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  1. Beautiful ending to that story. No loose ends, and the family is safe. Can I give Shez a big hug now? Please?

    It’s a bit unusual that he tries the same tactics on other men, though, no? Usually they pick only on people weaker than them. But hey, I’m not complaining if it means he gets more consequences for his actions!

    1. ❤️ = 1 hug for Shez XD

      I was thinking it was more a habit of his than anything else. Like spending so long having total control over Meriam and Shez over-inflated his ego, which lead to him overestimating the authority he could impose and paying the price for it. Or maybe he was lashing out aggressively because of how far he fell 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      Hell, perhaps all the suitcase-konks to the head just made him dumber 🤣🤣

      1. (TFW you can’t mash the button and give a barrage of hearts for Shez) the name eludes me but I think there is a disease risk in longterm boxers and american football players where the repeated trauma to the head results in greater impulsivity and aggresion so the suitcase hypothesis as part of the resulting picture makes sense.

        My condolences regarding Mr Toriyama dear Rusty. Thank you for giving us closure and more cool cameo ladies to enjoy.

        1. Sorry Miss SBD, one hug per person, otherwise the line for Shez will go on all day!

          I’ve definitely heard of boxing and usafootball players suffering a lot of brain damage in those sports! What you’re saying sounds about right.

          And thank you for the condolences 🩷 While a sexist pig, there is no denying I spent hours enjoying his work which had a huge influence on me growing up.

  2. Nooooo, Shez! Don’t cry or I’ll start crying again TT.TT

    I do love that she finds this kind of understanding and community here! Their entire life with Chris was so strongly characterized by isolation that it’s not wonder the immediate support and understanding would touch her deeply.

    And we are back to the background character designs! I love the lady with the sunglasses, she looks super cool

  3. Apologies if I’m out of line here, but between the sunglasses, the facial structure, the red shirt, the yellow shoulder-patch with the red design on it, AND the comic being set in Australia… Is that a r63 of the Sniper from TF2? Lmaoooo if so, amazing coincidence if not.

    And I hate to say it but I’m so glad that Chris survived simply because of the looming sense of fear that would always hang over Meriam’s family if he was an unsolved murder case. Him rotting in jail, too ashamed to admit that he was beaten by women, too violent to be released, and too stupid to stop doing the same shit over and over is the perfect balance between punishing him and keeping women safe.

    1. It is indeed 🤣🤣 She was requested by one of my cameo donors! I’m not familiar with TF2 at all, but I did my best 💪💪

      And thank you! I’m glad you can see the positives to Chris remaining alive. I was having the same ideas when divising his fate, I decided letting him die wouldn’t be enough suffering – but considering how anti-woman the legal system is, I needed another way to put him away. Which is where his job as a white collar drug dealer came from. Law seems to punish that a lot more harshly than male violence against women.

      Speaking of his fate though, fun fact: there was a draft where Shez became an unreliable narrator. As she told the story of their narrow escape from Chris, the imagery was going to show a different story. At that time, he was going to catch them trying to leave before getting out of the house. They were going to be leaving from the garage when he came home early. After knocking him out cold Shez was going to set the house ablaze, but only revealing it to readers, not the women in the class.

      It was a cool idea but raised too many questions for my liking – again about legal stuff and attention drawing. But yeah! Very happy with the final product and Chris’ fate.

      1. HAHA, that’s great! You did a good job, she’s instantly recognizable as Sniper, even without the classic akubra and vest. Shoutout to whoever requested that, I love TF2 and immediately did a double-take lmao.

        While that idea sounds really cool, I’m ultimately glad you went with what you did. I feel that the original idea could work great in a story with a different setting, like scifi or fantasy or whatever where there’s a greater suspense of disbelief and a level of “things like this just happen”… but since LB is a SOL set in the normal modern era something like that just raises too many questions. And to be blunt, at least with me it’d end up damaging my view of Shez a bit – I mean, burning a defeated, unconscious enemy alive? When there are tiny kids around – kids who, at the time, unfortunately loved him, no less – who are sure to ask questions as they get older?

        Cathartic for punishing Chris, absolutely, but IMO it just doesn’t suit the tone of the story. I’m glad that Shez was able to save her family without becoming a murderer at fourteen, especially in such a gruesome way. Letting Chris’ vile behavior keep him behind bars as he repeats the only thing he knows how to do is perfect.

        1. Glad she’s recognizable 🤣 I wanted to have a little subtlety so she had to lose the big hat and vest but! There ya go, the Venn diagram between women who enjoy TF2 and women who enjoy LB is out there in the world now 🤣

          And yes, I think you put it best about the genre mismatch. Honestly, I was more enamoured with the idea of a mismatch between narrator dialogue and the flashback imagery than I was the plot thread itself. Though I will say, I was going for the house on fire as an act of desperation. Shez wanting to be certain he couldn’t come find them.

          But yeah, much prefer this now. Even down to considering how her younger sisters would react as witnesses – especially Crystal, and making her a grounding force that reminded Meriam and Shez of their priorities. To escape.

          Blah, in a rambly mood. Thanks for reading 🥰🥰

  4. Love Shez’s smile! And the lady who asked is my new crush.

  5. I’m actually really glad Chris went to prison, instead of “probably died but it’s unknown.” With him in prison, Meriam can check regularly to see if/when he’s supposed to be released, especially now that the internet’s accessible. Hopefully he never comes out. Also, Shez doesn’t have to add “killed someone in a justified but brutal way in front of her family” to the list of traumas she’s working through.

  6. Ahhhh thank God Chris can’t manipulate women any more… Praying he never sees behind bars 🫰
    Love all the supportive women at Shez’s class! Can’t wait to see the love story between her and Parniya too!

  7. *sends thousand sparkly hearts to Shez*

  8. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Hopefully Chris has no way to find Shez’s family when/if he gets out…

  9. Hoodie girl is GORGEOUS. Your expressive faces are always amazing but how much personality and kindness you can put into a character in two panels is amazing.

    I wish Chris a very happy bigger guys always steal his ramen from commissary.

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m very happy with how these last few cameo characters turned out 🥰🥰

      🤣🤣 Love the idea of Chris being bullied. No child punching bags around here, sir. No ramen, either.

  10. Slightly disappointed the dingoes went hungry that night, but at least Meriam and her daughters didn’t have to answer for murder.

    1. The lesser of two evils 😔😔

  11. Well, I’m glad that a possible murder charge isn’t hanging over Shez’s family’s head, but! Maybe some time, after the events of this comic, Chris escapes prison!

    But before Shez and her family even learn of it, he gets eaten by dingos and crocs, with just enough remaining to identify him, like a toe or something, through DNA.

    And then Shez and family find out and know they’ll truly never have to worry about him again. 🙂
    …I just really want him to get eaten by dingos and/or crocs. lol

  12. Shez I love yoouuu 😭

  13. >Chris in moid prison for being an abusive moid.

    Michael Jackson: I love this song so much!

  14. Crypty (the tf2 enjoyer)

    My girl!!!!!! There’s she is!!!!!! Thank you so much for putting fem!Sniper in you’ve done her well!! She’s no doubt off to kill men for money after this 🙏😇
    I also really love the lady in the center! Would love to know more about her and the girl on the right! I’m sure Snipes is in excellent company!

    1. I would absolutely love for my gal to go on adventures with fem!Sniper and hoodie lady. They can start with some nice lunch in town! 🍕 Then they’ll get to business taking out men for money. 💥🔫

      1. Love this 🥰🥰

    2. So glad you like her 🥰🥰
      Love the idea of the different groups of cameo ladies becoming friends 🥰

  15. Wait, isn’t Chris like over 6 foot? Do 12 foot men exist in Leasebound? 😂

    1. You were making sense in the first half, breastie.

      1. I think this was a joke about Chris antagonizing men “twice his size” lmao

        1. Oh damn you’re right. I was reading too literally 🤣

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