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  1. “un sweats” bwahaha Jaden is so cute
    One big detail of your art that I love is how expressive all the characters are, they have so much personality and it really feels like I’m reading a professional comic with how much attention to detail their mannerisms way of communicating have!

    Bless Jaden for overthinking it, she needs to not doubt herself so much!

    1. Thank you!! I am so happy with the expressions on this page. I’ve been having a lot of fun exaggerating expressions in ch13 (a much more light hearted affair) – hope you enjoy them just as much!

      And yes, Jaden definitely needs to believe in her abilities more.

  2. Omg not the mental math 😭 i love Jadens un-sweat expression lol. And love that she’s helping with those particular holds!!

    1. She was really expecting some kind of brain-teaser. “How do you fight off ten guys blindfolded with only a butter knife and also you need to defuse a bomb while backflipping through the air? Oh.. you can’t teach me that? What kind of bouncer are you? Poser!”

  3. Instead of “twirling my braid/hair when talking to my crush” meme, it’s the “pulling my hair up in a half-ponytail when talking to Jaden” xD !!!

    I’m loving this part of the chapter just as much as the intense flashback of Shez’s backstory. It gives such a big hope that even after going through terrible things at the end of men, women can find solace and strength with other women (more or less platonically huhu).
    And I love we’re seeing Jaden with her insecurities but also overcoming them! She too, got to find that strength for meeting other women who are not direct family.

    I love that LB-Sunny is asking for something that doesn’t involve violence yet still is about protecting herself, it helps reframe Jaden’s mind onto a different scope that her being a victim of violence was not a skill issue from her, no matter how prepared she was or would have been, she did her best and she came out of it alive. And that’s what matters.

    1. Exactly! A way to break out of hugs without violence, for the ones that don’t understand “no” yet. Intent is very important and it’s always good to know how to protect yourself ^^

    2. LOVE the visuals of some woman flirting pulling her hair back into and Alexis-Adjacent style 🤣🤣🤣

      Beautiful observations as always, Ms Kory. Thank you 🥰🥰🥰

  4. This page makes me very uncomfortable. I’m sp-ed myself, and people like me get mistreated by authority a lot.

    When this happened in my classroom, the teachers would tell the kids who’d do this in a way they’d understand. Usually it was a “no hug” said firmly but gently.

    Didn’t Ms. Sunny sign up to work there? I don’t want to stop reading your comic, but if this is the way your treatment of people like me in your comic, I don’t think I can keep reading. I’d be willing to be a sensitivity reader if you’d like!

    1. Some get too excited and don’t get “no” yet. I’m sorry the acknowledgment that some people are more disabled than you and might exhibit behavior that is not always perfect makes you uncomfortable.

      You writing this comment shows, that you DO get “no” but not everyone who is in sp-ed does. I think you missed the part where this is explicitly about getting out of hugs without violence or restraints.

      I’m sorry you got mistreated and have bad experience with this, but it is important that women in these kind of jobs can protect themselves when some get over-excited.

      Ms. Sunny obviously loves her job and wants to stay there

    2. I’m sorry the page made you uncomfortable, and if you still feel unsatisfied after reading my comment, perhaps discontinuing reading is the best option for you.

      Are you not painting all students who attend a special education course with one brush? Mental disability includes a wide range of cognitive capacities. So while you and I can understand “no-hug” do you think that means every student could?

      I understand that ableism is a huge cause for a abuse. I consulted disability support workers about the technique Jaden is going to demonstrate for that very reason. We have INCREDIBLY strict laws about how interactions with the elderly and disabled are conducted here in Australia, especially when it comes to restraint and restriction. It is constantly about developing new strategies and techniques to avoid ever doing either while also maintaining staff safety.

      This is also why Sunny is emphasising that she does not want to hurt or restrain the affectionate students. And, the implications of her asking here is again, that this is for students who are not listening to or unable to understand “no hug” communication.

      Women make up a large portion of education and care jobs. Their safety and comfort is just as important as the dignity and respect of the people in their care.

      Ms Sunny also wouldn’t just go implementing a new technique without consulting necessary supervisors and discussing if it legally fits within the school policy and wider legal definitions of “restraint”.

      Hell, realistically she likely would have already been trained in this. But as she is a once-off character, with a very small part, this sort of thing has to be inferred with good intentions, you know?

      The whole function of this scene is about reframing Jaden’s confidence about her skills. She’s demonstrating very good technique recall – which is what she was doubting at the start of the chapter. I wanted to come up with a technique someone would want her to show them, that didn’t contradict Shez’s message of “You’re not going to win one on one, kicking in the nuts is for putting distance between you and your attacker.” .

      So, the logical step was a non-violent, non-aggressive get-away technique. Then I asked myself what kind of character would have a need for such a technique? How about someone working with a vulnerable group of people who does not want to hurt, or restrain, but still wants to keep herself safe?

      Whatever you decide, thanks for reading what you have, wishing you all the best.

      1. Ma’am, I literally said I’m sp-ed myself. I don’t want to be disrespectful, and “painting all students who attend a special education course with one brush” was not my intention. However, the school I’m at has students with a wide range of cognitive abilities. All of them understand “no”.

        It does make me happier to hear that Sunny will only be a one time character, as I’ve seen a lot of media poorly portray people with disabilities and disorders/those who work with those people. I’m not saying you couldn’t write it well, but many well-intentioned people do end up not doing a good job. Thank you for responding, and have a lovely day.

        P.S. I’m not sure who you’re talking about regarding the Tumblr user, but I’d like you to know that I don’t use Tumblr.

        1. Your school is not the only one. You’re projecting your experiences onto anyone who falls under the incredibly vast, multi-conditioned category of having a mental/learning disability. That is generalising.

          Given your lived experience it makes sense that you’d feel pre-emptively distrustful/defensive, but still, sometimes it’s worth sitting with your discomfort a little longer before assuming the worst of someone else’s words/work. You jumped to conclusions that honesty just aren’t there.

          That said, you are of course always welcome to give input, and if you have any comments to leave in future I will always do my best to respond.

    3. Like Sunny and Rusty said, this page is not for a sp-ed person who do understand limits and “no” like you do, is about a woman who work with students who DO NOT understand these stuff, nor seem to care about someone else’s behave.

      Rusty would have gone and say “oh yeah, just punch them in the face or kick them between the legs”, but Ms Sunny wants to know how to make it in a way it doesn’t hurt her students. Sunny doesn’t look like someone who would hurt a kid, less an sp-ed one, so why the idea of her wanting to hurt them due ableism? It doesn’t have any sense.

    4. Rad Sp-Ed I have been a working in the disability sector for almost 10 years and have had to undertake similar training to the kind Rusty refers to here. The course went over multiple days where you learn the theory and practice of how to safely de-escalate situations both physically and verbally.

      Saying this, some clients, including minors and adults, really don’t understand NO or just don’t care which results in staff and other people getting hurt. Staff need plans of action for situations like this, and that includes having full control of our own bodies.

      I personally had to relearn to walk after a client assaulted me so I take great offence to the idea of staff having to be casualties just because they choose to work in an industry helping people with intellectual disabilities.

      P.S I’m also disabled so I can speak from both sides.


  6. Ngl…I’d like to show her some techniques too…and I’m not licensed

    1. I’m a diligent student 😉

      1. Yo, fuck tinder, LB comments are the new lesbian dating app 😏🍑

        1. Eagerly awaiting the first LB comment section wedding. 😇😇

  7. saw a gendie on tumblr complaining abt “Sunny’s thoughts on neurodivergent ppl” so i immediately went to see what the latest LB page is and…i’m neurodivergent and this page does not come across as ableist at all to me. it’s phrased pretty respectfully, and as someone who has also worked with sp-ed children, it makes sense that someone would want to learn those techniques.
    also, the jaiden “unsweat” panel is so cute lmao

    1. Thank you for the input ❤️

      Glad everyone is digging the un-sweat panel too!

      1. I saw it too. I don’t know how a “technique to remove myself from a hug” reads like “I hate neurodivergent people and I would punch them if I have to” to them. I’m neurodivigent and I have seen these cases, Sunny is doing the correct thing in asking techniques for both HER and her students safeness.

        1. Exactly. It would be equally dishonest to view safe-lifting techniques designed to move people who are bed-ridden or unable to stand without assistance, while also not damaging the backs of the staff helping them, as hostile or ableist.

          “Well you chose to work there right? So you must endure unsafe situations that put you at risk or else.”

          Fictional Sunny is also referring to her students’ desire to hug her as “affectionate”. She recognises they aren’t meaning to cause harm, and does not want to hurt them while maintaining her own safety.

  8. I also was in special education as a child due to being neurodivergent, and as an adult I have a job similar to Sunny, just with adults instead of children.

    You’re fine and that comment seemed ridiculous to me. As you yourself point out there’s a huge range of cognitive diversity and levels of impairment and differing ability to understand. Case in point, me vs my clients. If a huge gap DIDN’T exist between us, they wouldn’t BE my clients.

    1. Thank you for the input, very reassuring. Your last sentence really sells how wide that gap can be. Acknowledging that difference isn’t the same as thinking lowly of people who fall the other side of the gap.

  9. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Women being women… cute 🙂 <3

  10. Oof… while I personally don’t take any issue with this page or anything said on it, it’s a bit of a controversial topic so I can’t say I’m surprised it’s ruffled feathers.

    I do like the choice though, while ofc Shez’s backstory was very high emotion and understandably dark and violent, it’s nice to see a woman deliberately seeking out a non-violent way of protecting herself.

    1. I’ve come to accept controversy as an unavoidable part of making art. It is what it is, I guess!

      With any luck, the techniques reveal on the next page will do the work to unruffle some feathers. But again, can’t control how other people interpret the work.

      Glad to hear you like the page though! Certainly lots of different uses for self defence, and equally as many reasons for women to want to take the class 💪

  11. As an autistic person I’ve been to these kind of classes… and I think it is important to learn boundaries even if it’s hard as a sp-ed.

    If she doesn’t want a hug, it’s simple. Being kids, of course she can’t shove them – she wants to be nice about it. She isn’t doing malicious acts… she just has boundaries.

    Idk why this is so hard to get! Ms. Sunny isn’t even a major character wtf

  12. I won’t rant because other people said it better than me, but this is another vote for the ‘I’m neurodivergent and this is fine’ crew! Women’s safety is women’s safety, regardless of what form it takes, and this is clearly a low-key, non-combative example.

  13. 1st panel is very ‘When you rush to public transportation then remember you forgot to put on deodorant’ 💀 wahahh poor lil Jade, she needs a squishy

  14. Joining the chorus of love for the ‘un-sweats’ panel, because Jaden is too stinkin’ cute. I can almost hear the cartoony sparkly noise as the sweat beads fly away from her.

  15. Been awhile since I last commented and I can’t believe that this page is considered ‘ableist’. What so teachers have to suffer with tight hugs that they can’t get out of? There’s a spectrum of special needs but with those of cognitive disabilities they don’t know their own strength. If no doesn’t work, there needs to be another way to disengage from the hug.

    1. At the very least, if the comment section is anything to go by, it’s not a popularly held opinion.

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