 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Brewing

  1. Brick Anticipation

    This page gave me heart palpitations. Can’t wait for Brick to say her first words and send me into full cardiac arrest.

    1. Emergency services are on the way, get this woman 50cc’s of gender fluid, STAT!

  2. Is this going to be like chapter nine where the perspectives switch and leave us on cliffhangers? I really enjoyed that format ๐Ÿฅฐ

    1. Fantastic to hear, because indeed, that is what I’m planning for this chapter XD

  3. The bright colors on this page remind me of those poisonous frogs who are also brightly colored to signal danger. I am very much feeling the danger of this page.

    1. You are wise for trusting your gut!

  4. Secrecy Office has got me rolling! So many times I’ve seen people defend crappy fetishist yaoi but nooo, it’s all good because ‘it’s literally made by a transman!’

    A crappy haircut and t-shirt a man does not make.

    1. Right! It’s like, own your fujo-status ma’am. You are no more nuanced than the rest. Seeing TIFs try to legitizmize their ‘identities’ by adopting gay men’s talking points about how fetishistic yaoi is, is always such a trip.

      “Straight girls, yaoi is for mlms, not for you!! Don’t fetishize us!!”. Ma’am they aren’t fetishizing you. You like yaoi because it was written FOR OSA women x-x

      1. The most dangerous drink game: Take a sip each time you read a TIF claims that yaoi made her realize she was a GUY trapped in a woman’s body.

  5. Why that guy hand so big????

    1. Bless your cotton socks U_U

    2. yaoi hands

  6. FINALLY an asexual advice column. I’ve been looking to get a second opinion on a homeloan but every filthy allo mortgage broker I met with was too busy having sex to offer guidance smh

    1. Really thought I was on the offense with this page, but your comment took me the fuck out, LMFAO.

  7. Too many goldmines here. The big yaoi hands, the name Brick, the fucking blocklist… I’m losing my MIND this is so good

    1. Pleasure was all mine <333

      1. I know you posted this a while ago but is there something wrong with the name “Brick?” The main character of a fantasy story I’m working on rn is named that and now I’m worried that its associated with gendies.

        1. It’s a common trend among women who call themselves nonbinary to choose trans names that are inanimate objects.

          Brick was inspired by a trans-positive post that was good-naturedly ribbing common naming trends among trans ppl. Brick was the name the poster chose for ribbing nonbinary names.

          Other examples I’ve seen since are like “sock”, “leaf”, “dirt”, “moth”. But by then I’d already chosen Brick.

          I think you can name a character pretty much anything and an audience will accept it if you treat it with earnest.

  8. lmao ooooooooh boy this is gonna be a hell of a chapter aint it? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Best hold on tight!!

  9. god i am so frickin hyped for this chapter ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

    1. Me too bestie, it was legit a STRUGGLE not to just release everything I’ve finished so far, lmao!

  10. Rusty I’m screaming I can’t handle this page.

    Both in the sense that it’s too good but also in the sense that it’s too bad, my eyes are going to roll out of my head, help me. (love the yaoi hands, omg, and meanwhile I’m absolutely vomiting at babygirl cox)

    1. Oh boy you will definitely need to buckle up and hold on tight for the next one, LMAO.
      Babygirl Cox was just as much a displeasure to type, as it was for you to read, I assure you

  11. This is too much, Rusty. You can’t do this to me, I’m dying laughing and cringing myself through the floor at the same time! The details! The solidarity prices in the corner! The yaoi hands! The names! Aaaaaaaaa-

    Also, the text below the update gives me preemptive second-hand embarrassment. Blare continues to just BE my ex and I am very afraid.

    1. Big, big, BIG condolences re: your ex-girlfriend. Let us see who makes it out worse by the end of this chapter, her, or Blaire x-x
      So happy you got such a kick out of this page >B)

  12. what a way to start 2023 LMAOOOOO cant wait for this

    1. 20 23? More like 20 20 Flee, from the makers of this zine XD

  13. I loved Jaden’s backstory so much but I am very excited for the drama of this chapter

  14. I love this, your so spot on and funny Rusty. Thank you for your awesome comic.

  15. Oh God not the yaoi hands.

  16. If this isn’t the best cover of 2023, I don’t know what could beat it.

  17. “Galactic mouth-feel” is truly the worst. Love it. SO ready for this chapter.

  18. SCREAMING!!! Honestly, the best way to combat their hateful bigotry is to just laugh at them, they make it too easy. Can’t wait for this chapter!

  19. I feel like you have been gut punching for the better part of the year, then come the holiday season, you stepped out briefly, and have now returned to do the same, but this time you’re wearing a clown costume while you hit us. Rusty I thought after Jalexis I could handle anything, but now? I am clouded with doubt.
    This is the storm isn’t it. We did not listen ..

  20. โ€œMouthfeelโ€ ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ that word makes a piece of me die inside everytime I see it ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’€ Iโ€™m absolutely cackling at this page!

    1. God I hear you. Worst phrase I have ever read I think ๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. Just noticed the 15.00$ cis/10.00$queer/ 5.00$ trans thing. There are certain implications there, on that queer being its own category, of homosexuals being seen as different from “normal” men and women, even when we ourselves insist that we’re just lesbian women/ gay men, just gender nonconforming, etc… We’re just never fully (wo/)men to homophobic people. Your attention to detail is amazing though, to add something as small but meaningful ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  22. Ngl this seems like a cool magazine

    1. Fantastic to know my portrayal of genderists feels authentic! Thanks for letting me know ๐Ÿฅฐ

  23. Honestly, this seems like a pretty cool zine!

  24. Seems like a fun zine to me!

  25. Sorry about spamming, didnโ€™t realize the glitch.

  26. Not the yaoi proportions ๐Ÿ˜ญ I’m laughing so hard my head hurts

    1. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
      Glad you enjoyed

  27. One of the first ways I was introduced to this comic was someone complaining about the “gay trans mlm” cover, but honestly I was struggling to not laugh because… It’s literally something I’ve seen time and time again.

    The amount of trans guys I’ve seen refer to themselves as “fudanshi”, write fics that still wholly place the trans man in a place of being sexually and socially lesser to the cis male characters no different to your average smut with things like “non-con” between a woman and man is tiring, but suddenly it’s gay, different and progressive because the same dynamic is being done to someone who’s trans? Wha?

    Someone should just write a knock off of twilight with good art and a trans guy protagonist and it’ll blow up as earth shatteringly different to anything ever done before lmao.

    1. ACK I can see it now orz
      “Don’t worry, the vampire is still a hundred years older than the protag, isolates the protag from family, leverages marriage for sex, watches the protag sleep…. but the protag is trans now!!” #progressivewin๐Ÿ‘


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