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Baby grew up right before her eyes U_U. 22 soon to be 23 😭

EDIT: a Bachelor's degree in Australia is a 3 year (fulltime) course of study thats like a prerequisite to like 40 different major studies. Engineer, geologist, veterinarian, doctor,ect. So Jaden has still has a ways to go before she's a doctor.

Getting real close to that date on Jaden's wrist too aren't we 👀👀 ?

currently 10/12/15, her wrist says 19/04/16 >:3c

RIP the brave anon I got pre-termination, who guessed that it was the date of first time Jaden ate a woman out LMAO

Feel free to leave your guesses below!

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  1. I wasn’t able to visit your webcomic for about two weeks because my browser kept saying “not secure”! It wasn’t until I figured out to use http:// instead of the standard more secure https:// that I got it to work. I just thought I’d let you know in case you need to update certificates!

    Anyway, I kind of went off on the previous page, but before I read the comments and got heated, I wanted to say: I now understand more why Josie’s upset at Jaden quitting medical school to become a bouncer is unfair and made Jaden so upset and defensive! I grew up learning to be financially independent as a woman because to rely financially on anyone, especially a man, could trap me and be detrimental. So, I studied hard, worked hard, and grew up as someone with a really nice paycheck to the point where I even feel guilty earning it.

    So when I saw Josie upset at Jaden for quitting medical school, I was on her side. I thought, “Jaden, go get your coin, girl!! Your long-term, stable job with employable skills for LIFE! You’re young, fit, and strong enough to be a bouncer right now, but what about 20 years down the road and your body starts slowing down? After you’ve gotten into one too many altercations your mother is afraid of? Who will pay your medical bills? What about retirement?? You gotta think about the big, long-term picture here!”

    Now I see it’s more than just a mother worrying about her daughter having a stable job that makes good money. Jaden has been seen to be the work horse all her life. Jaden was the one who was just expected to support the entire family while her brother was more free to do whatever he wanted. Now that both Jaden and her brother are adults, Jaden finally wants to be given even an inkling of the freedom to choose whatever she wants to do that Jacob was given. When that was met with backlash, Jaden realized just how unfair her situation was in comparison to Jacob’s. I understand now! Knowing the backstory helps a lot, so I’m glad you took the time to reveal and explain all this to us.

    Also, the date on Jaden’s wrist? Hmmm my guess would have to do with the girl Jaden met in college that Josie had brought up. Josie said something like, “You loved med school! It wasn’t until you met THAT GIRL…” and Jaden got really upset. Also, there was a Q&A where you drew Jaden in college (I think) sitting next to a girl who I suspect is “THAT GIRL.” I think something tragic happens to that girl. Maybe she dies in an accident. Maybe she got sick and died. Maybe she got attacked by someone. Something BIG happened. Bigger than just she broke up with Jaden. You don’t get a permanent tattoo of a date unless that date is HUGE. So, I think that girl died and Jaden, in agony and mourning while also realizing how short life is, quits med school and decides to live life how she wants to! So the date has a sad meaning, but also a hopeful one too, to remind Jaden to live her life to the fullest.

    1. *puts tinfoil hat on* jaden already has her bachelor’s degree, right? So the date is while she’s doing her master’s. What if that woman jaden met *did* get into an accident and jaden had first aid duty or something (idk how to become a doctor in Australia but this is assuming you have to work in a hospital during that time) and they were unable to help due to the severity of the injury. Feeling inadequate she didn’t want to finish medical school. It would also explain why she said her bruises were “nothing” because she’s seen much worse. This is a pretty dark theory though and I don’t believe I’m even close. Maybe she didn’t quit medical school outright after the accident, but she wanted a break (during which she started weight lifting) and Josie kept getting in her case about finishing med school.

      1. I left a little edit in the page caption/description re: the process of becoming a doctor to clear things up.

        Love reading the theories you gyns come up with though. Absolute delight.

      2. I like your theory! It can also bring a lot of angst because Jaden could feel she not only was unable to save her father, but unable to save that woman (who I’m going to assume is possibly her first love or the first person she ever dated). The burden of always needing to save everyone but failing might cause Jaden to spiral into a quarter-life crisis!

    2. Adore seeing back and fourth theorizing in the comments. I think everyone will be in for a surprise once the tattoo date comes to light 😂

      Thanks for the heads up about the SSL. I recently made some changes in the back end and the cert is just taking a little while to switch over with the changed I made. May have to get in contact with my domain provider again 💀💀

      1. It sounds like none of our theories are close if we’ll be surprised about the tattoo date. I should increase my guessing game!

        It was a rainy day on April 19, 2016. The darkened skies would have sullied Jaden’s mood if she hadn’t realized she had fallen in love for the first time in her life. The rain felt like kisses on her skin and the dark clouds only helped highlight the bright neon sign above her head that read “Used Cars for Sale.” It was there that she saw her. At first Jaden thought she had been a mirage or maybe she was dreaming. As she stepped closer and reached out, she confirmed her love was real. It was the most beautiful monster truck she’d ever seen. She craned her neck to see the price tag taped to the driver’s side window. Her heart sank. It was $255k. However, this didn’t deter Jaden. She was a hard worker and she knew true love was worth any price.

        Barely feeling the water now seeping through the loose soles on her shoes, she went into the main office and asked the kindly saleswoman behind a desk, “Are there loan options on the truck there?”
        “I’m so sorry,” the woman told Jaden. “She’s already been sold to that guy over there.”
        Jaden looked over to see a man standing a few feet away wearing a stained t-shirt that said “Big Booty Bitches” on the back.
        A piece of Jaden died that day. Will she ever be able to recover from such a loss?

        1. LMAO!! You had me going with this one!!!

  2. Plum-headed Parakeet

    I took this page more of Josie crying that she’ll no longer have Jaden’s help anymore upon her growing up and probably wanting to move out soon then I did of Josie being sad that Jaden grew up so fast.

    1. Never seen a Mum get emotional up at her kids reaching adulthood/ big milestones indicative of growing up? She’s very much just doing that. Her little girl has grown into an educated young woman and is finally entering medical school – something she’s talked about doing since she was 8 years old.

      Jaden’s also not going anywhere for a while either. She’s only done a 3 year bachelor’s degree which is a prerequisite study to move into medicine, so she’s still looking at multiple years of study.

      Josie is just very much emotional at her first child growing up before her eyes. Even though she has misogynistic biases and expectations of Jaden she’s not aware of it and she does love her daughter. She doesn’t just see Jaden as chores that can be done for her.

      1. Plum-headed Parakeet

        Oh no doubt that I haven’t seen my own parents or other’s parents get emotional at the fact! I didn’t mean to draw so much away from that in my statement.

        I am so used to seeing the workhorse relationship in my own family that it’s difficult to subtract that feeling that there’s an underlying motive.

        1. That totally makes sense, I can definitely see how that would shape your perspective 💔

  3. “When did you grow up so fast” Idk when you made her???

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