Mayhaps Jaden's tattoo is a wedding date πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€?

Also! You might have heard the LB print copies are here!! All the info's here on my Insta, or Tumblr if that's something you're interested in!

Double also, Lease Bound turned 4 yesterday! Way back in 2018, July 24th I uploaded LB's first 9 pages to smackjeeves (rest in pieces). And while I had far off day dreams of taking it somewhere I would not imagine that I'd be mailing out print copies four short years later!

Lease Bound has 9 completed chapters, and a 10th coming close to completion. There are 318 published pages and 323 completed (always good to keep backlog).

Despite all the attention and fanart they get, the AGPgang are only present for a measly 31 pages (including flashbacks and a nightmare Jaden has about the attack). Which is a lesson in not putting men in your stories if I've ever seen one, lmfao.

I'm so proud of how far I've come with this series and I'm so excited to post more. It's changed and evolved so much as I've grown artistically which I largely owe to all the amazing women who I have met along the way and who offered me guidance. This goes especially for @arbustorum who is like the big sister I never had.

Thank you all for being a part of the journey <3 Β 

11 thoughts on “CH10P38

  1. They are literally so cute together but I don’t wanna get attached to the shop since I know it doesn’t last 😫❀️

  2. So Jaden’s dad’s family didn’t like her mom, didn’t think she was worthy of him, accused her of “stealing” the dad away, and robbing them of “proper” grandchildren?? The “proper grandchildren” part made my blood run cold.

    Is Jaden’s dad from a super-rich family and Jaden’s mom from a poorer one? Is that why they look down on her?? Or maybe it’s a xenophobia thing? I saw in the “Meet the Cast” section that Jaden’s mom is Ghanaian while Jaden is Ghanaian Australian. Is it a cultural thing? My family has something similar where my mom’s family from Japan isn’t happy mom “ran off” and married an American guy. Still, I’ve met my extended family and grandma, too! πŸ™ It makes me really sad for Jaden.

    “Well, then I’m sorry in advance for giving you more terrible in-laws.” What are Alexis’s parents like? I need to know all the tragic backstories!

    1. I didn’t look at Jacobus’s profile before typing my previous comment, so I didn’t see his family is from Ghana too! I assumed he was from an Austalian family. So, it’s not a xenophobia or racism thing. It must be a classist issue, then! Because Josie is such a wonderful lady, why would anyone look down on her??

      1. Yeah! That’s what the 19 hour flight line is about. Cuz they’re all back over in Ghana. The proper grandchildren line is about the fact they disapprove of Josie. They’re just you’re run of the mill misogynistic in-laws who didn’t like who their son chose to be with.
        Very very sad πŸ™

        Nana likely took it as a personal slight because that’s HER daughter they’re insulting. One she raised with love and care and who she loves dearly.

        1. My father’s family didn’t like my mother, or at least his mother and her sisters didn’t. I don’t think my paternal grandfather disliked her. His mother and her sisters were the children of Lithuanian immigrants who came to the United States with nothing, but at that point, they were solidly middle-class and saw my mother as “trashy” because she came from the lower class and her parents were divorced. The fact that she wasn’t Catholic didn’t help.

          As time went on, my dad’s relatives came to tolerate my mom and stopped sending him letters that signed off with “Our Saddened Love.” They really were very melodramatic.
          Ironically, my mother treated my (now ex) husband the same way she had been treated by my dad’s mother and aunts. My ex is an Aspie and so a little different. He didn’t measure up to my mother’s ideal of a proper husband.

  3. Hi! I’m a radical feminist on Twitter and someone sent me an anonymous message to check out your webcomic.

    I was NOT expecting to fall in love with your art style, your characters, and the storyline as much as I did! I was never into webcomics because the only ones I saw were the gendie ones (like Boyfriends) so I tend to stay away from things like this. I’m so glad I got out of my comfort zone! I cannot tell you how amazing it is to see representation of women like me that think like me. Everything you do in this comic both subtly and not subtly is beautiful.

    I love how Jaden and Riley embrace their natural leg hair and bare faces. I love how all of the women that work at the lesbian club are so badass and don’t put up with all of the recent bs that our world has been going through. From the very first panels you had me hooked. I knocked out the whole comic in about 2 hours and I’m considering reading it again. I’ve already told all of my followers to check it out and the tweet is doing good! I sent a lot of people your way and a lot of others that have read Lease Bound have been discussing it with new readers.

    I am so thankful that I was able to read your comic and I cannot wait for all of the updates from now on! I’m looking forward to keeping up with you. I know it’s been rough getting attacked, I have a pretty big platform so I’m a punching bag for the TRAs at times. Never give up and stop doing what you’re doing though! You are inspiring so many people. It is so important to see actual lesbian representation like this. Radtwt loves you and has been discussing about you today. We all have you in our thoughts! You are AMAZING and so talented!

    1. I think I must have found it because of your tweet. Just finished it, was devastated when the β€˜next’ button was black instead of blue.

    2. I don’t knoe how I missed this comment before but thank you so, SO much for leaving it. I’m so happy you got out of your comfort zone too! The landscape of webcomics has definitely changed a lot over the years (sometimes not for the best). I always enjoyed reading them as a teenager so it feels good to carve out a space amongst all the gender crap that exists in the format today.

      I’m so flattered by your kind words about LB – it truly makes all the time and effort worth it to know other women enjoy my art πŸ₯°πŸ₯° thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment, to read LB (it really does read best all at once!) AND for sharing it with other women. It really does survive on word if mouth.

      That’s why I weather the gendies and have no intention of giving up. Outside of stubbornness and spite, they’re some of my best advertisers for the story!

  4. Ive been reading this comic over the last two days and its so good!! Extremely cathartic to see authentic homosexual and gnd characters everywhere and a very delicate treatment of all sorts of interpersonal issues. Plus the women are all so cute and wonderful <3 Looking forward to more, dont let them take you down!

  5. Are there still print copies left, or are they sold out? :O

    1. There are still a few copies available yes!
      I’ll send you the shop link thru the email you used for this comment πŸ₯°

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