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  1. UH OH

  2. that last panel has the same anxious vibes as the Jaws theme. Jaden’s relaxed normie energy is strong for now. Excited to see what will happen next week!

  3. Oh no! These pages are so stressful lol, you really capture a sense of dread!

  4. Grandma needs to take a fucking chill pill.

  5. Boy, I can just FEEL the anxiety coming off of this page. Also, I had to hear the “it’s different when it’s your own!” crap from my coworker just last week. Soooo tired of that. Well-meant from the sister, I’m sure, but ugh.

    1. It’s her version of being the “reasonable middle ground”. And god i hate hearing it too!! Makes me CRAZY

  6. Your use of color is so expert. When I see the TENSE panels with Lexie it’s hard to believe these are all the same colors you have been using to make all these soft and pretty looking scenes. masterful, and still constantly improving your already masterful skills.

    “I guess I’ll have to take your word for it cuz I’ll never know!” SLAM DUUUNKK!!! Imagine me sitting at the judge’s panel! I am holding up a card with a TEN on it! Jaden you so SMOOTH. HA. it’s the perfect response. Not dismissing Kass (even tho Kass is dismissing the other women around her plenty, acting like her experience trumps all overs) and also just kinda.. Putting A Stop to the whole train of thought. Love it Jaden. You rule. Wish I thought of a response like that for topics I’d rather not discuss. She does it so naturally!

    What a shame Maria had to piledrive the conversation directly towards this path. She didn’t allow herself the opportunity to be charmed by Jaden at all…………

    Also like, I had a flashback to all those weird little haters you had who did reviews, they used to be like UGH THE DIALOG IS BAD back when Jaden and Riley were first meeting. hello, it was SUPPOSED to be awkward back then. it was a weird situation. Jaden and Riley aren’t nonstop charming sitcom characters. But you clearly show you’re capable of writing witty snappy dialog right here.

    anyway maria is rly getting on my nerves v_v sheesh. men commit atrocities and who’s fault is it? his mom of course. how many more pages do we have to put up with this crab bucket “Sexism negatively effected me so it has to effect my daughters too or else my daughters are wrong!!!” lady….. i’m glad that for all her faults Josie does not want Jaden to live the same lifestyle she did…. At least Maria’s character design is gorgeous, I love her beautiful hair that Lexie inherited.

    Maria I Am Telling You, That You Are Going To Regret All Of This. I Hope You Will, Anyway. (fly away lexie. fly away from this madness and make your momma regret how she treated you!)

  7. Is Maria resentful that she gave up her whole life (in her eyes) to take care of her children hoping they’d be successful career women, but Kassandra became a housewife just like her? I don’t understand why she keeps making faces at Kassandra. Isn’t Kassandra the perfect daughter by having children and staying at home? Wonder where Maria’s pain is coming from.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a weird sort of cognitive dissonance going on with Maria where she wants her daughters to both Be Like Her but also Not Be Like Her both at the same time… I bet Maria recognizes her life isn’t what she wants but tries to deny it, or does this thing religious women do where they Live To Serve The GodMan so their happiness doesn’t matter as much. To some level she is supposed to be unhappy and its normal according to her spirituality. But her unhappiness still slips out sometimes. I think she comes down both on Kass and Lex in different ways. There’s no way to be a perfect women in Maria’s eyes. Her daughters can never live up to her impossible expectations.

      I also know older religious women who think make up is Wrong and they begrudgingly accept younger women wear it these days, but they always hate it and disapprove. The modern Good Woman is different then the Good Woman of Maria’s time. I bet she dislikes how Kass conforms to modern patriarchy. Kass is doing the right thinh according to modern patriarchal values, but Maria likely sees these modern values as a degradation and wishes her daughters would follow the rules of the Good Old Days… even tho those rules have made Maria miserable too.

      Buuuut those are just my theories.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts! I have never been around deeply religious women in person. It’s sad how much religion destroys women and most are unable to break the cycle, even after multiple generations.

    2. Her expressions are based on the overall conversation. Shes cross in general about being met with resistance not with Kassandra. She’s looking at her in this panel because Kassandra is speaking. Like she almost forgot she was there because she’s been off on her own crazy tangent.

      She definitely sees Kass as trying to minimize what she believes is a very real issue (“working mothers” being to blame for the acts of politicians). Whereas the only thing Kass is trying to minimize is this rant her Mum is a about to go on in front of a guest.

      Kass being pregnant and homebound isn’t so much something she’s happy or sad about, just something she expects. An inevitable milestone.

  8. ooooof the tension is killing me! 😵🫢👀

  9. Jaden’s childfree?? That’s awesome 👏👏👏

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