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Jaden VS Alexis in this situation:

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  1. I officially hate you. Unless you upload an update like, tomorrow. Then I’ll unhate you.

    1. Do not tempt me πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

      1. Plum-headed Parakeet

        It’s me. I also am tempting you, to please update again! This ripped my heart out, what a cliffhanger!

  2. ok alexis’s mom is like actually experiencing some kind of insanity here lol like she is waayyyyy too fckn invested and aggressive like she JUST met jaden and is already screaming about how she has to be impregnated and dedicate her life to motherhood 😡πŸ₯΄πŸ€€ straight women are next level weird they are so dedicated to the male cause. advanced level handmaidenry

  3. also bringing up fathers in the specific way of “well i expect your father to beat the subservience into you” such a creepy angle for a complete stranger to think about a young woman trying to pursue education 🫠 absolutely fucked

    1. It’s her biggest appeal to authority she has at her disposal. Bringing Alexis’s father into things probably put Alexis on the backfoot last time so she’s hoping it’ll have the same effect here – especially seeing as she’s really just trying to make an example of Jaden.

      If she can convince this other “misguided” young woman that finding a husband comes first then maybe her daughter will see the light!!

  4. In a way I still sympathize with Maria. This subservience to men is all she knows, and what her religion says is right. Men are at the root of this misogynist idea that a woman’s highest purpose in life is motherhood. I hope she someday realizes how horrible she’s been to Alexis, and they can heal their relationship. Today is not that day rip

    1. She is a tragic character if nothing else πŸ˜”

  5. As a member of the dead dads club, I did let out a malicious chuckle at how uncomfortable everything will be next page. I haven’t had the chance to use “Oh he’s dead” like this, and I know that everyone’s dead dad experience is different, but watching Jaden say that was a very bitter kind of catharsis

    1. Sorry about your lossπŸ’”, but glad to provide some sorta catharsis!
      When the idea came to me while planning this scene, I knew I just *had* to fit it in there.

  6. Is it weird I feel kind of bad for Maria? I feel bad for Jaden and Alex, too, but Maria acts so naive and as if she’s 12 years old, still figuring out how to socialize. She would also be surprised to my answer:

    “And what is your FATHER saying to this?”
    Me: “Oh, my dad hates children. He never even wanted me, I’ve been told several times I was a mistake, and even the thought of me having a baby or even me babysitting sets him into a rage about how babies are disgusting. ;D”

    Maria seems super naive even for someone religious, since there are many women who can’t have children. Maria is just asking to step into awkward territory where women Maria doesn’t even know feel obligated to tell her personal, intimate details such as they’re sterile, they’re medically unable to bear children else they might die, their fathers hate children and despise the idea of grandchildren because many men legit think “kids are disgusting”, etc. Like, c’mon Maria.

    1. There’s definitely naivety there, but Maria’s lack of scope mainly comes from the fact that she’s basically using Jaden as a stand in to argue with Alexis. So it’s really not about anyone but her daughter and the expectations she has for.

      She would likely want to know if a man who hates children had an absent mother, or lack of god in his life, lmao. And definitely wouldn’t have the same expectation for them to settle down. she’d see man as the provider, and if he chooses only to provide for himself that’s his right as a man.
      And a sterile woman would be tragic in her eyes, someone she feels deep sympathy for as she has had ‘true fulfillment’ stolen from her (not the fault of god tho).

      1. That makes total sense now that you say Maria is using Jaden as a stand-in to argue with Alexis! What a passive-aggressive way to “convince” someone, but it’s a common tactic I’ve seen some people in my family use, too. I should have recognized it! It’s never a productive method of communication, but it’s comforting to the aggressor because if there’s any backlash from their words or actions, it’s easy to claim plausible deniability.

        My dad’s atheist, so Maria would be right about the “lack of god in his life” lol! She gets one point and that’s it. I feel bad for her that she believes “true fulfillment” hinges on getting pregnant. There’s more to life than that, Maria! No man has ever gotten pregnant and if they can feel fulfilled without a baby growing inside them, women can too! :'( I hope she learns to chill out.

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