Jaden's not the only one who can play the 'Dead Jacobus' card U_U Sorry if you thought the sadness was over, gyns <3 Β 

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  1. Mmm…Im kinda conflicted over this. I udnerstand Jaden’s pain but I also understand too well her mother’s worries. Woman or men I wouldnt take well my daughter dropping her studies because of a break up…mmh.

    1. Conflict was definitely intended! I really wanted to make sure both sides had believable reasons for where they stand.
      Is Jaden dropping out because of a break up though πŸ€”?

  2. Josie is right, breakups happen, DEATH happens, you must move on and continue living your life and not succumb to despair. But I also feel for Jaden, becoming a bouncer feels like the first decision she’s made in her life that was solely for her. That is commendable.

    1. Absolutely!
      Consider the conversation they had right before the breakup too. Jaden asking about whether or not her mum has ever thought about changing jobs, right after Alexis was confused that Jaden hasn’t thought about what she wants to do post-graduation. And of course, the answer Josie gave πŸ˜”

  3. Honestly, I’m so annoyed by Josie here, shoving in Jaden’s face a ‘I know what you’re feeling and your reasonings better than you do’. I feel for Jaden so much, and her yelling because she is not being heard β€” not being even listened to. Josie is just talking to herself.

    You go, Jaden, make one (1) decision for yourself and your own purpose. At least this is how I see it: her finally thinking about where *she* is in all of this, not her parents, not her brother, not her past, and yes, not even Alexis. Maybe that heartbreak was a catalyst, but at the end of the day, I think Josie is so wrong to assume Jaden’s decision is purely because of it.

    1. πŸ’”U_U

  4. @sleepy sorry for the weird emoji, I meant to add an agreeing one and misclicked

  5. Nooooo I need more!

    1. More to come every Monday <3

  6. Love the new website! It looks so fresh and colorful!

    Poor Jaden and Josie πŸ™ I am really sympathetic to both their perspectives. It’s usually better to finish a degree than give it up, but Jaden needs a break badly. I think Josie should at least go with, “sure take time off for a semester or two and see how you feel after that” and be open to Jaden perhaps changing what she’s studying if she decides medical school is not what she truly wants. But I also don’t know anything about how the Australian university system works so Idk if that’s a thing for yall.

    1. Thank you, I’m incredibly happy with it!
      So Jaden does still have her prerequisite degree, the Bachelor’s of Science she had to do to get into her field of study now – which could definitely land her jobs. But given how little of her own passion was driving her to study to begin with, she likely doesn’t have any interest in the fields it can get her into.
      And yes, unfortunately both her and Josie are talking in some pretty big extremes here.

      1. Yeah, after making that comment I reread the comic from the beginning (I just needed…more…so I had to reread at the very least!) and realized she already had a BS, oops!

        1. There’s a lot of little details to remember! I don’t blame you!!

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