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Maria rn:

Special thank you to the MVP, and true breastie of the site, @arbustorum and her continued lesbian-allyship. She provided the steamy Jalexis sketches. I'll be sharing them once they've all shown up so as not to spoil the next few pages ;)

Arbustorum has seriously helped me grow so much as an artist and I love her dearly as a friend. She is incredibly supportive of LB and does check in on the page comments (and is a big fan of emoji reacting), so leaving her a 😍 for being so amazing <33

10 thoughts on “CH10P49

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is Not what i expected would happen after that last page, but i am 100% Here For It!!!!!!! you and arbustorum are true icons for this 😀🫢😍

  2. jaden you fucking queen

  3. jaden you fucking queen

  4. ΠΏΠΎΠΊΠ°ΠΆΠΈ сєкс

  5. They are such a good couple, I am upset that it will end at some point. If you break my heart with this I am gonna be so annoyed

  6. Plum-headed Parakeet

    What a turn this page took! πŸ™ˆ

  7. The way Jaden instantly diffused that convo lmao. What a queen.

    I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very nervous about the next few pages, though. πŸ™ƒ

  8. queen4queen relationship. icon4icon relationship. legend4legend relationship

  9. I was very impressed by Jaden, too! She knows how to keep her cool and calm someone down. She was so mature!

    I sense a lot of deep anger in Maria and in a curious way, I see that same deep anger has been passed to Alexis, who is much more extroverted about it haha! The panels where Alexis is sitting still with an expression of rage was interesting compared to Jaden’s more chill expression. I like seeing character flaws like this in main characters. It shows their human sides! It’s obvious this isn’t Alexis’s first rodeo listening to lectures like this from her mom and it’s apparent it really grates on her.

    Parents can for sure be annoying especially when they can’t understand or agree with their kids (though sometimes I can’t even understand my own parents or agree with them, either, haha so it goes both ways), but it only made me more impressed by Jaden’s attitude, maturity, and strength of character to still treat Maria with respect! Maria was being too aggressive by almost interrogating Jaden, especially toward someone she just met.

  10. Please tell us when you have an alternative for patreon. I would love to support you!!

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