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Real oof with this week, ladies. </3

Nice lil Paw-Prints Cameo, tho! If you haven't read it yet, it's a light hearted lesbian webtoon, made by lesbian artist Sarah McSquish. Here's the summary: Follow the adventures of shape shifter siblings, Mae and Dante Rojas, as they go on a cross-country RV trip with Bear and Asuka, a pair of curious women lost on their journey in life. Send some love her way if you do take a look! Β  Β 

15 thoughts on “CH10P40

  1. aaaaaaa this page :’((( poor jaden!! her face in the last panel made me tear up… i wish i could give her a hug ;-;

  2. DasFeministMermaid

    :< poor Jaden. That's a hard realization to have

  3. ahhh the woes of being parentified

  4. nooo poor baby!! o(Tγƒ˜To)
    this chapter has been absolutely amazing so far… jaden is one of my fav characters of all time and her face in the last panel kills me… your art is really incredible and so is your storytelling!!!

  5. oh baby! You were forced to be an adult to look after your family, there’s nothing wrong with you, Jaden!

  6. I know this feeling. I don’t really have any friends either. I always had trouble making friends because I’m shy and socially awkward. As an older adult living in a rural area, it’s pretty much impossible. Also, I’ve always found it difficult to find people I actually have anything in common with.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to turn you into my therapist.

    I’m glad I found the comic again. I look forward to the next episode. Take care and much love to you. Keep laughing at the idiots and their pathetic attempts at sick burns. I’m always supportive of women who have the courage to speak out in favor of maintaining sex-based rights and protections. I also know what it feels like to be canceled for doing so.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for all your kind comments πŸ₯° you had me laughing at some of the responses to the gender-havers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I know it’s not a replacement for IRL friendship, but you’re always welcome here! Wishing you some friendly change meetings in future too <3

  7. omg :(( i wish i could give jaden a hug

    1. Gotta add a button for thisπŸ™

  8. Nooooo!!! Jaden!! :'( She’s been so busy, she never had friends and worse, never even noticed she’s never had any friends! That’s so sad! My heart breaks for her! I’m consoled knowing she has friends in the future (her coworkers? and Riley)! That’s it, Jaden needs MORE friends! I’ll write fanfiction where my self-insert is BFFs with Jaden! Lol! I bring her into my friend group, we’re all BFFs together, and we have an awesome time!!

    I’m also impressed by how quickly and easily she can be vulnerable in front of Alexis. I can’t imagine how hard it can be to admit, “I’ve NEVER had any friends before.” So many people can look down on you for something like that, judge you, or think “There’s got be something wrong with her, if that’s the case…” I can see she trusts Alexis a lot!

    1. Honestly loving the visuals everyone’s provided by declaring they’d be Jadens friends πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
      I can see a bunch of girls sitting down with young!Jaden and getting to know her and maybe eventually getting her to put down the books πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί and maybe finally playing a game of red rover.

  9. I love… well I guess I don’t REALLY love it but I have. Feelings about how relatable this kind of experience is. There’s a lot that can happen in someone’s life to really deeply and truly isolate them from others. And I like how you are being more… I guess.. RAW, about the pain of that in this story. There’s a lot of stories I read where the “well lol I just have no friends because lol”, like it’s a story element. The author doesn’t wanna have a bunch of Friend Characters get in the way of the Big Plot they have coming up for the hero I guess. But they don’t write that friendless state as having much impact. There is a certain catharsis in seeing those big tears of Jaden’s. YES… the isolation DOES hurt…. it just feels so rare that a friendless no friends character is actually shown to be deeply affected by it like this.

    Also like…. really nice to think back to that argument with mom again… IT WAS THAT GIRL, HUH? NO, I WAS MISERABLE… Alex helped Jaden realize she was miserable and this moment helped Jaden go on the path for a better life. She wasn’t miserable because of Alex. Years of isolation and duty to family…

    Kinda reminds me of how some women react to their feminist awakening as well. Snapped out of the compliance with a sexist society. Not being able to see how women are treated, and happy in that ignorance. But having that awakening, getting more ANGRY with our lives… Other people can be like “oh you’re so GRUMPY now, where’s that GOOD GIRL WHO DID WHAT SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO” when that awakening and change in attitude is prioritizing and helping the self…

    Just some LEASEBOUND GOOD STORY TELLING right there

    also i love that we can put emojis on other people’s comments. I don’t know how long that has been a thing. I’mma look foolish if it’s been like that for months and I just saw it right now. LOL

    1. (You actually discovered the emojis the DAY I put them on lmao! So on the ball ❀❀)

      Also YESS you’re putting so many pieces together. Reading your comments is also cathartic 😭😭 like Yesss fuck the preparation and planning and rescripting was WORTH it because I got several fantastic paragraphs from beloved-commenter TenBelow πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

      Love your comparison to waking up to misogyny and sexism around us and how it goes noticed unfavorably by others around us. Didn’t even notice that!!

      Thank you again for all your thoughtful insight. It’s always such a treat to read πŸ₯°

  10. Aaaand here I thought she couldn’t get any more relatable πŸ₯²

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