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14 thoughts on “CH10P55

  1. Aw poor baby Jaden 🙁

  2. Wait…is that Reimu And Marisa in May background?!

    1. Fellow touhou enjoyer… :3

      1. Aww yeah 😎, its nice to see touhou fans that are not gendies or gross perverts

    2. Yep!
      When doing this panel I asked friends to suggest female characters to fill the background with – so Jaden is the only character who belongs to me in that panel 😂

  3. HOLY HECK!! After reading this comic in silent as a secret lesbian after a whole year and never commenting or anything… I just needed to say I felt this. I skipped 3 weeks in a row of my senior year of highschool after my breakup with my FIRST ever girlfriend. For the first time ever I felt in love with a woman my own personal woman and it was gone in like 3 months… I relate to Jaden so much!! I love her!

  4. So this has been playing on my mind … what happened to Alexis’ friends from Page 39? They seemed to really like Jaden. Did they forget about her? Did they reach out to offer support and get pushed away? Or were they just distracted by their fiancés and babies?

    1. Or probably Jaden didn’t want to bother them since both being distracted by their fiancés and babies and the fact that she feels she’s not too close to them like she was with Alexis.

    2. Last line made me laugh, lmao! But no. They don’t have any way to contact Jaden, as they didn’t know it was going to be the last time they would see Alexis. In the same vein, Jaden only met them once, she likely wouldn’t feel comfortable reaching out to them in such an emotionally vulnerable state, or know them well enough to consider them friends.

  5. aaaah poor jaden! also, love how you showed the passage of time + jaden’s mental state through these panels…v impactful!

  6. I’m catching back up to this comic since I hadn’t read any new pages since the Patreon thing (it was nice getting the pages in my email… also I can’t believe the comment that got you in trouble was a reply to… me. Awkward, haha.) But, anyway the Touhou cameo is so unexpected and I love it. As opposed to the end of Jalexis, which is very expected and I don’t love it. 🙁 Aah, this chapter is so emotionally powerful though… roller coaster.

    1. Nah don’t feel bad at all, lmao! They were bound to find SOMETHING to misinterpret/dislike <3
      The Tohou cameo was there to soften the blow

  7. Nooooooo Jaden, don’t quit!! Don’t drop out!! I know it’s going to happen anyway but YOU GOTTA GET THAT AWESOME JOB, STABLE LIFE, AND CASH, GIRL! NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE AWAY YOUR DEGREE! NO ONE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Just take some time off to heal and come back with FIRE IN YOUR VEINS TO DO SO WELL IT BLOWS APART YOUR LOSS AND TURNS IT INTO THE WILD, UNTAMED SPIRIT IN YOUR HEART THAT WILL NEVER DIE *BATTLE SCREAM*!!!!!!!! (that’s what I did lol)

    Also, whenever I try to post, the webpage keeps saying “Denied, too many attempts”. I gotta copy my responses before I send them in case I need to refresh and send them again since it’s easy to lose them when the website doesn’t like me!

    1. You have no idea how happy I was to see your comment notification come back up again! I lovingly refer to you and several others as my “LB Essay Writers” XD

      Sorry about the errors and potentially losing comments (Given how passionate yours usually are, it truly would be a huge loss U_U)
      ! I’ve been doing my best to correct the issue – I think a few of my plugins aren’t getting along with each other, because it’s been happening on my end as well when I’ve tried to post test-comments.

      I recommend continuing to save/copy your comments before posting until I can get it sorted <3

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