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Maria's not accepting ANY attempts at subject changes U_U

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  1. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told “Give it another year or two ;)” on the subject of children. Nope, never wanted to have kids and never will. I like kids just fine. They’re great! I just don’t want any of my own and I have 0 “maternal instincts” if that even exists??

    Also, I find assumptions like Alexis’s sister has about dating in a demanding degree hilarious because I’ve also seen this. As an engineer, people who don’t go through it have no idea what it’s like. While inside that degree, you have teachers freshman year yelling at everyone to dump any boyfriend or girlfriend you might have because: “Say goodbye to either your degree or your relationship because you can’t have both!” Everyone thought it was hyperbole, but a year or two into the degree you find out they’re right. I’m laughing now remembering the good times haha!

    “And so then the children are never knowing their mother?” What does she expect Alexis is going to do with her degree if she’s expected to have kids and stay home with them?? Why pay for her med school expecting she doesn’t do anything with it? Oh. I get it. Is she like the moms who send their daughters to college expecting they meet a future doctor husband that way?? It sounds like that’s the plan.

    1. God haven’t we all, my mum always told me 27 is the ‘magic number’ that women get ‘broody’ and get overcome with a NEED to have children :/
      Sounds like your teachers had some common sense though! Good on em for posing realistic expectations.

      re: What does she expect Alexis is going to do with her degree if she has to stay home with kids” – that’s exactly it. She doesn’t think women should be getting degrees 🙂 This is what Alexis meant by university being a “touchy subject” with her mum that she tries to “keep vague”.

      Meanwhile Kassandra is more “moderate” about it. “Of course she’s going to want to be a mother and have kids Mum, but not everyone wants to be a housewife about it! that’s okay!” :////

  2. Oooo the “give it another year or too” is all too familiar 😩 the last time I talked about children with my mom, she kept insisting that at my age she wasn’t interested in having kids either and that in a year or two I would change my mind just like she did. I then pointed out that she was 21 when she had her first child, and that I was now 26. She hasn’t brought it up since 😂

    Looks like there’s trouble coming up soon, interested in seeing how it all plays out 👀

  3. What people expected from the page: oh no, homophobia incoming!

    What people got: lesbians or bi women dating women still can adopt or get pregnant via IVF! gimme more grandkids!

    You had at the first half, not gonna lie lol

    1. ???? I think you might be a bit confused!
      Maria doesn’t know they’re dating nor that Alexis is bisexual.
      When she says ‘if you are both doctors’ she’s talking about Jaden and the hypothetical boyfriend.

  4. Hi Rusty I’m gonna go on a tangent hope that’s cool

    Two things I appreciate about this:
    1. How Alexis has a balanced depiction as a bisexual woman. I’ve seen gendies go REEEE about you not just for trancephobia but also biphobia – but I really don’t see it. There’s nothing wrong with a lesbian-centric story. Besides, depicting one genuine likeable bi woman and one likeable but also misguided handmaiden bi woman doesn’t really seem that negative or unrealistic. It be like that

    2. The way one character here is forceful about how Alexis should have kids and the other just dismisses her with the “wait til you’re older comment.” SO REAL. In my experience it seems like it’s always some older family member howling about how women must have kids and then there’s their daughter/son, someone a little less extreme who thinks they’re all morally superior while still dismissing any woman who says she doesn’t want kids. Appreciate that the nuance is shown here and they’re not both just like “HAVE BABY NOW” because this feels so much more accurate and real

  5. I’m a big fan of the NUANCE……..

    I do appreciate that Kass attempts to go on defense for Lexie a bit here. Even though she does have that belief that WELL YOU’LL WANT BABIES SOON TEE HEE. that is annoying. but I still appreciate the little bit of defense. I don’t imagine Maria is the kind of person it’s easy to argue with, given how quickly and how strong she stays firm discussing what SHE wants to discuss. It’s just cool to see Kassadra trying on her sister’s behalf, even if it’s just a little bit. I like her smug know it all chibi face and I like her face in the final panel a lot too. such a great well-drawn expression

    I feel like a lot of people expect you to write strawmen type characters. I know a lot of people in this world think feminists HATE certain types of women. Oh we HATE moms we HATE women who wear makeup etc. I bet there are people who think makeup is a code in LeaseBound. You see a woman wearing make-up? She’s here for you to HATE her ;D!!

    Buuuut that would be so dishonest if anyone tried to claim that. In truth, you’re such a good writer that you’re COMPELLED to write all your characters with some level of depth. You’ve given depth to characters who don’t even deserve it. You just… don’t do that whole “MAWHAHA THIS CHARACTER IS WRITTEN TO BE A FLAT CARDBOARD EVIL MEANIE” kind of thing with ANY woman. Again, even the characters who imo deserve bad treatment get some depth. You’re TRYING to write males as being less important, but you still do think about stuff like – what’s his name, what’s his career, what’s his home life like. That’s not a bad thing, in my opinion. I consider it a sign of a person with a very very strong imagination. It’s awesome! I love it!

    so yes that’s basically my comment. I think it’s cool that no character you write will ever feel empty. Even the characters people are convinced are strawmen, the GENDIES, are written based off real behavior. They’re researched. You’ve fiddle with the designs, made them GOOD, put real work to them. And with the women, you always approach them with some level of empathy. Because that’s a feminist value, that’s what feminists try to do. Not say “look at this woman with makeup and get ready to hate her” but instead you write all of them as humans.

    I’m going to have a tough time with Maria, I know. homophobia and religion just… ugh. ugggh it hurts. it huuuurtttyyy. i can’t imagine how poorly she could react to the concept of bisexuality. Especially choosing.. CHOOSING.. to sin… men are an option for us bis so whhy oh WHHHY would we not follow the righteous path??? at least the gays have some kind of struggle compelling them to sin (but of course they still need to correct themselves) but what’s the deal with a bi who chooses a woman .. .. ughg i feel nauseous v_v

    it’s the abuse maria. its the abuse. men are so mean. but like, i guess that’s normal to you because that big GodMan is a huge meanie too. LEXIE WASN’T BORN TO SUFFER, MARIA. SHE WAS BORN TO KISS A WOMAN AND BE HAPPY

    MAKE IT WORSE RUSTY. MAKE ME HURT (i can only say this bc I know you won’t hurt me too bad hahahaha) WILL YOU MAKE ME CRY? WILL YOU MAKE ME CRY FOR MY BELOVED LEX (certified LB fav i cant resist her I know my truth by now) AND EVERYONE’S BELOVED JADEN? 🙁 make me cry . . . .make me cry, and then give me tears of joy later….


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