Oh she went for it!! Imagining you gyns in the grandstands watching Alexis pour her heart out:

#FlirtingWithWomenWhenYou'reAlsoAWoman problems tho U_U

Also, matching icons for you and the gal you're trying your damnedest to confess to:

20 thoughts on “CH10P32

  1. Rusty somewhere: “There you see her
    Sitting there across the way
    She don’t got a lot to say
    But there’s something about her
    And you don’t know why
    But you’re dying to try
    You wanna kiss the girl”

    1. oh she definitely wants >:3

  2. The expressions in this page were 100% perfect

    1. Thank you!

  3. Goodness, I feel Alexis so much here. The amount of time it took my first girlfriend and me to figure out that yes, we’re both flirting is frankly embarrassing to admit, both our respective friend circles apparently had betting pools about how long it’d still take us. Eventually I exploded somewhat like that, exasperated gestures and all. Fingers crossed that Jaden will find her outburst as sweet as I do!

    Also: Alexis, babe, I’m so proud of you for getting it out.

    1. Omg that’s so cute! I’m glad you finally got together <333

      Alexis out here setting an example for all SSA women <3

  4. Alexis is such a mood lol

    1. representation matters <3

  5. Hi Rusty!
    I’ve recently started a discord server for detransitioners and desisters in Australia. I’m wondering if you would like to spread the word? pm happy to discuss this with you further if you would like

    1. Heyo! I saw your tumblr post and made sure to reblog it – not a lot of pull since it’s shaddowbanned and down a lot of followers but, happy to share it <3
      for any gyns interested here's the post :

  6. TremendouslyRegular

    I want Alexis’s expression on the last panel as an avatar for my soul))

    1. You’ve inspired me to make matching icons! Putting them in the caption under the comic XD

  7. Comics shit written by a shitty person. Can’t even tell what’s happening with the art and creator is a cringey transphobe who thinks their helping women and lesbians with their bullshit.

    1. “Can’ tell what’s ‘happening with the art” may be more of an indictment on your comprehension skills, than my artistic ones.
      Cool lesbians and women love LeaseBound <3

    2. Nah, this comic is based and is definitely helping women and lesbians. πŸ™‚ I think you’re just a bit lost dear

    3. It’s actually pretty clear what’s happening. Have you considered the possibility that you just lack critical thinking skills and are a shitty person who thinks you’re being oh so clever using names like “killself” as your handle?

  8. Fox In The Forest

    Ignore the person above. As a cool woman and cool lesbian I do, in fact, love leasebound. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

    1. Many thanks! Your based award is in the mail <33

  9. I’ve been super busy with work so I lost track of the webcomics I regularly read. Now that things have settled down, I’m reading what I’ve missed and I’m stoked to binge-read a bunch of new pages!!

    I liked Jaden’s hesitation in the beginning, “Are you… Talking about me…?” I felt that! I always feel that. That you can’t dare to assume someone is flirting on the off-chance their signals are a miscommunication or misunderstanding! And if you flirt back or even assume the flirting when they’re not, that’d be seen as rude or inappropriate that’ll make the other person feel awkward or bad!

    Alexis’s frustration in that same first panel is also so cute! Blushing and blurting out “YES I’m talking about you!” because what if Jaden’s question means she’s not interested and now everything’s out in the open, this is the time when she might get rejected, and what if it changes their friendship into awkwardness??

    Then Alexis fumbling trying to explain herself in case Jaden ISN’T interested and how much Alexis wants to convey that she has been trying so hard to not offend Jaden by “coming across too strong” even though her main example of “OBVIOUS” flirting was eagerly choosing to talk to Jaden vs the guy she’s sitting next to (ALEXIS, THAT ISN’T OBVIOUS AT ALL lol For all Jaden knew, you knew the guy and hated him because he’s a jerk!). Then her embarrassment and nerves come to a head when she’s suddenly venting how guys can believe anything means flirting while she has to work extra hard maneuvering around the unspoken rules!

    I could feel all the emotions and meanings behind them perfectly! You’re so good at portraying story, characterization, emotion, and character motivation!

    1. welcome back! Always lovely to see your comments πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
      So glad you picked up on Alexis thinking she was being obvious with flirting but also realizing in the moment that the same rules don’t apply when flirting with women VS men πŸ˜‚

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