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Completely unseen page - even by my beloved, previous patrons! Time to catch Alexis up on the first 25 pages of this chapter (in one page dw), lmao.

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  1. First of all I am so sorry for the horrible harassment and the entire patreon thing! I love your comic and have been reading it for quite some time but never commented. But I thought now would be a good time to show some support. You are an amazing artist and I hope that you will be able to continue to do your fantastic work in the future!

    A side note: I love Alexis. I am a bi woman with long hair (even though it’s more frizzy/thinner than hers) and dark under eyes and I feel represented lol. It’s extremely rare that a bi female character feels relatable to me. Even though I never dated men (unfortunately had sex with them) and even though I have quite some experience with women, Alexis feels like a younger version of me. I really hope this isn’t going down the “she’s bi so she is cheating on women/leaving women with/for men” route. I know many bi women do that. But bi women like me also exist (heavy preference for women and only dating women by choice) and I’d like to see that more. If you are going down the other route that’s fine too of course (it’s a sad reality so I get when it’s depicted in a comic about lesbian experiences)! It’s just a personal preference and hope.

    No matter what, I love your comic and I love seeing how your art style evolves <3

    1. Hey, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment! As annoying as the harrassment has been, it’s also introduced a whole new wave of readers to Lease Bound, and I couldn’t be happier about that. And I have every plan to see Lease Bound through to the end!

      Re Alexis: I’m so SO glad you as a bi woman are able to see yourself in her. And I absolutely assure you this is not going down ‘cheating on jaden with a man’ arc. I HATE cheating plotlines in general because it just, removes so much likeability from characters for me. If anyone was to do any cheating, it’d be some moid character. Plus, I’m definitely aware of the ‘bi woman cheating’ expectation, and really wanted to avoid it. While it does seem to be the case that most bisexual women pursue men, I feel like the responsible/productive thing to do when representing bi women in media is to show them the opposite. It’s why with both Blaire and Alexis I’ve tried to show, that they’re genuinely, wholeheartedly attracted to their girlfriends. They’re not placeholders for boyfriends to come. They’re genuinely happy with women.

      But also, they are bisexual. That’s why I had Alexis mention having boyfriends in the past – they didn’t go well, not because of her attraction, but because men are misogynistic lmao. That’s the kind of writing I intend for Violet (the club’s bartender who’s also bisexual). A sort of “Oh hot guy?…. Oh he’s speaking. Points lost, should have stayed eye-candy only”.

      Thank you again so so much for commenting, AND for reading. So excited to keep growing and improving my story!

      1. I’m so happy to hear that it brought in new readers! I will share the comic with more women I know who might be into it. When it’s available to buy I’d love to so, even though I live in Germany so I don’t know how the shipping situation would be D:

        And ah what you said about bi female characters almost made me cry a little. Thank you so much. It’s true that most bi women sadly ultimately choose men but that’s exactly why we need more representation like this. Showing bi women that it’s maybe a little bit more difficult to find a female partner but it’s possible and it’s worth it. I think many bi women would be in less relationships with men if they would value themselves more and wouldn’t be so bound to the idea of “I HAVE to have partner or else I am lonely and miserable and there are just more men out there so a male partner it is even though he’s an idiot”.

  2. i miss being a patron but i’m excited to see this page nonetheless ha! is it easier at all getting a little extra time before people are seeing the pages or do you miss it?

    i feel so bad for jaden, it’s always an interesting sensation to miss someone who’s still a part of your life. must be even trickier when she can’t help but be exhausted by the entire situation.

    i feel for alexis too because it’s always an awkward situation empathizing with and relating to your girlfriend, learning about her family struggles, but still not being actually involved in them– it’s almost parasocial because you know them and the affect they have on your most beloved person, but you don’t actually know them. it’s a weird situation. seeing how tired both josie and jaden are and being out in a very intimate spot with complete strangers.

    i’m very curious to see the relationship between alexis and jaden progress and seeing how alexis interacts more with both of them, since present day josie seems to have a bit of a negative view on alexis (blaming her for jaden leaving school)

    1. I miss having YOU as a part of my patreon, i miss the whole process, honestly! Like yeah the extra time is good for sure, but it was kind of fun having almost a trickle of reactions to different parts of the story each week. I really liked the little community feel we had going on over there <3 So thankful you and the other ladies were a part of it while it lasted.

      Love your analysis as always, hoping I don’t disappoint!

  3. Welcome back, Rusty! Thank you so much and I dearly hope you had a moment to catch your breath. I admire your ability to create in the midst of such vitriol and unfairness.
    I’m delighted to hear you feel the same as I do about cheating plot lines. I think modeling integrity is important and sadly missing in nearly all m media.
    Thanks again! <3

    1. Thank you! It feels great to be back πŸ₯°
      If anything it’s the best form of getting back and gendies. Living well and still producing the content they tried so hard to stamp out!

      And god yeah can’t think of a worse storyline to manufacture drama or a better way to make me dislike a character than a cheating plotline. Eeyuck!

  4. Jaden’s NEVER met her other grandmother? That’s so sad because it hints that Jaden has been cut off from her father’s side of the family her entire life! Why?? I ask this before I click the next page which might tell me the explanation…

    1. Yeah! That’s why Nana was so heated earlier in the chapter when Josie told her not to bad mouth Jacobus’ family. Despite the disapproval and cruelty she endured from them she held hope maybe if she just accepted it they would one day atleast acknowledge her children. But they didn’t.

      That’s why Nana says “8 years they could have visited!!” And snubs the other grand mother “never called you on your birthday or sent a card?”. Jaden was 8 years old at the time.


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