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  1. Lmaooo, I appreciate that Shez went with something as hilarious as water-balloon balls to lighten the mood after that story.

    1. Absolutely! She brings them low she can raise them high πŸ’ͺ

  2. oh Gosh … Shez in that second Panel with the muscles and stuff is doing things to me. Get you a girl that shows you how to kick nuts properly!!!
    (Also, Jaden’s expression with the crack xD LOVE IT!)

    1. You are most welcome, breastie 😚😚

  3. CRACK?????

    Shez how much of your salary goes into replacing these dummies????

    1. I bet Ruth cuts takes some dollars from Shez’s salary for each dummy that is broken lol

    2. 🀣 it’s specifically designed to be kicked – sturdier than it looks, I promise!

  4. I love sitting down for my Sunday lunch and seeing a new page of LB. Been the routine for a long while now and I look forward to it every week. πŸ₯ͺπŸ“–

    Is the water balloon teaching method something that people actually do for this type of self-defense? Or was this a fun invention of your own?

    1. Always makes me happy to hear that LB has become part of readers’ routines πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I know I myself get excited every Sunday too!

      The waterballoon bit was all me 🀣 I’ve watched quite a few different videos that offered varying advice, but a common theme was “aiming straight up” between the legs – often using dummies similar to the one I drew. Making it more visual with the waterballoons seemed like a good way to measure if they were kicking hard enough – at the very least in the realms of fiction.

      Plus I thought it would be more interesting for readers too, seeing again, a more visual representation of the force behind the knee strikes/kicks.

  5. “Otherwise you’ll be just hitting his bladder” Well, a bladder trauma sounds good too for those kind of moids.

    1. They’re certainly not undeserving of more damage, but from what I understand it’s way less debilitating than aiming straight up.

  6. Her arms 😍😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  7. inaccurate, tiff (miss blue streaks) should be blushing WAY more as a stand-in for her creator, LOL.
    loving scenes that encourage women towards moid obliteration, both the women in the class and the ladies reading 😌

  8. Parniyas biggest fan

    I am not being sarcastic when I say I genuinely physically cringed at the sight of the balloon in between the dummy legs πŸ˜‚, penis and testicles have always made me uncomfortable… I would love to pop said balloon 😈

    1. I do not blame you 🀣🀣
      Glad it had its desired affect, you’d be perfect for the class!

  9. Rusty back at it again with the sussy angles. Also, I wonder if balls really are as fragile as water balloons though. Like I feel like the skin and [instert male anatomy description] might be a little harder to crack? then again perhaps this is just the intro lesson.

    1. I can feel the judgement in your eyes boring into me with that first sentence, Ms Clicker 🀣🀣🀣🀣 Visceral!

      And yeah, this is their first nut kicking lesson, and they’re probably quite early into the course itself too. So I imagine it’s a matter of “get aim and strength down first” then moving onto refining the technique as the course progresses.

      The balloon popping is less about 1:1 with the real deal, and much more about getting the students to visualise what they’re trying to achieve. “If you’ve popped it, you’re going hard enough to incapacitate” sort of thing.

      And of course, this is fictional and not a replacement for an actual self-defence class. It’s entertainment first, total logic.. not even second πŸ˜…

  10. Maybe Shez can try out that move on β€œBabygirl” sometime… πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. When I tell you if she had gotten to the AGPgang before Parniya in Ch3…πŸ™‚

  11. I’m almost two whole days late to the party this time, but it’s because I passed by final exam yesterday!!! Now I’m having a nice day off and starting it with Leasebound, life couldn’t be better. <3

    It's been said, but it bears repeating at least a dozen more times just how fine Shez is. Love her. Love that these classes are a thing for the women there. I've always been taught for ball-kicking to aim higher than you think, like kick straight up between the legs but aim for mid-stomach so you don't slow down and pull your kick, basically. But that's probably the same thought as never holding back. Haven't had the opportunity to test any of that out yet. ^^'

    1. Congratulations on passing your exam! Hope you enjoy relaxing, sounds like you’ve earned it πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      And yes, that’s essentially what Shez was trying to get across with the “never hold back”! Tbh glad you haven’t been put in a position where you had to defend yourself in this way ❀️

  12. Googling how to paste Shez biceps onto my arms brb

    Shez hitting with the foot or with the knee here?? πŸ€”

    MS BLUE STREAKS IS BACK ON SCENE HELL YEAHH crossing fingers to see her more in future pages along P*ssy Granny

    I’m probs seeing too mch into it but the male-coded dummies look like an inversion of those “female art” pieces and candles that have no face no legs and stuff. they always made me lowkey uncomfortable cause it looks like a corpse that has been hit with a machete yknow?? it feels odd when staring at that art.

    The dummies here gave a similar dehumanized vibe though the balloons add a touch of humour. But at least for this setting it makes a bit more sense i think, cause if you humanize too much the abusive enemy you might second guess too much and not strike in the moment or strike too soft anyway dumb ramble over lmao thnx for the new page!

    1. With her knee, much like she did when taking down Chris!

      Think you’re gonna love the following page a lot, breastie 😘😘

      Also yess!!! A lot of the training dummies I saw did have heads (this one was actually based on a spider man themed one LMAO!), and I removed his head to be like all the headless woman art I’ve been seeing.

      I did play around with giving it more unrealistic proportions like often happens with all the headless female art, but it didn’t really fit as well given this is meant to be a practical piece of training equipment first and foremost.

      But yes! Spot on, that’s exactly what I was going for by lopping his head off.

  13. Ruth probably pays Shez so much for these classes because they’re always an increase in clientele at the bar after.

    1. There’s definitely a beneficial loop of clients/patrons going on between the classes and the bar!
      Some of the ladies in the class would have found it through the bar, and others who found the class first likely went on to discover the cool women’s-only bar.

      And of course the biggest feeder to both businesses would be word of mouth.

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