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  1. Can’t believe we have finally met Alexis- hype for her cast page too!

    1. I made sure to have her up and ready minutes after the page came out XD you can find her in the Minor/Other characters section! <3 <3


    1. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  3. Plum-headed Parakeet

    The first lesbian spark! Oh this hits me in the feels, nothing like being in love with a woman, the heart racing and such 😭 and jaden realizing she’s a lesbian too.

    I think the click is just as great as the spark if not better. Realizing I was a lesbian was a breath of fresh air

    1. This is so sweet, and I’m so happy you relate. Coming to terms with being a lesbian really does feel like a breath of fresh air <3

  4. SOBS I’m so happy for Jaden. 😭 I know tragedy must be right around the corner, but for now! She has peace!!!

    I love the warm colors and the lighting in the last panel. You can just feel how happy Jaden is to have met someone special.

    1. There’s more warmth to come before any sadness. Jaden’s earned it, as a treat <3

  5. Aww Alexis’ big bright eyes, I love her already, I love everyone, I don’t want the happiness to end T_T
    I’m finally caught up now, thank you for drawing this amazing comic, I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next chapters!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, and leaving SO many thoughtful and lovely comments <3 It's been just as enjoyable for me to watch your journey, and I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy Lease Bound.

  6. I just discovered your comic and spent half the day binge-reading the whole thing. No regrets; I laughed, I cried, I thirsted. Looking forward to future installments!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I really think it reads best all in one go <3 Hope you continue to enjoy reading every monday!

  7. Oohhh there she is! Now that I’ve seen her, I’ll have to come up with a new guess on what tragedy will befall Jaden for her to permanently tattoo a date on her wrist:

    Jaden was never particularly fond of studying medicine. Sure, she was good at it and she didn’t mind the long hours of study, but it often left a heavy feeling in her chest. But what else was there for her life? Becoming a doctor had been her identity since she was a little girl. She ignored her nightly dreams where she persued other paths in life, chalking it up to her brain indulging in unrealistic whimsy. Last night, she announced to her family she wanted to become a zookeeper. Dream Nana immediately fainted from the shock. Jaden awoke in a sweat, confused. She didn’t even want to be a zookeeper! The dream must have appeared because of the cute animal videos she had watched last night during one of her study breaks, nothing more.

    When Alexis entered her life, for once Jaden was actually excited to go to her classes. Alexis was warm, friendly, and made the daily drudgery of life fun! They grew closer and closer. Then it happened.

    “I’ve quit dentistry,” Alexis announced over the salad buffet in the student cafeteria.

    “Wh- really??” Jaden asked, bewildered. Could you do that? Was that allowed? Just quit medical school?? She was impressed at how strong-willed and determined Alexis was. She was someone who made up her own mind and went after what she wanted instead of caving to what others wanted. Jaden always admired that about her.

    “Yeah, I’m also not vegetarian anymore.” Alexis said as she grabbed a nearby lambchop and threw it onto her plate.

    “These are a lot of changes,” Jaden said cautiously, pausing to let Alexis elaborate. She didn’t mind having a different palette than Alexis, but she began to wonder what was behind all these sudden life changes and if they were connected.

    “Yeah, also I submitted a demo tape to the biggest record company in the country and I got a contract!” Alexis said nonchalantly, but threw a look over her shoulder expectantly waiting for Jaden’s reaction.

    Jaden’s eyes grew along with her smile. “That’s wonderful!!” she set down her plate of veggies to hug Alexis. “I always told you that you had a beautiful singing voice!”

    Alexis beamed as she hugged Jaden back. The warmth between them grew. She knew Jaden would be supportive and happy for her. However…

    Alexis slowly withdrew from Jaden, her head hanging.

    Jaden was too excited to notice Alexis’s change in demeanor right away. “We’ll have to go out and celebrate later! How about dinner tonight?” Jaden’s energy was like sunshine. Alexis felt guilty in its warmth.

    “Jaden…” Alexis whispered.

    “What is it? What’s wrong?” Jaden put a concerned hand on Alexis’s shoulder.

    “I leave Australia tonight. After we eat lunch here, I need to return to the dorms to pack. I’m going on tour and my first stop is in Canada tomorrow morning.”

    Jaden’s heart sank. “Oh.” She said, her heart suddenly heavy. Why hadn’t Alexis told her about this sooner? She didn’t even know Alexis submitted a tape. Wouldn’t she also have to go to practice sessions before doing something as big as do a concert? When did she have time? Were they not as close as Jaden had thought? Jaden brushed it off and smiled, still so happy for Alexis. “Don’t worry, we’ll get dinner some other time. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You are so amazing, Alexis! I look forward to seeing you succeed and shine!”

    “Come with me,” Alexis grabbed both of Jaden’s shoulders. Her eyes were pleading.

    “Wh–??” Jaden was shocked. What about her studies?? Nana? Mom? Jacob?? Everyone was counting on her! Her grades!! Her perfect grade point average!! Could she just quit like this?

    “Please!” Alexis begged, tears forming on the edges of her beautiful green eyes.

    “I…” Jaden stumbled. This was all so sudden. A plan formed in her mind. It wouldn’t hurt to miss a week of class to visit Canada, would it? She could catch up, right? If not, oh well, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she wanted to be there for Alexis. “I’d love to come with you!” Jaden scooped Alexis into a big hug and the two squealed and giggled with excitement.

    The next morning, they arrived in Canada. Jetlagged, but excited, they booked into their hotel room across the street from Rogers Centre where the big concert was scheduled. Just as they settled in to relax and talk about the exciting day Alexis was about to have, there was a knock on the door.

    “Oh! That must be him!” Alexis flew to the door and opened it.

    “Him?” Jaden asked.

    “Meet the man who I’m performing one of the opening acts for!” Alexis led a man into the room. “Enimem!!”

    Jaden stared. Enimem stared back.

    “Sup?” Enimem said, looking dully around the room with dead eyes.

    “Isn’t he cool???” Alexis squealed. “Enimem, this is Jaden!!!”

    Jaden felt the room spinning. Was this a dream?? Was Nana going to walk into the room and faint again? Jaden pinched her arm but nothing happened. “Uh….m” Jaden sputtered. “Nice to meet you.” She held out a hand to the man. Her mother raised her right with correct manners. She wasn’t about to dishonor her family or disappoint Nana.

    Enimem stared dully at Jaden’s outstretched hand, his own hands never leaving the pockets of his hoodie. He sniffed then turned and left the room. “I’mma head out,” he said. “See you later, Alexis. Nice to meet you, Jordan.”

    Alexis frantically waved down the hallway and when she closed the door, the room was silent except her excitedly jumping up and down. “Isn’t this the best??” she giggled. “I can’t believe I’m doing an opening act for someone as cool as Enimem!!”

    “Uh. Alex…” Jaden cleared her throat.

    “What is it?” Alexis’s face was still beaming. Jaden hated to ruin the mood, but…

    “Isn’t Enimem…?” Jaden began.

    “Yes??” Alexis looked so cute with her smile and rosy cheeks.

    “Isn’t he… you know…”


    “… a misogynist?”

    Alexis gasped. “Of course not!!! He’s the coolest!”

    Jaden stared out the hotel window in a daze. Was this really happening? ‘Ok, Jaden, relax’ she told herself. Just because Alexis might not know much about Enimem’s bad reputation doesn’t mean this is a deal breaker. Right? Just because she has really bad taste in music doesn’t mean Jaden doesn’t like her anymore. Someone’s music taste doesn’t define someone’s entire personality or being.

    “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Alexis wrapped her arms around Jaden’s shoulders. “Are you jealous?” her voice dropped in a flirtateously teasing way.

    JEALOUS?! OF ENIMEM??!!!! Jaden nearly exploded. Instead, she took a deep breath. “I’m just worried about you.” Jaden said. It was the truth. “That guy has a really bad reputation.”

    “You always worry so much!” Alexis hugged Jaden tighter. Jaden felt some of the tension leave her body but her heart still felt heavy.

    Alexis did amazing at her debut concert performance. Jaden was so proud of her. Her heart swelled with joy for Alexis finally having the opportunity to show the world how talented she was. The roar of applause for Alexis mirrored the roar of admiration in Jaden’s heart. The rest of the concert wasn’t so pleasant to sit through, but Jaden decided she could put up with any discomfort if she could support the amazing Alexis. Alexis had worked hard her entire life and she deserved recognition.

    “Jaden!!” Alexis beamed and waved frantically to her after the concert. “Good news! Enimem invited us to have dinner with us later!”

    It was like someone had thrown a javelin through Jaden’s heart. They were supposed to go to dinner alone. It was supposed to be the date Jaden promised when she first heard the news about this concert. Now Enimem will be there? Ugh. Jaden forced a smile. “That’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to it!”

    Jaden sat through the meal quietly, which went unnoticed by everyone. It was fine by her. She was just happy to watch Alexis have fun and shine. Though Enimem was being a little too grabby toward the female music artists and dancers sitting near him, including Alexis. Jaden reached out a reassuring hand to Alexis, trying to get the message across that they could leave at any time if Enimem was making her uncomfortable. However, Alexis ignored her. Jaden comforted herself with the fact that Alexis seemed to be fine with it. Still, something stirred within Jaden. Was she actually jealous of Enimem? No, she was worried. She resolved to protect Alexis and stay by her side all night in case something happened.

    “Go back to the hotel room without me, Jaden.” Alexis said after the meal was over. “Enimem said he had something important to tell me.”

    “Are you going to be alone?” Jaden asked, her heart racing.

    “Jaden, you really need to stop being so jealous about this,” Alexis crossed her arms over her chest.

    “I just don’t trust the gu-”

    “Look, I’m getting really angry now,” Alexis narrowed her eyes. “This is my big break in a brand new career that’s really important to me. The producers will be there with us and if you can’t trust me to be alone with fellow musical artists for even 10 minutes, then maybe you should go back to Australia tonight without me.”

    Jaden’s jaw dropped to the floor! She didn’t know why Alexis was being so insistent on meeting with Enimem alone, but she could understand Alexis’s point of view. Enimem was the one who invited Alexis to be an opening act. This was a big break for her and now Jaden looked like she was jealous and getting in the way of Alexis’s success and blossoming career. Jaden wanted to support Alexis, not be a hinderence.

    “I’m sorry,” Jaden’s shoulders drooped. “If you feel uncomfortable at all, just give me a call. Or a text. I’ll immediately come get you.” Jaden didn’t want to leave Alexis’s side. She didn’t like this, but maybe Alexis was right. Maybe all the alarm bells ringing in Jaden’s ears was just jealousy.

    “You worry waaaayy too much,” Alexis’s expression softened. She booped Jaden’s nose playfully and giggled.

    Jaden couldn’t sleep and waited half the night for Alexis to come back to their hotel room. Several times Jaden texted Alexis asking if she was okay and she was given short “Yep! <3" responses in return. She had already gone down to the lobby to look for Alexis. She had even returned to the restaurant to peer through the windows to see if anyone was still there. She only saw empty rooms and closed shops. Where could Alexis be??

    It was 2am when Alexis stumbled into their hotel room, drunk and giggling. "Sorrrryyy for making you wait, sweetiee!!" Alexis slurred her words.

    Jaden sighed in relief. Alexis was okay! "Thank goodness, I was really worried," Jaden tried to keep her voice steady from the tears of relief threatening to spill down her cheeks. She didn't want to make Alexis think Jaden was upset at her. She wasn't. She was just glad Alexis was okay.

    "Enimem is the b e s t. He took me out for a joyride in this sweet ride he recently bought! Guess what, he actually bought it a while ago in Australia!" Alexis stumbled closer into the light. That's when Jaden saw it.

    "Where- where did you get that t-shirt?" Jaden asked.

    "Oh this? Enimem gave it to me. Isn't he the sweetest? He's soooooooo generous!" Alexis spun, showing off the deep sweaty pit stains and the words on the back that read "Big Booty B*tches."

    No. It couldn't be. NO!! Jaden's mind swirled. "T-the sweet new ride Eminem bought in Australia. Is it a monster truck?" It couldn't be. No way. Jaden's first love. No!!!

    "How did you know???" Alexis gaped.

    The next thing Jaden saw was the ceiling.

    "Jaden sweetie, are you okay?? Jaden?? Please talk to me!" Alexis's blurry face came into view. "Oh, thank goodness you're awake!!"

    "Ale–" Jaden croaked. "I'm sorry. I just…" how could Jaden begin to describe the racing thoughts in her head if they wouldn't slow down enough for her to process them herself?

    "It's okay! Shhh, it's okay," Alexis held Jaden. "Should I call someone? Do we need to go to the hospital?"

    "No, I'm alright," Jaden slowly sat up. "The room has already stopped spinning," she let out a laugh that sounded flat even to her own ears.

    "I'm so glad you're okay, because I have something to confess," Alexis said. Her shoulders hunched up in the cute way Jaden loved whenever Alexis was nervous or shy about something.

    "What is it?" Jaden asked, thinking this night couldn't get any worse.

    "You see…" Alexis fiddled with the hem of the pit-stained t-shirt. "Enimem asked me out. And I said yes."

    The rest of the night was a blur. The next thing Jaden remembered was waking up on the hard concrete in front of a tattoo parlor. Her wrist hurt and the artist was calling Jaden a taxi back to her hotel room.

    April 19, 2016 was the worst day of Jaden's life.

    [I saw you put Alexis as being bisexual on her character sheet and my mind wandered lol]

    1. Sad that Alexis’s bisexuality made you go for a cheating plotline, but i have to say it took me the fuck out when eminem showed up, LMAO. just. the last thing I was expecting. cannot believe he bought Jaden’s truck too U_U Smh.
      Congratulations on writing LB’s first two-part, crossover crack fic. Truly blessed <3

      1. Nooo, Alexis didn’t cheat! When Alexis introduces Jaden to Eminem (lol), she just says Jaden’s name, not that she’s her girlfriend or anything! It’s true that Jaden wanted to take Alexis out on a date, but they weren’t dating before. They were very close and on the verge of possibly being official (maybe after talking about it over the dinner Jaden wanted to have with Alexis), but they never got there yet. They’re both very, very close here and on the verge of something happening, but both are still officially single here!
        Alexis announces all these big changes in her life and Jaden laments that maybe she and Alexis aren’t as close as she thought they were, so it puts doubt in her mind that maybe Alexis doesn’t like her as much as Jaden likes Alexis, but Jaden still has hope in her heart. Her hopes are dashed in the end. πŸ™

        Man, I’m sorry it came across that Alexis is a cheater! I didn’t meant it to come across that way but I can see how that might come across. I should have been more specific about that aspect but was too focused on the lols. Sorry about that! This made me very upset with myself that my funny story could imply something so bad. πŸ™

        1. I’m now reading my little story in the context of Alexis and Jaden dating the entire time and Alexis actually cheating and wow! Alexis would be such a jerk casually telling Jaden “I’m doing all this big stuff in my life and not including my girlfriend in any of it lol. I’ve been going to concert practices for months and kept it a secret from my girlfriend cuz screw her lol. Also I’m suddenly dating Enimem now and agreed to date him after waving Jaden off. No big deal, right?? I’m not even going to bother breaking up with Jaden first and never once mention my relationship with Jaden! I’m an asshole. πŸ™‚ ”

          Reading it in that context, idk why you even bothered to respond to me. I’d have just ignored such a gross display of nastiness. 😭

        2. Even Alexis’s little teasings “Are you jealous? ;)” turns from:

          “She is teasing Jaden in a friendly way because they’re close friends, but Jaden doesn’t see their friendship the same way Alexis does. Jaden wants more! If only Alexis knew what Jaden really felt about her, ohhhh if onlyyyyy!! *angst*”

          “Alexis is a monster who overlooks and belittles the feelings of her girlfriend after they’ve already agreed to exclusively date each other and dedicate themselves only to each other! Because screw actual care about another human being you’ve swore love to lol.”
          I’m just. gonna go crawl into a hole.

        3. Oh my god nooonononononononononono!!!! The way you explained it made total sense, and I was still thoroughly entertained – like I said when M&M showed up I fucking LOST it! laughed out loud!!
          I’m so sorry I made you feel bad, I very much knew you were having fun and being silly, and I didn’t even think about the fact Jaden and Alexis weren’t dating in your story!

          Literally no harm done, I appreciate your long funny comments and I’d hate to discourage you <3 <3

  8. Oohhh that’s a relief!! Still, there should have been something in my story that blatantly says “They are not dating!!” instead of basically saying “they got closer until everything fell apart!” Like, how closer were they?? That *could* imply they could have possibly been dating. I hadn’t considered that!
    It’s like writing a cute story about how Jaden gets a puppy but accidentally leaving open an interpretation that Jaden likes kicking puppies! I was panicking and yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” lol!!

    While it seems like Jaden and Alexis might get together in the comic so far, I don’t know if they will. I’m actually waiting for a twist that cuts off any romance between them short. Maybe it’s because Jaden’s life has been rough so far, when I see her happy with a character we don’t see in the present, I think “Okay, what’s the catch?” At first, I thought maybe Alexis died in a tragic accident/disease (like my previous guess) but I thought about it and since Jaden’s father died of “male character disease” (lol!!), I considered maybe Alexis wouldn’t die. Killing her would also be cliche, “fridging” a female love interest like so many action movies do, just to give the protagonist motivation and angst.

    So I’m thinking: She quits med school so Jaden loses the one thing motivating to keep her going to her classes because she actually doesn’t want to do med school either, and Alexis moves away somewhere new where she starts a brilliant new career where Jaden can’t follow her. Still, why CAN’T Jaden follow Alexis, especially after Jaden realizes she wants to live her life outside of med school, too? And that’s where M&M comes in LOL!!
    But seriously, maybe Alexis’s parents don’t approve of Jaden and keep them apart?? Hmmm.

    1. Your POV makes perfect sense – I very much let the fact that as the author I know what’s gonna go down get the best of me! I’m about 5 pages ahead of the public upload so my brain was so far in the future it totally skewed my reading of your fun lil stories :3

  9. LMAO I headcanon the whole doctor thing not working out because of Jaden’s eligible penmanship


  10. I love Alexis’ design so much godddddd. Also appreciate that there’s a lot of women in the med school, and the ones talking to other women seem to be pretty happy lol

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